World Imperialism 1945-2013

World imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism. Since 1945 imperialism is changing, conquest through arms is no longer the driving motivation for imperialist nations. The world market is now the conquest grounds, the economies are the lands they want to conquer. Economic imperialism is the main force of imperialism in the 21st century. Especially the last 23 years have been a boost in imperialist politics around the world. The former stalinist; People's Republic of China, is now a major imperialist power, with a lot of economic imperialist agenda's. The fall of the Soviet-Union has left the anti-imperialist camp win out a role model. Only Cuba and North Korea remain the last nations were global imperialism has little or no influence.      

After 1945, the world was divided between two super powers. The pro-imperialist USA and the anti-imperialist USSR. The Soviets build anti-imperialist stalinist states in eastern Europe, while the USA was building pro-imperialist nations in western Europe. In the first twenty years, the imperialist world was fighting a colonial war with left-wing nationalist liberation armies. Like the Viet Minh in Indochina, the National Liberation Front in Algeria and the Mozambique Liberation Front. 

After twenty years of struggle, most African colonies of Great Britain got their independence. US imperialism knew that if they held on to classic colonialism, left-wing revolutionaries could take over. A pro-imperialist independent Africa was a far better ally, then an colonialist Africa. So the Americans started to bring pro-American governments into power. In November 1965, the CIA helped Mobutu into power. This Mobutu was a Congo army soldier and took part in the power struggle, that erupted after the independence of Congo in 1960! 

The CIA saw in Mobutu what they needed. He was anticommunist, corrupt and power hungry. Mobutu called his opposition ''communists'' and with a paranoid USA to support him, Mobutu became leader of Congo. Soon all Soviet advisers were told to leave, left-wing groups were banned and Mobutu became one of the few anticommunist African leaders! 

In Asia, left-wing nationalists movements fought a anti-colonial battle against British and French imperialism. In Indochina the Viet Minh under Ho Chi Minh fought the French until 1954. The British fought with the Malaya Races Liberation Army in Malaya. In 1948, the anti-colonialist; MRLA launched a ''people's war'' against the pro-imperialist Federation of Malaya. British imperialist forces fought twelve years against the revolutionaries and were able to defeat them. This victory of imperialism had several reasons.

- The MRLA was a small army, the revolutionaries only had 8.000 soldiers.
- The Malaya nationalists supported the British, because they were promised a independent Malaya
- Malaya was not bordered with an anti-imperialist nation, China and the USSR were far away.
- The British fought different then the Americans and French, they knew how to use anticommunism against the largely Islamic Malaya population.  

By 1960, the MRLA was defeated. British imperialism was able to save their wealth in Malaya. In Thailand the Communist Party of Thailand, also fought a ''people's war'' according to maoist guide lines. Just like in Malaya, the Thai communists were dominated by ethic Chinese. Because the majority in the Communist Party of Thailand were Chinese, most Thai did not support the party. Many Thai had little sympathy for the Chinese people. Also the anticommunist monarchist government of Thailand, was brutal and cruel. Anticommunist lies were spread and children at schools were told to hate those ''communist terrorists''. Although many fought bravely against the monarchist Thai government, they were not able to defeat it. Thailand remains a authoritarian capitalist monarchy to this day! 

The USA saw the danger that left-wing forces posed in Asia. They feared that a ''communist'' victory would weaken world imperialism. So in 1963, American forces entered South Vietnam to aid the corrupt militarist regime that ruled the nation. The CIA and the military of South Vietnam, had killed the civilian president in a coup and now the military ruled supreme. 3.500 American soldiers were the first to go. By 1973, more then 500.000 US soldiers were stationed in South Vietnam! 

This was not the first Asian nation the USA ''helped''. In 1950 the USA rallied the anticommunist western world to fight in the Korean civil war. This war started when 250.000 soldiers of the ''Democratic People's Republic'' of Korea attacked the Republic of Korea. The nation of Korea was liberated in 1945 and divided between a stalinist north and a capitalist south. In North Korea, Kim Il Sung was supreme ruler. In the south, the autocrat; Syngman Rhee was dictator! 

South Korea was weaker then North Korea, its army had less then 90.000 men. They were armed with outdated weapons and even the western made ones were old, compared to the new Soviet guns North Korea owned. In June 1950, North Korea attacked the south. Kim Il Sung hoped for a united Korea under the banner of stalinism. But the imperialist world came to the aid of dictator; Syngman Rhee. American, British, Canadian, Dutch and Turkish forces drove the army of North Korea back to the north and further. Soon it was Syngman Rhee who was dreaming about a united anticommunist Korea, under his banner! 

Yet the People's Republic of China would not tolerate a united anticommunist Korea. Mao Zedong ordered 700.000 ''volunteers'' to fight against the anticommunist alliance. The massive Chinese Army drove the anticommunists back to South Korea. After another two years, both sides agreed to a cease fire. The Korean War never ended. North Korea and South Korea still remain enemies and hate each other. In the north this hate has led to paranoia and North Korean children are told to hate the imperialist enemies. South Korea has become a democracy, but still has a lot to learn when it comes to freedom of speech. Left-wing activists who speak out against the state and capitalism, can be jailed because of the dictatorial  National Security Act!  

World imperialism suffered a major defeat in April 1975. The South Vietnamese army was losing the Vietnam War. Northern forces started their final offensive in December 1974. Soon South Vietnam was liberated by the anti-imperialist northern forces. On April 30, the capital of South Vietnam fell. With the capitulation of South Vietnam, world imperialism was in a shock. Their puppets were defeated by a peasant army with inferior weapons. 

Soon the Communist Party of Vietnam created the ''Socialist'' Republic of Vietnam. But world imperialism would not let this new republic enjoy the fruits of victory. The US government started a trade embargo, which prevented western nations to do business with Vietnam. Because of this trade embargo, Vietnam was isolated and economically weak. That is why in 1986, they started to re-allow capitalism in. Happy by this change, the US government lifted the embargo in 1994!  

In Africa, world imperialism had only a few allies. The Republic of Zaire was one of its closest friends. Dictator; Mobutu was a kleptomaniac, he took al the wealth of Congo for himself.  Mobutu was brutal and killed 180.000 people between 1965 and 1997. He forced his people to dance for him, every time he visited a village or town. Millions of dollars he got from western nations, that made Mobutu the richest man in Africa. He was hated by the anti-imperialist nations, but thanks to the CIA he had no fears! 

Another ally of world imperialism were; Rhodesia and South Africa. The Republic of Rhodesia was founded in 1970, but the nation declared independence in 1965. Unlike other African nations, the western world did not recognised the white regime. Great Britain refused to accept the independence of Rhodesia. This isolated the white government for 14 years from the western world. Meanwhile, black liberation movements fought the white government. One revolutionary leader was; Robert Mugabe. He led the Zimbabwean African People's Union. Mugabe was a hero for the anti-imperialist movement and in 1980, he was the first black president of Zimbabwe. Unfortunate his lust for power degenerated him into a madman. By 2013, Robert Mugabe has become an iron dictator, he still rules Zimbabwe as an old paranoid man!

US imperialism had great allies in Latin America. Nations like; Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia supported US imperialism. Corrupt dictators were put and removed from power, all under the close eyes of the CIA. In 1967, the Bolivian army was able to capture Ernsto Che Guevara. This Argentinian/Cuban revolutionary became famous for his struggle against imperialism. He was captured by the Bolivian Army and killed on October 9 1967. His death made him a martyr for anti-imperialists. Today the capitalists abuse his image and sell his face. Few young people know the true Che Guevara, but in Cuba he remains the hero he is! 

In Colombia, the USA supports the corrupt capitalist government in their struggle against the FARC. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia were founded as a marxist revolutionary army. Anti-imperialism and marxism leninism were the ruling ideals of the FARC. In 1985, the FARC set up a political party called the Patriotic Union. Together with other leftists and socialists, the UP was the biggest left-wing opposition to the main liberal and conservative parties. Yet right-wing government forces killed thousands of UP members and leaders in the 1980's. This led the FARC to abandon the UP. Soon the rebel movement degenerated  They started to kidnap people, selling drugs and behaved more like a criminal gang. Little remains of their genuine revolutionary ideals today. The FARC is still fighting against the corrupt Colombian government, but their support among the population is limited! 

Between November 1989 and December 1991, world imperialism saw the fall of stalinism with great joy. They did everything in their power to spread anticommunist lies. Socialism was portrayed as a failure and capitalism was praised as the only alternative. Some right-wing leaders called it the end of time, as the Soviet Union collapsed. Anti-imperialism was hit very hard by that collapse. Many communists and revolutionary socialists felt defeated. Communist parties and socialist parties changed completely. Some remained dogmatic loyal to marxism leninism, others accepted capitalism and became social democratic. The reformist workers parties all turned to the right-wing and left the working class base. Today, the social democratic political parties are just as capitalist as liberals and conservatives!

The US government wasted no time. When Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait, US forces attacked the Iraqi forces. Did US imperialism brought democracy to Kuwait? No, they only wanted oil. American forces did not brought freedom and liberty to the people of Kuwait. The Iraqis were crushed and Kuwait remains a small dictatorial capitalist monarchy. The same can be said about US relations with the medieval; Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. This kingdom is very rich, yet also very backward. A second Iran, Saudi-Arabia is. But US imperialism does not care about the oppressive dictatorship. They only want oil from the Saudi king! 

9/11, US imperialism is under attack. 3.000 people get killed in the heart of New York. The World Trade Centres at Ground Zero gets destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists. The Americans want revenge and their government fuels it. Nationalist propaganda flows through the news as Fox News and CNN call for action against Islamic terrorism. Soon US forces attack Afghanistan. This nation has been a play ground for imperialism and anti-imperialism! 

In 1978, the pro-stalinist military took power in Afghanistan. They wanted to transform the nation into a secular people's republic. But the conservative Afghan population had little love, for secularism and rights for woman. Also the harsh dictatorial rule of the stalinist government led to the formation of the mudjahedien. The Soviet-Union feared that the Afghan government would not survive the Islamic uprising, so they send troops into Afghanistan. For the Soviets, Afghanistan became a Vietnam. After ten years, the USSR left the nation. Soon the Islamic fighters grew as Americans supplied them with modern weapons. The stalinist regime reformed after 1987, removing all socialist and secular references. Yet the Islamic forces refused to give the armed struggle. In 1992 with the USSR gone, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan also collapsed! 

With stalinism death, the Islamic groups started to fight themselves. The conflict was fought between the moderate Islamic forces and the radical Taliban. Fighting started as soon as the former leader of stalinist Afghanistan was executed in Kabul. Taliban forces wanted a pure Islamic nation, a theocracy were the Koran is supreme law. This view was shared by many conservative Muslims who had enough of western ideals like secularism, socialism and woman rights. The Taliban were able to conquer 2/3 of Afghanistan and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 1996. Moderate Islamic forces kept the northern provinces free from Taliban control! 

US imperialism needed allies in their fight against Islamic terrorism after 9/11. The United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan, was ready to aid imperialism against the Taliban. US troops attacked the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and drove the Taliban underground. American forces put the leader of the moderate Islamic forces in power. Afghanistan was renamed again into the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Yet unlike the the Islamic Republic of Iran, this Islamic republic was pro-imperialist and supported the USA against the Taliban. Soon many Muslims had enough of the puppet Afghan government led by Hamid Karzai, but with the help of US imperialism and election manipulation, Hamid Karzai remains president of Afghanistan! 

Now imperialism had a puppet government in power and this government was ready to allow capitalists to take the wealth of Afghanistan. Unfortunate for capitalism, the Taliban was growing and this prevented western businesses from ''investing'' in Afghanistan. So America was looking for another nation they could bind to their will! 

Since the first Gold War in 1991, Iraq had been a enemy of America. Between 1980 and 1988, the Americans had supported Saddam Hussein against Iran. Now Saddam was an old enemy that needed to be removed. Iraqi oil was the price and Hussein was just in the way of that price. In March 2003, US imperialism attacked the weakly armed, Republic of Iraq. The Iraqi War lasted eight years, with 110.000 people in total killed. Saddam Hussein was removed from power and executed. But violence and attacks on US soldiers did not stop with his capture. 4.800 young men and woman died, they died for democracy the imperialist media claims. Yet Iraq is not a free nation, corruption and abuse of power are common! 

After Afghanistan and Iraq, world imperialism kept a low profile. But in December 2010, the fire of revolution started again. This time in the middle east, were pro-imperialist dictators were ruling with the blessing of western nations. Dictators like; Mubarak in Egypt, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Gaddafi in Libya and Al-Assad in Syria. All them were supported by western nations. Even Gaddafi, who was once a anti-imperialist leader, had changed sides and made good friends with western leaders! 

The first pro-imperialist president that fled was Ben Ali. After 22 years in power, the dictator and his wife fled the anger of the Tunisian people. Next dictator was Mubarak of Egypt. He ruled Egypt since 1981 and was a good ally of America. Mubarak was removed from power by his own generals. Egypt became a military junta for a few months. In Libya things were different. Here the dictator fought back and western imperialism feared his victory over his own people!

Gaddafi brutally murdered his own people and western nations wanted to intervene. Not because they cared about human rights, but because they needed Libyan oil. A Gaddafi victory would be bad for business, since almost all western nations had show solidarity with the Libyan rebels. That is why in March 2011, the air forces of France, Britain and Italy attacked Libyan air force bases and destroyed the air force of the Gaddafi regime. Then they attacked his tanks and ground armour. With no air force and armour support, the Libyan civil war became a bloody conflict that lasted until October, when Gaddafi was captured and executed!

Many anti-imperialists choose to side with the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, ignoring the fact that Gaddafi was very friendly with imperialism since 2003. The fall of Saddam Hussein must have scared the Libyan dictator. So he made peace with world imperialism. In 2007 he opened a capitalist stock market and by 2010, Libya was opening to capitalist business. Many anti-imperialists who supported Gaddafi have no idea, how cruel that dictator was to his own people! 

In 2013, world imperialism stands strong. They have send troops to fight in Mali against Islamic fundamentalists. French forces are leading the fight against Islamic forces, many Europeans have no idea that the imperialist intervention will not bring safety. The Islamic groups will use the intervention as proof that the world is against Islam. This can only lead to more attacks and deaths. But world imperialism does not care about human lives. For them the markets are Gods, competitions are Kings. Mali is a nation that has oil and that is why French troops are fighting. Nations like Sudan don't have oil, yet there people get killed by Islamic fundamentalists too. No, world imperialism only cares about it self. They are the elite, the rich, the one who own the means of production. 

That is why we must oppose imperialism. World imperialism must be destroyed by international socialism  We can destroy it, we must only understand it and unite! 

Workers of the world, unite!  

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism