Anticommunist laws, then and now

During the Cold War, the freedom of speech for communists was limited. Anticommunist regimes hunted down members of communist parties and many were killed. Franco of Spain killed 200.000 antifascists in 1939, most of them were members of the Spanish Communist Party. The right-wing government of Suharto in Indonesia killed 500.000 members of the Indonesian Communist Party. Also in western ''democratic'' nations, communists were seen as the enemy. Their freedom was limited and they were discriminated against. During the 1950's and 1960's, anticommunism was very high in the USA. Anticommunist laws were put into effect to silence communists and to keep the people in line of anticommunism! 

The first red scare started in 1917 just after the Russian Revolution. The bourgeoisie feared a socialist uprising in America. So they started to arrest workers who went on strike and used brutal force against those who dared to oppose the rule of their bosses. Members of the Socialist Party of America felt the first red scare the hard way. In 1920 the New York State Legislature expelled five democratically elected members. They were socialists and expelled because they oppose US imperialism and capitalism. Some Democrats and Republicans opposed the expelling, but the majority of members supported it. These socialists had no rights in a ''democratic'' nation, according to the anticommunists! 

After two years the first red scare ended. It has done its work very well for capitalism. Radical workers were jailed and others did not dare to join a communist party. In those days your boss could easy fire you if he wanted to. The workers knew that they could lose their job, so many kept silence. Eugene Victor "Gene" Debs, a socialist leader was jailed for opposing world war one. He served four years in jail because of his opposition to war!  

Anticommunism was high in Spain during the civil war. The Roman Catholic Church supported the anticommunist nationalists against the republican government led by the People's Front. After the nationalist victory in 1939, general Franco ordered the execution of 200.000 anti-fascists. Most of them were members of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and the Spanish Communist Party. Dictator Franco would later become a close ally of president Eisenhower and a strong supporter of American anticommunism! 

One of the first anticommunist laws was the Alien Registration Act of 1940, also called the Smith Act. Under this law, all people who wanted to overthrow the US government were arrested and jailed. Many communist leaders were arrested and trailed under his act. Their trail started in 1959 and it ended ten years later. In total more then 100 leading members of the Communist Party USA, were sentenced to jail for their opposition to US imperialism and their support for a socialist revolution!  

At the same time, US senator Jopeph McCarthy started a witch hunt against communism. The conservative senator accused many people of supporting the Soviet-Union. His witch hunt led to a second red scare and the banning of many leftist books and movies. The most famous victim of this second red scare was Charlie Chaplin. After he finished a movie, he was told he could not return to the USA. Chaplin knew that the anticommunist forces were at work and he went into exile in Switzerland, he never return to his homeland! 

Anticommunist laws were also put into action in Texas. Here the conservative anticommunists were very strong. The state of Texas banned communists from working in public offices. Even today the state law says that communists are not allowed to work for the government. But Texas is not the only US state that has these undemocratic laws. Many conservative states in the 1950's made sure that communists had little rights. They spread fear and lies, this kept anticommunism strong. Even after the collapse of the USSR, these laws remain in place. Some Democrats are now trying to remove them, yet here and there these laws can still be used against communists!

Outside the USA, anticommunism was used as a excuss to hunt down all opponets of right-wing regimes. In South Korea more then 30.000 leftists were arrested in 1948 by Syngman Rhee's government. After North Korea invaded South Korea, the anticommunists killed 150.000 opponets of Syngman Rhee. These killings were blamed on stalinist; North Korea. While leftist groups told the true, the right-wing political parties kept spreading the lie. Finally in 2005 did the South Korean government accepted responsibility and told the world, that they killed the people in the Bodo League concentration-camps!

The Asian anticommunist nations also used stalinist totalitarianism to ban all revolutionary leftist parties. In Malaya, the communist party was banned as British and Malayan troops arrested tousend party members. This led to a civil war between British imperialism and Malayan communists. Thanks to the support of Malayan nationalists, the British were able to defeat the Malayan Races Liberation Army!

In Thailand, the dictatorial government banned the Communist Party of Thailand after world war 2.The Thai communists founded their party in 1942 and were toleranted for two years, between 1946 and 1948. But as anticommunism rose in Asia, the royal Thai government banned the party. From 1948 till 1989, the communist party was illegal and those who supported it were hunted down and jailed. During the Sino-Soviet split, the Communist Party of Thailand sided with the People's Republic of China and became a dogmatic maoist party. This maoism led them to start a ''people's war'' against the monarchist government. In 1969, the government was able to arrest nine members of the Central Committee, this was crucial victory for the monarchists!

The Communist Party of Thailand lost most supporters in the 1980's. By the end of 1989, the party had collapsed and died a lonely death. The ruling class of Thailand remains in power today. Poverty and corruption still rule and all who oppose the king of Thailand can be send to jail. There is no democracy and elections are mostly a fight between two major capitalist parties. For workers and poor people, there is no alternative! 

In Europe anticommunist laws are used against the main communist parties. In The Netherlands the CPN was not allowed access to public television. Only after 1968 the party was allowed to spread its massage.Dutch communists were discriminated against since their party was founded. Only after 1968 did the Dutch government became more tolerant to members of the Communist Party of the Netherlands!

Current anticommunist laws are founded in former stalinist nation. One of the first states to introduce anticommunism were the Baltic republics. These nations were once part of the Soviet-Union, forcefully conquered by Stalin in 1939 and 1945.After the USSR collapsed, the new capitalist rulers wanted to destroy all remants of Soviet life. So Latvia and Lithuania banned the red star and the hammer and sickle. The government call them symbols of totalitarianism. This is very undemocratic and a attack on the freedom of speech. In Estonia, they also tried to ban communist symbols. But here the anticommunists failled, freedom of speech was able to triumph and Soviet symbols are not banned in Estonia yet!

In Hungary they also banned the red star and the hammer and sickle. Very undemocratic since the stalinist; People's Republic of Hungary never used the hammer and sickle as a symbol. They only banned it because of the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary. The government showed how undemocratic they trully were, when they arrested a member of the Hungarian Workers Party in 2006, for wearing a red star. He went to the European Court and the EU said that he was right. A huge blow to the anticommunists as the European Court said that the red star is more then what Stalin made of it. Yet Hungary did not changed its law and communist symbols remained banned! 

Another ex-Soviet republic to ban communist symbols is Moldova. This nation banned Soviet symbols after right-wing forces won the elections, defeating the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova. These pseudo-communists won almost every election since 1990, yet never introduced socialism. When the communist party won another victory, anticommunists started to rebel and used violence against the pseudo-communist government. Durning the elections of 2010, the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova lost. The new rulers soon introduced the anticommunist law on banning Soviet symbols. Many anticommunists were very happy with this undemocratic law! 

As Barack Obama became president of the USA in 2008, anticommunism rose again. Conservative anticommunists called Obama a ''Marxist'' and a ''Socialist''. Even today many right-wing Americans belive that their president is a leftist. In reality Obama is a right-wing liberal and a supporter of imperialism and capitalism. Yet the Republican Party is spreading anticommunism against a president who is not even left-wing. But the conservatives believe the Republicans and genuinely think that the Democratic Party is some revolutionary leftist force. The stupidity of these conservatives is hardly not to see!

Many American conservatives think that Obama
is a communist ( how stupid! )

Down goes the Bulgarian government!

Workers, poor people and the youth of Bulgaria, have forced their right-wing government to resign. Prime minister Boiko Borisov came to power in 2009, as leader of the conservative populist; Citizens For European Development in Bulgaria. This party is just one of many right-wing groups that won and lost power for many years. Ever since the fall of stalinism, Bulgaria has been under corrupt capitalist control. The Bulgarian Socialist Party ruled for many years until the Bulgarian people voted them out of office. Why? Because the social democrats were as capitalist as the conservatives and liberals. Today another capitalist government is forced home, but there is little to no alternative. That means that the Bulgarian Socialist Party may be the winner of the 2013 elections! 

Capitalist Bulgaria is a hell on earth. Together with Romania it is one of the most corrupt EU member states. The Republic of Bulgaria was founded in 1990 and it replaced the stalinist; People's Republic of Bulgaria led by Todor Zhivkov. Many workers had high hope for a democratic capitalist Bulgaria. But they soon found out that capitalism was no alternative. Poverty and corruption rose in the 90's. So they vote again on the ex-stalinists now called social democrats. Yet again they were betrayed, because the social democrats remained capitalist and did not end the rule of greed and exploitation! 

The Union of Democratic Forces is today a little party with only four seats in the Bulgarian Parliament. But between 1989 and 2009 the UDF was the main right-wing opposition to the Bulgarian Socialist Party and its coalition called; Coalition for Bulgaria. It was the UDF who won the first democratic elections in 1990. They ruled until 1994 when the Coalition won again. Bulgaria became a two coalition state were the Union ( right-wing ) and Coalition ( center-left ) fought for the voters!

But both the Union and the Coalition were capitalist and never offered an alternative to the rule of capitalism. So if the Union was unpopular the Coalition won. If the Coalition became unpopular then the Union won. The people lost faith in those parties and voted for a new right-wing movement in 2001 called the National Movement for Stability and Progress. Yet even this liberal conservative movement led by former king; Simon 2, was no alternative. The people of Bulgaria again felt betrayed as capitalist politics favored the rich, the corrupt and the politicians. The Coalition for Bulgaria won the 2005 elections and defeated the movement of ex-king Simon 2! 

As predicted the Coalition did nothing to end capitalism and the corruption. Anger rose again and by 2009 people voted on the Citizens For European Development in Bulgaria. The Union of Democratic Forces was reduced to only four seats, just like the 
National Movement for Stability and Progress. Bulgarians believed that with this new pro-EU party in power, they would soon see changes!

All lies, Bulgaria did not changed as Europe only wanted cheap workers for its companies. The final attack on the workers was a huge rise in prices for heat and electricity. Most Bulgarians are poor and a rise of 13% in prices for heat and electricity was the final act that triggered massive anger. Demonstrations started in Sofia and the police used brutal force. This only led to more anger and more demonstrations. Fearful the politicians left office and the government resigned!

Elections will be held soon. But Bulgaria has no workers party, since the right-wing media spreads lies about socialism and communism. Those brave revolutionaries who dare to oppose capitalism are called ''dirty communists'' and the media has no problem of using stalinism against socialism/communism. Even while the regime of Todor Zhikov was nationalist, the Bulgarian media will use his stalinist dictatorship to spread anticommunist fear! 

Anticommunism starts in schools, were children are told that communism is totalitarian. They are told that the People's Republic of Bulgaria was a ''communist'' state and that marxism leads to totalitarianism. So if a revolutionary socialist says that marxism is something good, many people will think of the dictatorial People's Republic of Bulgaria and oppose him. Only the elderly may still have nostalgic love for the old days of stalinism. But only because under stalinism, the state was less corrupt and more social active for the weak! 

There is a left-wing party called the Bulgarian Left. This party tries to follow a democratic socialism. The ultimate goal of the party "Bulgarian Left" is replacing the capitalist system with a new,democratic socialism - without any dictatorship!

  • They want state ownership of strategic industries in the country!
  • They are against foreign and private monopolies. 
  • They want to have a planned economy, where the market is only one element.
  • They want the state and public control over the banks. 
  • They want a solidarity tax system in which priority to the interests of the majority. Rich need to pay your riches!
  • Want the elimination of indirect taxes on essential goods, including medicines.
  • They want generally free (budget) health.
  • They want a generally free (budget) education.
  • They want real public engagement with science, culture and arts.
  • They want decent wages, safe antiquities penionerite!
  • They want a new constitution to ensure that Bulgaria is a social state, that any property, public or private, will work for the good of society! We want a new electoral law!
  • Along with ELP "Bulgarian left" is fighting for another social European Union.

Unfortunate the Bulgarian Left does not talk about a socialist Europe or workers self-management. But their demands are genuine left-wing and a good start. Since the media in Bulgaria is pro-capitalist, it seems unlikely they will spread the massage of the Bulgarian Left. Yet with 6.000 members already, this party could grow into a larger force. Maybe it can become a workers party in the future, with the right leadership! 

Bulgarian poverty in 2001

Right-wing communists

They are political conservative, pro-capitalist, anti-homosexual and all patriotic about their nations. No, we don't talk about conservatives, nationalists or fascists, we talk about communists. There are a number of communist parties who's behavior is not at all revolutionary communist. These communist parties are a shame to marxism and internationalism. Their stalinist dogmatism has degenerated them into semi-capitalist parties, most serve in coalitions with liberals or conservatives. In former soviet republics, the remnants of stalinism play a dirty game. Like the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, this party is not only nostalgic about the stalinist era, but also Russian nationalist and a supporter of a capitalist market economy! 

Right-wing communist we can call them. Right-wing because they work in capitalist governments or support capitalist governments. The Communist Party of Ukraine is one example that has degenerated into a right-wing  communist party. In the current Republic of Ukraine, anti-homosexuality is on the rise. The nationalists with aid from the Orthodox Church fuel hate against gay's and all who support the LGBT community. 

Yevhen Tsarkov is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament for the Communist Party of Ukraine. In 2012 he called for the reintroduction of the old stalinist ban on homosexuality. As a stalinist he and his party believe that homosexuality is a sickness. But the CPU is not the only anti-gay party in Ukraine. Most right-wing parties oppose the LGBT community, including powerful conservatives from the Party of Regions ( main conservative, pro-Russian party ). 

The CPU has been in a coalition government with the Party of Regions since 2010, so they share the responsibility of the capitalist attacks on workers living standards. Because the government of Ukraine is far from democratic. After 23 years of ''democracy'' the nation of Ukraine remains very corrupt. There is a hug gap between the new bourgeoisie and the working class. Rich oligarchs own the means of production and have very good contacts with the ruling Party of Regions, the Communist Party of Ukraine and the All Ukrainian Union ''Fatherland'' led by Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk. In a way the politics of Ukraine are controlled by those oligarchs. Because every major party has good connections to the bourgeoisie. From the conservatives of the president, to the neoliberal opposition!

Another political conservative ''communist'' party is the Progressive Party of Working People. This ''communist'' party in Cyprus was able to get one of his members elected as president of Cyrpus. Demetris Christofias was elected president in 2008. He is a member of the PPWP and educated in Moscow. Yet his party did not enforce communist principals. Even Christofias said that he is a proud communist, but no danger to the rule of capitalism. The PPWP entered a coalition government with the liberal conservative; Democratic Rally. But this coalition collapsed in 2011 and the ''communists'' were left with a minority government. Genuine communists should never govern a capitalist state with no majority in the Parliament  But since we talk about right-wing communists, it makes a difference. The PPWP lost the presidential elections of February 2013, to the Democratic Rally!   

Cyprus was hit hard by the economic crisis. The ''communist'' government was told by the European Union to start massive privatizations in order to get billions of euro's. The president of Cyprus was too weak in the eye's of the European capitalist elite. So with massive right-wing propaganda against the PPWP, they were able to scare the population into voting for the pro-EU right-wing of Cyprus. With a loyal president, the  European Union can now enforce its capitalist rule again over Cyprus. Not that the PPWP was any real danger to the rule of greed!  

There are many communist parties who support right-wing governments. Like the Communist Party in Belarus, this party is supporting the autoritiana rule of Alexander Lukashenko. The current Republic of Belarus was founded after the collapse of the Soviet-Union. Right-wing democrats ruled from 1991 till 1994. In only three years they sold the economy to major oligarchs. Poverty rose and uneplomenet was high. Many had soon enough of these anticommunist democrats. So they voted for Alexander Lukashenko during the first presidential election in Belarus. Lukashenko got himself elected and ended the privatizations. This was in direct conflict with the European Union, who demanded rule of money and greed.

The Communist Party of Belarus was founded in 1996 and has always supported Lukashenko. But this is very hypocrite since Lukashenko is a state-capitalist dictator. After he got power Lukashenko started to use the state against his opponents. People who become a danger to his rule are jailed by the KGB, who got many of its old stalinist functions back. Now the KGB of Belarus is working for Alexander Lukashenko. But why is the CPB supporting this man? 

For this answer we must look at how Lukashenko is behaving. For the old stalinists he is a saint, because he opposes western imperialism. Lukashenko also reintroduced the old Soviet flag of Belarus ( minus the communist symbols ) and the old Soviet emblem ( win out the hamer and sickle ). While many Europeans call him a ''communist'' dictator, this is not true. The economy of Belarus is state-capitalist much like Russia. In Belarus the state has a lot to say, but still 47% of all businesses are private owned. Lukashenko is even turning more capitalist and has privatized more businesses in the last 17 years!  

Yet the Communist Party of Belarus remains a strong supporter of the president. Most of them are elderly people who hold on to the ''Soviet Dream''. But the reality is more like a nightmare. Most Belorussian workers earn 400 dollars a month. While food and basic prices in Minsk are as high as any west European capital. The only reason why there is not yet massive poverty is thanks to the state regulation of food and other basic products. Win out these regulations the prices would rise so high, only the bourgeoisie would be able to buy food. This is also why Lukashenko gets support from the communist party. Most elderly people live on products which are heavily regulated by the state. They have seen the horrors of capitalism in Russia and Ukraine. That is why the Communist Party of Belarus is supporting Lukashenko. But for genuine communists this is no justifications. Because the government of Belarus is dictatorial and not socialist at all. It is a state-capitalist dictatorship, that must be destroyed.   

In the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, the communist movement has a lot of support. Unfortunate there are over six communist parties in Nepal. But the biggest are:

- The Unified Communist Party of Nepal ( Maoist ) 

- The Communist Party of Nepal ( Unified Marxist Leninist )

The UCP(M) won 229 seats out of 600 in the Nepalese Constitutional Assembly. That makes the maoists the largest party in the nation. Nepal could have become a socialist republic, but the maoists did not pushed for socialism. Instead they adopted the wrong tactic of capitalism before socialism. They say that capitalism first needed for socialism. So the Federal Republic of Nepal remains capitalist, while the maoist communists share power with reformist communists and social democrats. Three pseudo-leftists in power and still no socialism or even social justice. The right-wing in Nepal is genuine weak, but can grow as soon as there is a strong capitalist class.

Other communists in Nepal are the CPN(UML). This communist party is only marxist leninist in its name. In reality they have govern with the social democratic Nepali Congress party for many years. Even under the Kingdom of Nepal did the CPN(UML) govern. There is very little revolutionary activism in the CPN(UML) that is why most poor peasants have joined up with the maoist UCP(M). But even the maoists betray the poor and the youth. They had the chance of creating socialism in Nepal. But they did not even try to give political power to workers, peasants and young people. Sooner or later the maoists will lose support among the masses. Just like the CPN(UML) did. The social democrats of the Nepali Congress are only loved by the elite of Nepal, so who will benefit when the masses lose their faith in the maoists? 

What Nepal needs is a real workers party. One that will bring genuine socialism. Unfortunate the maoists are very dogmatic and radical. Their Young Communist League is controversial and there are many stories of maoist crimes against people who oppose them. Even members of the reformist; CPN(UML) are attacked by the Young Communist League. The maoists use the anger of many young people, against those who oppose their ''people revolution''. 

In 2013, the communist movement is weak. Weak after the collapse of the USSR and the capitalist reforms in China. This has led to the fact that many communist parties abandoned revolutionary politics for pragmatism and even compromises with the ruling class. The weakness of the communist parties also lies in their inability to see the USSR for what is really was. For many communists the Soviet-Union was a socialist workers state. This was told by their leaders for many years. Accepting that their ideal was false, means capitulation to the bourgeoisie media for them. Many communists did indeed surrendered and accepted the rule of markets and greed. Those who remained loyal to communism ( in the stalinist tradition ) have a lot of difficulties when facing the media and workers, who always ask the same question: ''But what about Russia?'' 

In Ukraine, the communist party works with 
the conservatives of the Party of Region's

The Lao People's Democratic Republic

In December 1975, the Kingdom of Laos was replaced by the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Laos became a stalinist dictatorship under the leadership of a former monarchist called; Souphanouvong. This ex-monarchist had joined forces with the left-wing nationalists of the Pathet Lao. Those nationalists fought a long war against the monarchist Lao government and the criminal CIA. After the collapse of South Vietnam, the Pathet Lao marched into Laos, ending its monarchy. Soon the nation became a centralized stalinist state with a bureaucratic planned economy!

Since Vietnamese soldiers had aided the Pathet Lao, the new ''Socialist'' Republic of Vietnam demanded that Laos closed all relations with the world. Only Vietnam was allowed to trade with the tiny nation. This isolation meant that Vietnam had a lot of power in the Laotian government.  No high-ranking politician would criticize the Vietnamese and their demands, because a concentration camp was always waiting for new ''counter-revolutionaries'' to be ''re-educated'' 

Like all stalinist nations, the Lao People's Revolutionary Party ( LPRP ) was the only party allowed. In 1979, it created the Lao Front for National Construction, that front united all mass organisations around the LPRP. In today's Laos, all organisations must be registered with the Lao Front for National Construction. This includes all religions and their institutions!

Since Laos was a backward nation in 1975, the LPRP had little opposition. Only the Hmong people proved to be anticommunist. Those Hmong aided the criminals of the CIA during the secret war between 1954 and 1975. The new Stalinist government started to hunt down ethnic members of the Hmong. Anticommunists say that the Lao government was starting an ethnic genocide against the Hmong people!

While a change in power can led to a power-struggle in many stalinist nations. In Laos every change in leadership goes very smooth. Stalinist leaders have been raised to rule their nation from child birth. Young people are trained in the Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union. Here they train their youth to be good patriots and always to obey the party. Marxism Leninism is only a propaganda ideology, used for propaganda purpose only. There is little enthusiasm for the party in today's Laos. Only those from elitist families can enjoy the fruits of the new capitalist market economy. People like Od Phongsavanh, a Lao capitalist who owns Lao Central Airlines and a private bank. Phongsavanh is one of many new capitalists who benefit from the capitalist reforms that started in 1986. 

Workers however don't benefit. Capitalism has not led to more wealth. Sure some capitalists got wealthy, but almost all Laotians remain very poor. Corruption by state bureaucrats and greedy capitalists is turning Laos into a Thailand like nation. Prostitution is now more common then 10 years ago, since sex is now big money. Like in Thailand, the Lao people find out that they can make money with the female body!

Meanwhile the red flag with the yellow hammer and sickle, still flies next to the Lao national flag. Like in Vietnam you see this flag a lot. But it has little meaning, most Lao know the flag to be the party flag of the LPRP. But its historical meaning is unknown to many. They have no idea that the hammer stands for workers and the sickle for peasants. Red is the color of the workers blood that were spilled. Unfortunate there is no class struggle in Laos. That is how the elitists like it. Because if there was a genuine Communist Party of Laos, it could pose a danger to their wealth and status as rulers. Some students have already ''disappeared'' after they called for democracy!  

But the LPRP has nothing to fear. The people are kept stupid and even the works of Marx and Lenin are not sold too much. Sure some Marxist books are allowed, but only those who are approved by the party. Choummaly Sayasone is the current president of Laos. He was ''elected'' president in 2006. Sayasone is one of the old guard he is born in 1936, that makes him 76 years old. Laos leadership is still very much centered around the people who were members of the party before 1975. Ex-prince Souphanouvong was the one who ruled Laos between 1975 and 1991. After Souphanouvong left the office, another old guard took over. Laos never had a leader who was born after 1975! 

Unlike other dictatorships who fear their population, Laos is not that well armed. The Lao People's Army only has about 30.000 troops. Compare that to Vietnam were 400.000 soldiers are active. Its ground forces have 30 outdated T-55 battle tanks, no modern ones are in service. The People's Liberation Army Air Force of Laos has 25 old Mig-21 fighters and another 20 helicopters. But this army is so weak, it cannot defend the ruling parasites if the workers and peasants rise up. Laos has 6 million people, even 100.000 rebels could easy defeat this army! 

But the people of Lao are still backward and have no understanding of class struggle. The Marxist books are censored, only to produce propaganda for the ruling party. The capitalist world is happy enough with the capitalist reforms in Laos. They don't need a democracy. So it is up to genuine revolutionary socialists/communists to take a stand against the LPRP and all anticommunists who want to turn Laos into a another capitalist hell on Earth! 

Only 30.000 troops defend the dictatorship of the LPRP

The ruling European right-wing in 2012

Americans call Europe a leftist place. Well that is a lie, because Europe is not left-wing. The ruling governments are capitalist, authoritarian and all in favor of big money and free market capitalism. From conservatives to liberals and social democrats. All support the rule of capitalism. We know this from a political website that is keeping a eye on European governments on the political spectrum, is a website were you can find out what you are on the political compass. There are two direction you can take. Right-wing for capitalist politics or left-wing for socialist ones. You can go up for authoritarian ideals or down for libertarian ideals. Their test will put you on a place in the political spectrum. You can be radical left or center left, radical right or center right! 

European governments in 2012 were not very center. They are all on the right-wing and authoritarian. Hungary is the most authoritarian right-wing nation according to the political compass. The Netherlands is the least authoritarian, but unfortunate that is only because all other European nations are above The Netherlands when it comes to authoritarianism. 

The UK and Spain are the most capitalist nations according to political compass  They are on the most right side of the spectrum. There are no left-wing governments  not even a center left-wing one. That is what we revolutionary socialists say for years. Neoliberalism as turned all European nation to the right-wing. No matter how conservative, liberal or social democratic they are, the European governments remain right-wing and authoritarian.

People will be shocked to see that most European governments are so much to the right. But for us revolutionary socialists its no surprise  The last 23 years has led to a massive shift to right-wing politics.  Not only right-wing but also authoritarian politics. On their website, the political compass has this to say about the turn to the right by all European governments. 

While most of the old Eastern Bloc countries appear to have taken to the free market with the zeal of the recent convert, the simulaneous development of social freedoms has, in some instances been rather slower. The previous Polish Prime Minister, for example, alone among EU leaders and in conflict with EU policy, wanted his country to re-adopt capital punishment.

In the western member states, however, the progressive abolition of economic restrictions seems generally to correspond to the extent of curbs on certain certain civil liberties. The most obvious example is the UK. But in other states, such as Denmark and the Netherlands, extremely liberal traditions in certain social policies have somewhat eroded as neoliberal economics have expanded.

No European government opposes capitalism. All are on the right side of the political spectrum. This is what European people need to know. Because far too many still believe that social democratic parties would mean a turn to the left. That is not true, social democracy is no longer turning governments to the left. The social democrats are keeping the government right-wing and authoritarian. In 2012, the political compass has shown again the Europe remains right-wing!

But Europeans are not right-wing. Even those who vote on right-wing parties don't think right-wing. They don't like the rising costs or the attacks on their living-standards. Workers in Europe must rise up and destroy the ruling politicians. We need a wave of protests against the right-wing and the European Union. Prices are rising while wages are dropping. Meanwhile the rich have never been richer in Europe! 

The true face of European governments on the political spectrum 

Love the anti-imperialist dictator

Anti-imperialist dictators, the love of many left-wing intellectuals. How many leftists loved dictators who stood up against western imperialism? Dictators like Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi, Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh. During the 60's and 70's, many young western youth idealized the stalinist dictatorships. They just liberated themselves from the old European conservative dogma's and in their youthful stupidity, they worshiped all ''revolutionary'' nations who stood up against western imperialism! 

Anti-stalinist socialists and communists never supported the political regimes of Stalin or Mao. Sure we gave support to the people of nations who were attacked by imperialism. But we always called for the workers to overthrow their dictatorial government. Revolutionary socialists do not want a single party state to rule. Some of us had illusions in many leaders who seemed to be anti-stalinist. Like the Yugoslav dictator; Josip Broz Tito. This leader got a conflict with Joseph Stalin in 1948. Many anti-stalinist marxists hoped that Tito could become a genuine communist. Unfortunate for them, Tito was a stalinist. He was anti-Stalin, but not anti-stalinist. The political system of Yugoslavia remained based on the stalinist bureaucratic system.

Young revolutionaries in the western world were easy pray for the propaganda of the stalinist world. The ruling stalinists knew that many young people, had enough of conservatism and the rule of capitalists. So they abused their anger towards imperialism and turned them into their puppets. How many young socialists and communists felt sympathy for anti-imperialist dictators? Too much unfortunate! 

The anger towards conservatism and capitalism exploded in 1968. But because of social democratic and stalinist betrayal, the capitalists remained in power. The main workers parties did not pushed for socialism, while many young students wanted it. Those students soon came under the influence of a new revolutionary ideal called; maoism. All across Europe and the western world, these maoist groups appeared  To separate themselves from the conservative communist parties, they used the name ''Marxist-Leninist'' in their name. Like the Marxist Leninist Party of Germany founded in 1982!

Life in a maoist group was very hard. You had little to no personal freedom. The group leadership around a few persons, were in absolute control. They decided were you lived, who your friends were and who you could marry. Many left-wing students felt that this was needed for the revolution, so they devoted their young days for a group that was sectarian, dogmatic and not at all favored by the workers. By the 1980's most of these maoist groups had disappeared. Those students who were maoists now called it a youth error. Most of them left the marxist ideology completely and accepted the rule of capitalism. Very few were still dogmatic loyal to Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin after the collapse of stalinism in 1991.

A favorite leftist dictator among young revolutionaries during the cold war was Fidel Castro. This Cuban leader became president of Cuba in 1976, but was already dictator since 1959. Castro led a nationalist  movement against right-wing dictator; Batista. After a short revolutionary war, Batista fled and Fidel Castro took power. At first he was not a ''communist'', but his anti-imperialism drove him into the stalinist camp. By 1961, the Republic of Cuba became a ''socialist'' nation according to Fidel Castro. US imperialism was not happy and created a embargo again Cuba. This unfair embargo proofed to be very much in Castro's favor. It kept him in power for 49 years! 

Those who opposed the ''socialist'' revolution in Cuba were jailed. Workers who opposed the bureaucratic planned economy were branded ''counterrevolutionaries''. Even old fighters who fought with Castro were jailed if they opposed his rule. Cuba was indeed a personal dictatorship, there was no ruling communist party in the first years. Castro did founded the Party of the Cuban Socialist Revolution, but it was not until 1965 before the Communist Party of Cuba was founded. Yet even after the foundation of the party, Castro kept all power for himself. The party was only there to ensure loyalty to him alone. This we seen in the few congresses that were held. Before the last congress in 2011, the party did not had a congress in over 21 years! 

Young leftists were also in ''love'' with anti-imperialist Arab dictators. Leaders like Nasser in Egypt or Gaddafi in Libya. The Arab world was very conservative after 1945. Corrupt kings were only kept into power because of western imperialism. Soon the king of Egypt was removed from power by young army officers under the leadership of Nasser. He turned Egypt into his personal Arab nationalist-socialist state. Communists and socialists who opposed his Arab nationalist-socialism were jailed and murdered. The mighty Egyptian Communist Party was as much of the threat to Nasser as the Muslim Brotherhood was. But many leftists in the western world, supported the Egyptian dictator against British imperialism. This while many leftists in Egypt were jailed because they wanted democracy and freedom of speech! 

One of the most charismatic Arab anti-imperialist dictators was the 27 year old; Muammar Gaddafi. He led the 1969 revolution in Libya. Gaddafi and his officers founded the Libyan Arab Republic and wanted to unite the Arab world under their banner. But the Arab leaders did not liked the revolutionary talk of this young Gaddafi. Nasser died in 1970 and his successors had no love for this young Libyan leader. By 1977, Gaddafi had removed all his former friends from power and was absolute leader. He replaced the Libyan Arab Republic with the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. This new Libyan state should have been a ''state for the masses''. A islamic-socialist council based democracy. Huge councils of ordinary people should be the ones in power, according to the Green Book of Muammar Gaddafi. Many young leftists studied this little Green Book! 

In reality, Gaddafi degenerated into a madman. His anti-imperialism went so high that he supported every left-wing terrorist group who fought against capitalism. From the IRA in Ireland to the Red Army Fraction in Germany and the ETA in Spain. Soon Libya was called a nation who supported terrorism by the western world. A little hypocrite since the western world was arming anticommunist dictatorships. Even Pol Pot in Cambodia was armed with western guns! 

The love for Pol Pot was founded in the maoist groups in the western world. Like the Group Marxist-Leninists in The Netherlands. The GML is the only Dutch maoist group that has survived the death of Mao and the collapse of stalinism. Even with all the evidence against Mao, they still claim he did good. One of those people who claimed that Mao was great, was Paul Rosenmöller. This man would later be the leader of GreenLeft, a reformist green political party. But between 1976 and 1982, Rosenmöller was a GML member and defended the genocide of Pol Pot in Cambodia. He and his GML friends even raised money for that monster, who killed almost 1,2 million peasants!

It is ironic that all those supporters of radical leftist dictators, all became pro-capitalist again after 1991. For them, socialism was a religion. A religion that died when the red flag in Moscow was taken down. Revolutionary leftism was a youth thing in the 60's and 70's. If you were not radical leftist in that era, you were not cool. Today revolutionary idealism is partly gone. It seems to have died in the 90's. But even after 23 years of capitalist propaganda, we see that leftism is growing. But right-wing ideals are also common among the youth. Making money and getting rich is a dream for many. This was not cool in the 60's and 70's if you wanted to get rich! 

After the collapse of stalinism, new young leftists sometimes hold on to old stalinist dictatorships. Cuba remains for many the last bastion of their ''marxist-leninist'' dreamworld. Most revolutionary young people oppose North Korea, they have no choice in that matter. Because supporting North Korea would mean total isolation from others. But the Arab revolutions of 2010 have show us that revolutionary leftist groups are still blinded by old style anti-imperialist rhetoric coming from those Arab leaders!

When the revolution started against Gaddafi, most people supported it. But soon as rebels started to kill pro-Gaddafi people, the revolutionary ( stalinist ) left groups started to support the Gaddafi goverment. Suddenly Gaddafi was a hero again and his Jamahiriya was a anti-imperialist bastion. No word about the 2003 reforms and the 2007 opening of a capitalist stock market. Or what about the work with the CIA? The criminal intelligence agency of the USA!

Yet Gaddafi's regime fell, he was killed in October 2011 in his home town of Sirte. Many revolutionary leftists called the rebels ''puppets of western imperialism''. This is very unfair since many youth in Libya fought and died for basic freedoms. Freedoms that Gaddafi never gave to them. Those stalinist groups have no right to call them ''puppets of imperialism''. They only wanted freedom and justice. Sure Libya will not get rich under capitalism. But that is why a workers party is needed. A party for workers on a socialist program, against sectarianism for a democratic socialist Libya!

Dictator two who gets massive support from revolutionary ( stalinist ) leftist groups, is Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. This dictator got power in 2000 and was pro-capitalist. His government privatized many parts of the Syrian economy leading to poverty. It was Syria under his father; Hafez Al-Assad that aided US imperialism against Iraq during the first Gulf War. Syria used to have a planned economy, but today its economy is a mixed market one! 

The revolutionary left must not support dictatorships. Freedom of speech is holy for all people. Conservatives, liberals, socialists and communists must respect that freedom. Unfortunate conservatives and many communist groups ( from stalinist to trotskyist ) have difficulties with that. Liberals and socialists have a better reputation when it comes to freedom of speech. Rosa Luxemburg said that ''Freedom is always the freedom of the other-thinker''. She was murdered in 1919 for that. That ideal led genuine revolutionary socialists to rise up against stalinism and all dictatorships. 

Socialists will defend that freedom, because win out freedom of speech and the freedom to oppose a system, you cannot have socialism and never communism!

The Communist Party of Great Britain - Marxist Leninist
A party that is a shame to communism
They are classic stalinists and support North Korea 

State Atheism

Christians, Muslims and Jews force their religion on many people. In the USA, children are forced to swear to ''one nation under God'', in the middle east, Islamism hunts down all opponents of Islam. In Israel, Jewish colonists occupy Palestinian land, because they think they have the right to own it. For more then 2000 years, the Christians and Muslims have oppressed and killed millions in the name of their God. It is understandably that some people tried to fight back. After the bolsheviks came to power, religion was a prime enemies. The Russian Orthodox Church was a supporter of Russian imperialism and monarchism. The Church opposed the socialist revolution and sided with the White Armies. So religion was seen as an enemy of socialism. Many religious people were prosecuted by the Bolsheviks, some were guilty and others innocent. 

During the Russian civil war, the enemies of socialism were indeed members of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was the church who opposed the revolution and who gave political support to the White Armies. This is understandably because the church was antisemitic and many Bolsheviks were of Jewish origin. This antisemitism was very strong in the Russian Orthodox Church. In Ukraine, many Jews were murdered by the White Armies and their Christian supporters. Nationalist Ukrainians hated the Russian Jews, because they thought that Marxism was a Jewish thing. In 1941, the Ukrainian antisemitic nationalists would aid the Nazi's in killing millions! 

After the victory of the revolution, religion was limited. Church property was nationalized and many supporters of the church were prosecuted. Some were innocent and only jailed because they were people of faith. About 1200 priests were murdered between 1922 and 1926. This murdering of innocent religious people was wrong and a crime against humanity. But then again those people were the same ones who hated Jews and communists. So hatred was on both sides. Had the Whites won instead of the Reds, the reactionary forces would have killed many innocent Jews and communists!

In 1925, the Soviet government founded the League of Militant Atheists. The first militant atheist group to combat religion. But this combat was not through lethal force, the League of Militant Atheists was a debate club and not used to hunt down religious people. Instead the League wanted to debate with workers in the field and in the factories. Many of them were young communists who did not use brutal force. Religion did not become a target of the state until 1929! 

It was Joseph Stalin who feared the remains of the Russian Orthodox Church. Stalin did not liked the idea that 80% of the Soviet people was still religious in 1929. So with his great terror, Stalin attacked the last churches in the USSR. By 1941 only 500 churches were still open, before world war 1 there were about 50.000 churches in all of Russia. But with the Nazi German invasion, Stalin needed religion again. The Russian Orthodox Church was used by the Stalinist government to fuel patriotism among the Red Army soldiers. Stalin allowed the priests to bless the soldiers of his army, while they went to fight the Germans. 

The Soviet Union was never fully state-atheistic, because religion is always present in the Stalinist system. Joseph Stalin created his own cult of personality and replaced the Christian God by himself. He turned Lenin into a saint and all were forced to worship him as the ''great Lenin''. After the death of Stalin, the state became less and less hostile to religion. State-atheism in the USSR was not as strong as it was in Albania or China! 

The People's Republic of China was a strict atheist nation between 1949 and 1978. In the era of Mao Zedong, religion became a symbol of old China. Buddhism, Christianity and Islam were seen by the Maoist government, as a danger to their power. Many Red Guard youth destroyed old temples and attacked religious people, they were fueled by hatred that Mao Zedong spread towards religion. Faith was seen as a remnant of China's feudalistic past and the Maoists wanted to destroy it all. In a way they were as bad as the religious rulers were before them. Only after Mao's death did the state ended its harsh anti-religion campaign. Today China is more tolerant of religion!

Only one Stalinist nation claimed to be total state atheistic. The Socialist People's Republic of Albania under Enver Hoxha, called itself completely free from religion. In order to keep the people atheistic, the Stalinist government closed all churches and mosques. Religion was banned in all forms. This was very radical even for a Stalinist nation. Many parents feared to tell their children about religion, because they could tell others. The constitution of Albania at that time said; The state recognizes no religion, and supports atheistic propaganda in order to implant a scientific materialistic world outlook in people" and the penal code of 1977 imposed prison sentences of three to ten years for "religious propaganda and the production, distribution, or storage of religious literature. A new decree that in effect targeted Albanians with Muslim and Christian names stipulated that citizens whose names did not conform to "the political, ideological, or moral standards of the state" were to change them! 

The Republic of Cuba was a atheistic nation from 1961 till 1990. Today the Cuban government no longer claims to be atheist, they say that Cuba is a secular state. But over 200 priests were exiled after Fidel Castro took power. People who opposed Castro's revolution because of their faith were seen as ''counterrevolutionaries'' and jailed. In North Korea, the state was atheistic in its first years, but it soon degenerated into the Juche religion. Juche worship's Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. North Koreans are forced to worship both death leaders as gods!

State atheism has died along with stalinism after 1991. We revolutionary socialists oppose state atheism, because it is wrong. A workers state cannot enforce atheism, it must not enforce a religion or try to oppose it. Religion or atheism are a personal matter and the state has no right to tell workers which religion is good or bad. Revolutionary socialists should support a full secular socialist state and a complete separation of state and church in all ways of life!

Enver Hoxha called Albania ''free from religion''

China needs a new communist party

China is not communist, not socialist and will never be a workers paradise. The Chinese Communist Party has betrayed not only Marxism, but also its own Maoist ideology. The current CCP is far away from the communist party it was between 1921-1927. The first party was a proletarian party, a party that wanted to start a workers revolution in China. The second CCP was the maoist party, this party emerged after the White Terror killed 2/3 of the original CCP. The last party was founded after Mao Zedong's death in 1976. Deng Xiaoping turned the CCP away from Maoism and into state-capitalism! 

The People's Republic of China is a global world power. Thanks to state-capitalism, China has grow into a economical power. But only 120 million Chinese enjoy the wealth of capitalist China. 800 million remain poor and their living standard is not higher then that of average Asian workers. The ruling capitalist class needs the Chinese ''Communist'' Party, because the party is the ruling force. Unlike America and Europe, the Chinese state is not a fully capitalist state. The People's Republic of China keeps a tight grip on the economy and does not allow capitalists all the freedom they have in the west!

But that does not mean that the nation has a social market economy like Europe had in the past. The Chinese economy is state capitalist not social capitalist. Workers are slaves to the state or to capitalists. The state works on the same line as the capitalists do. They exploit the working class and take all the wealth for themselves. The social programs that were build in maoist China were removed after 1978. Deng Xiaoping is the man who introduced the harsh state-capitalist ideology. He made China powerful and wealthy, but at a  huge cost. The environment suffers from poison spread by factories, in Beijing there are smoke clouds who reach the streets easily! 

Chinese healthcare was one of the worst in 1949. The average life time was 35 years. This was the result of the corrupt right-wing rule of Chiang-Kai-Shek, who's Chinese Nationalist Party led the Republic of China. It was Chiang-Kai-Shek who started the White Terror against communists in 1927. He killed 70.000 Chinese workers, 50.000 of them were members of the Chinese Communist Party. Healthcare was nationalized after the fall of Chiang-Kai-Shek and by 1976 the average life time was 68 years. But today the Chinese healthcare is no longer nationalized. It is one of the most commercialized health care systems in the world. Chinese workers must pay a fortune if they want medical care. Doctors are forced to ask huge amount of money, because the state does not intervene in health care anymore. This means that the rich Chinese get better health care then poor Chinese. Those who can pay, get a better life ( classic capitalism ). 

The top leaders of the CCP enjoy a good life. Party leaders like Xi Linping, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin made sure that they got the best of the best. It started with Zemin who ruled from 1989 till 2003. He was instrumental in building state-capitalism and gave rise to a oligarchy of rich leaders. Although the People's Republic of China is a capitalist nation, the CCP leaders made sure that they were ones in power and not the capitalists. Unlike in America and Europe were politicians dance to the feet of the capitalists. In China it is the exact opposite, there the capitalists must dance to the feet of the Chinese ''Communist'' Party! 

What China needs is a new communist party. A genuine party for workers, youth and poor people. Unfortunate the word; ''communist'' has been poisoned by stalinists, maoists and other scum who betrayed Marxism. That is why we need to explain what genuine communism is. Communism has nothing to to with totalitarianism or dogmatic rule. A communist society can only be a free society, one win out a state and win out classes. This may seems utopia, but 200 year ago they called democracy utopia. That is why we first need socialism. Socialism is the stage between capitalism and communism. Under socialism we can start with the transformation from a economy based on greed, to a economy based on need. 

Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry understood this. He was a humanist and the founder of the Star Trek series. In his future world, humanity has embraced socialism. But only after world war 3 that killed 600 million people. But calling the economy of Star Trek socialist in 1966 would not have sold. No major capitalist television studio would buy a ''socialist'' science-fiction show. So in Star Trek they never talked about socialism, but their economy shows all the signs of socialism ( like a economy based on needs and not on greed ). 

The People's Republic of China became capitalist again, because it was unavoidable. Stalinism leads to capitalist restoration. Leon Trotsky knew this in 1936. He said that the Soviet Union would either collapse into capitalism or the workers would take power again. Unfortunate because of the absence of a genuine communist party, the capitalist forces of Boris Yeltsin were able to conquer the minds of the Soviet people. Capitalist rule has led to poverty and oligarchic rule in Russia and other ex-Soviet republics!

Even in Cuba and North Korea, capitalism is growing. Sooner or later the bureaucrats of the Cuban Communist Party and the Korean Workers Party will re-allow capitalism. Cuba will be the first nation and North Korea will follow sooner or later. That is why genuine communist parties are needed. Ones that are not corrupted by stalinist dogmatism and totalitarianism. The planned economies can only be saved by genuine workers parties led by people who live on a workers wage and who are elected by workers! 

We will see how things go in 2013! 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism