The ruling European right-wing in 2012

Americans call Europe a leftist place. Well that is a lie, because Europe is not left-wing. The ruling governments are capitalist, authoritarian and all in favor of big money and free market capitalism. From conservatives to liberals and social democrats. All support the rule of capitalism. We know this from a political website that is keeping a eye on European governments on the political spectrum, is a website were you can find out what you are on the political compass. There are two direction you can take. Right-wing for capitalist politics or left-wing for socialist ones. You can go up for authoritarian ideals or down for libertarian ideals. Their test will put you on a place in the political spectrum. You can be radical left or center left, radical right or center right! 

European governments in 2012 were not very center. They are all on the right-wing and authoritarian. Hungary is the most authoritarian right-wing nation according to the political compass. The Netherlands is the least authoritarian, but unfortunate that is only because all other European nations are above The Netherlands when it comes to authoritarianism. 

The UK and Spain are the most capitalist nations according to political compass  They are on the most right side of the spectrum. There are no left-wing governments  not even a center left-wing one. That is what we revolutionary socialists say for years. Neoliberalism as turned all European nation to the right-wing. No matter how conservative, liberal or social democratic they are, the European governments remain right-wing and authoritarian.

People will be shocked to see that most European governments are so much to the right. But for us revolutionary socialists its no surprise  The last 23 years has led to a massive shift to right-wing politics.  Not only right-wing but also authoritarian politics. On their website, the political compass has this to say about the turn to the right by all European governments. 

While most of the old Eastern Bloc countries appear to have taken to the free market with the zeal of the recent convert, the simulaneous development of social freedoms has, in some instances been rather slower. The previous Polish Prime Minister, for example, alone among EU leaders and in conflict with EU policy, wanted his country to re-adopt capital punishment.

In the western member states, however, the progressive abolition of economic restrictions seems generally to correspond to the extent of curbs on certain certain civil liberties. The most obvious example is the UK. But in other states, such as Denmark and the Netherlands, extremely liberal traditions in certain social policies have somewhat eroded as neoliberal economics have expanded.

No European government opposes capitalism. All are on the right side of the political spectrum. This is what European people need to know. Because far too many still believe that social democratic parties would mean a turn to the left. That is not true, social democracy is no longer turning governments to the left. The social democrats are keeping the government right-wing and authoritarian. In 2012, the political compass has shown again the Europe remains right-wing!

But Europeans are not right-wing. Even those who vote on right-wing parties don't think right-wing. They don't like the rising costs or the attacks on their living-standards. Workers in Europe must rise up and destroy the ruling politicians. We need a wave of protests against the right-wing and the European Union. Prices are rising while wages are dropping. Meanwhile the rich have never been richer in Europe! 

The true face of European governments on the political spectrum 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism