Down with the Spanish crown

Spain gets a new king, the old Juan Carlos decided to give the throne to his son; Felipe VI age 47. King Carlos was made king by fascist dictator Franco in 1969. He was a puppet of the fascist dictator until Franco's death in 1975. Juan Carlos was instrumental in replacing the dictatorship with a parliamentary democracy. But the only reason he was able to remain king was because the Spanish left-wing agreed to support the monarchy. Both the social democrats and stalinists stood by the side of the king, betraying their republican ideology. Spain became a democracy and both the right-wing and left-wing seemed to support the king. The only opposition against the monarchy came from revolutionary socialists and classic stalinists who opposed the reformist euro-communist line of the PCE. Today Spain gets a new monarch, but the opposition against him is growing!

Like the revolutionary socialists in the 1970's, Revolutionary Socialist Media opposes the Spanish monarchy. But unlike the leftist supporters of the Republic of Spain, we reject a bourgeois republic. The banners of the former Republic of Spain ( 1931-1939 ) never represented a socialist republic. Spain remained a capitalist republic during the years of the Popular Front ( alliance between social democrats and stalinists ).  Also the republican government between 1936 and 1939, worked with the Soviet NKVD to arrest and murder revolutionary socialists and anarchists. Because the social democratic PSOE and Stalinist PCE choose to govern the bourgeois republic, the forces of the socialist revolution were outnumbered and eventually slain by republican and fascist troops!

Today the Kingdom of Spain is facing a social dilemma. Poverty is high and the ruling conservatives are hated. Support for the Republic of Spain is growing, this is why the government banned the use of republican flags and anti-monarchist slogans on the day Felipe VI is crowned king. The ceremony was very sober, with no foreign kings and queens present. According to the new king this was done to show ''solidarity'' with those Spanish who are hit by poverty. We revolutionary socialists think this is very hypocrite. The Spanish king is rich, his personal wealth is estimated at 5 million euro's. Although poorer then the Dutch king ( who own 200 million euro's ), the new Spanish king is still part of the Spanish bourgeoisie!

Spain lacks a workers party on a socialist program. The United Left around the Spanish Communist Party is unable to provide a clear socialist alternative. This is why a new movement won the European Elections in 2014. Podemos ( meaning "We can" in Spanish ) was able to win five seats in the European parliament for Spain. The new movement has attracted many voters who had enough of the conservative People's Party and the pseudo-leftist; Spanish Socialist ''Workers'' Party. The party Podemos was founded in January 2014 and already made headlines when they won the five European seats. Their ideology stands in clear opposition to neoliberalism and the worst elements of capitalism. In a way they mirror the Greek political party Syriza. Unfortunate they lack a clear socialist program and do not call for the nationalization of the means of production under a democratic socialist plan. Podemos wants to regulate capitalism much like the classic social democrats of the past. This will however not work and by making compromises with the bourgeoisie, Podemos will eventually become a mainstream capitalist party much like the PSOE!

King Felipe VI now the new head of state. But he will not be supported by revolutionary socialists. We reject the Spanish crown and we call on workers to oppose the monarchy. But a return to the Republic of Spain is no option. A Spanish Socialist Workers Republic must be build, a workers state with a democratic planned economy. Such state would abolish private ownership of the means of production and expropriate all millionaires and billionaires. Instead of austerity and social cuts, the new socialist government would start with massive social programs to create jobs for millions. Socialist Spain would be forced to leave the European Union, because the EU is capitalist and undemocratic. The struggle against European and world capitalism will be hard, but if workers around Europe, see the alternative Socialist Spain provides, then the capitalist propaganda will lose its effect. Workers would abandon their social democratic parties and create new party for themselves. This would mean the end of social democracy. Conservatives and liberals may keep their electorate for some time, but even these voters will join the socialist side. Workers of the world have nothing to gain from these capitalist political ideologies!

Supporters of the Spanish Communist Party fly the bourgeois republican banner
We revolutionary socialists only support the red banner!

1/3 of all British families live in poverty

35% of all British families live below the poverty line. This is the result of massive capitalist politics which benefits the owners of big business. 30 years ago in the year 1980, the neoliberal conservatives came to power under Margaret Thatcher. She promised the British ruling class, that she would made them richer. She kept her word and the wealth of capitalists grew very fast. Yet the working class saw very little to nothing of the huge profits. Today in the year 2014, 35% of all British families live in poverty, thanks to the Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats and Labour Party, who's capitalist politics have caused this inequality!

According to the study by the Poverty and Social Exclusion project, 33% of households are forced to live below the poverty line, defined as going without three or more basic needs of life such. As being unable to feed and clothe themselves and their children and to heat and insure their homes. In the early 1980s, the comparable figure was 14%. The capitalist; Labour Party will use this study for their propaganda, claiming they will fight poverty. In reality the social democrats caused this poverty with their New Labour governments between 1997 and 2010!

Causes of poverty:

- Disability ( disabled adults are twice as likely to live in low income households as non-disabled adults )
- Illness ( unable to work, forced to live on very little money ) 
- Mental illness ( not able to meet labour market demands )
- Low Intelligence ( not able to get average paid jobs )
- Unemployment ( means poverty for millions )
- Being born to poor parents ( not able to pay for their child education )
- Being a lone parent  ( half of all lone parents are on a low income )
- Racial discrimination ( ethnic racism is strong in the UK )
- Capitalist exploitation ( paid low wages ) 
- Inherent biases in the capitalist system ( having to pay a higher rate of interest on a loan for example )

Capitalism in Britain is cruel and greedy. Like most capitalist nations, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is still facing the effects of the 2008 economic crisis. With help from the social democrats of the Labour Party, the ruling class has enforced brutal austerity politics on the British working class. These austerity attacks are supported by the social democrats who have the audacity to call their Labour Party, a democratic socialist party. Revolutionary socialists reject this, as the Labour Party is just another political pillar of the British ruling class, who's wealth has increased because of government deregulations and anti-worker politics of people like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown!

Workers in Great Britain need a workers party. Unfortunate many trade unions still support the capitalist; Labour Party. There is also the outdated idea that the social democrats are leftist, which is no longer the case. Social democracy betrayed the working class to the capitalist class since ''Iron Lady'' Thatcher took power in the early 1980's. Social democrats capitulated to capitalism after the collapse of stalinism. Tony Blair is the living proof of a social democratic leader who carried out right-wing neoliberal politics. Blair's New Labour government was also imperialistic, supporting the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and the 2003 invasion of Iraq!

A huge problem of poverty is that fact that families can no longer live on a single income. Both parents need to work to survive in the capitalist society that is Britain. In most European nations this is becoming more and more standard. An average working class family with two or three children cannot survive on a single income any-more. 30 years ago a family could live on a average salary. But under neoliberalism, the costs of living has increased. Rising prices for basic-needs has left a lot of British families poorer. The upper class of Britain is not facing these problems, their income is very high. Here we show the salaries of wealthy British people, who do not suffer because of poverty. Their incomes are in British Pounds £!

David Cameron ( Prime minister ) £142,500 
Tony Hall ( BBC boss ) £450,000
Mike Rees ( Standard Chartered bank boss ) £8,986,000
Wayne Rooney £15,600,000
Angela Ahrendts ( Burberry boss ) £16,900,000
Queen Elizabeth £36,100,000
Crispin Odey ( hedge fund speculator ) £14,200,000
Carolyn McCall ( EasyJet boss ) £6,430,000

Now let us look at the incomes of working class jobs in the UK: Their incomes are in British Pounds. The average income in the UK is £26.000, but four in five new jobs are in sectors averaging under £16,640 for a 40-hour week. Working full-time on the £6.31 hourly minimum wage would gross just £ Four in five new jobs are in sectors averaging under £16,640 for a 40-hour work week. Working full-time on the £6.31 hourly minimum wage would gross just £13,124 ( €16,300 ) in a year!

- Lollipop ladies £3,187 average
- Theme park attendants £6,011
- Bar staff £7,317 
- Playworkers £7,400 
- Waiters & waitresses £7,655
- Cleaners £8,067 
- Florists £8,960
- Hairdressers £10,174
- Fitness instructors £10,378 
- Shopworkers £11,174 
- Cooks £11,346 
- Nursery nurses £11,163 
- Beauticians £12,418 
- Window cleaners £12,561 
- Receptionists £12,595 
- Care workers £12,804 
- Childminders £12,949 
- Telephonists £14,032
- Tailors & Dressmakers £14,482
- Caretakers £16,114 
- Secretaries £16,384
- Cabbies £16,416
- Customer service £16,525 
- Undertakers £16,526 
- Packers £16,820
- Tele sales £17,362 
- Chefs £17,391
- Gardeners £17,595
- Street cleaners £17,616 
- Butchers £17,681
- Hospital porters £17,748
- Farm workers £17,925 
- Traffic wardens £18,065 
- Travel agents £18,344 
- Van drivers £18,744 
- Tyre & exhaust fitters £18,888 
- Bank clerks £19,908 
- Youth & Community workers £20,000

These jobs are all paid under £20,000 ( €24,974 ). This is why revolutionary socialists reject the capitalist system. All these workers must work 40 hours a week, while rich people like Carolyn McCall are paid £6,430,000 ( €8.029.000 ) a year. The British ruling class was a lot poorer before 1980, before Thatcher came. Now there is a huge gab between the poor and the rich in the UK. To blame are the politicians who made this possible. Right-wing scum like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. They serve the ruling class, the peo   ple who own the means of production. The people who exploit the working class. British workers must understand that their poverty is the result of the capitalist system. Voting on the Labour Party will keep this capitalist system intact. New Labour will not end poverty, it is responsible for austerity and exploitation. 

Workers of Britain have a political voice. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is not yet a workers party, but it unites the most class consciousness socialists and trade unionists. TUSC is standing against the austerity cuts that caused this massive poverty. They stand against Labour, Tories and the LibDem ( Liberal Democrats ). Unfortunate class consciousness among British workers is as low as in the rest of Europe. The collapse of stalinism has discredit socialism and the turn to the right by social democracy has also led to massive disillusionment. 35% of all British voters did not vote in the 2010 general elections. This shows that 1/3 of the population in the United Kingdom does not believe that politicians can change anything. A direct result of the fact that all three major political parties, offer no alternatives to the dictatorship of capitalism!

Child poverty in Great Britain. 
20% of all children in London live in poverty!!

Pro-Beijing newspaper launches attack on CWI

The pro-Beijing newspaper, Ta Kung Pao, ran a front-page attack on pro-democracy legislator Leung Kwok-hung (known as ’Long Hair’) and Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) in their 10th June edition. This propaganda piece in a daily newspaper infamous as a Hong Kong mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship, comes as Hong Kong’s democracy struggle enters a crucial phase in the run up to the annual July 1 mega-demonstration against the government. The Chinese regime is stepping up its psychological warfare against ‘political instability’ and ‘illegal’ demands for free elections in Hong Kong. Socialist Action is seeking legal advice over the article’s slanderous nature, a hallmark of this newspaper, while at the same time conducting a vigorous political defence to expose its lies.

By Socialist Action, CWI in Hong-Kong 

The newspaper falsely claims ‘Long Hair’, who is currently serving a four-week jail sentence on trumped up political charges, masterminded the creation of Socialist Action in 2010 to be a more extreme force in the democracy struggle. Absurd accusations and slanders of this type run throughout the article, which conjures up the bogey of “foreign forces” i.e. the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), to which Socialist Action adheres. Ta Kung Pao accuses the CWI of advocating “very violent methods” and accuses its sections in Brazil, Sweden and Turkey of fomenting riots last year. This is standard stuff, in other words, from the paid hacks of a dictatorship whose level of paranoia is unparalleled when it comes to mass protests, democratic ideals, and genuine socialism.

Ta Kung Pao’s concern over violence is worthy of an ‘Oscar’ given its silence over the military massacre of protesters in Beijing in 1989. It attacked this year’s 180,000-strong commemoration of the June 4 massacre victims as an “act of national betrayal.”

Fomenting riots

“The CWI’s methods of protest are very violent,” the article claims. “On 20 May 2013, the CWI’s Swedish section Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna initiated a protest against the Swedish government’s social policies and lack of public services. The protesters set fire to cars, destroyed shopping centres and attacked police stations, and this resulted in three days of riots. Many police and members of the pubic were injured.”

This is just one example of Ta Kung Pao’s deranged ‘journalism’. Last year’s riots in 
Stockholm were triggered by police shooting dead an elderly man, following years of racism and neglect of public infrastructure in working class districts. The CWI’s section initiated a protest meeting together with local community groups to appeal for an end to the burnings and rioting while sharply criticising police brutality and the government’s neo-liberal policies.
As in similar outbreaks in Britain, France and China, the CWI has always made clear it does not believe rioting, while understandable as a reaction to desperate social conditions, offers any way forward for mass struggle against capitalism, unemployment and poverty. We stand for organisation – workers’ parties and fighting unions – and disciplined collective methods of mass struggles, such as workers’ strikes and occupations linked to building a socialist alternative.

Ta Kung Pao’s take on the Brazilian mass protests of 2013, currently being reprised during the World Cup, is even more fantastic! Stating that 300,000 people took part in protests against fare increases, it says the police used repression against “criminal organisations” and that “many of those arrested were members of the CWI section, LSR.”


The article rails against Trotskyism which it describes in quasi-Maoist language as an “ultra left, violent” political trend: “Many countries regard them as extremist organisations second only to terrorism”. It attacks the theory of permanent revolution, which it converts into a doctrine of ‘permanent rioting’. In reality, the permanent revolution is Leon Trotsky’s brilliant conception of how the capitalists in colonial and semi-colonial countries are incapable of completing bourgeois democratic tasks, achieving national unification or solving other problems left over from feudal society. Hong Kong, China and many other parts of Asia are living proof of the correctness of Trotsky’s theory, which explains why workers need to organise a mass socialist alternative and not leave the struggle against dictatorship or foreign imperialist domination to any wing of the capitalists.

Ta Kung Pao’s article is part of a wider CCP propaganda offensive to discredit the most radical sections of the democracy struggle. The aim is to link ‘Long Hair’ with the CWI and tar both with the brush of ‘violence’ and ‘political extremism’. Among the more outrageous accusations, it claims that Socialist Action cooperates with Civic Passion, a right-wing ‘nativist’ (Hong Kong nationalist) group which conducts a vicious smear campaign against Socialist Action. In contrast, while representing different political organisations and programmes, Socialist Action and ‘Long Hair’ have cooperated in many struggles for workers’ rights and against the Chinese dictatorship.

Sharpening democracy struggle

The CCP‘s propaganda offensive is linked to the more charged political situation in Hong Kong and China. It is clearer than ever that Beijing has no intention of allowing free elections (universal suffrage) in Hong Kong in 2017 as people were once led to believe (but as CWI comrades warned would not be the case). Instead a rehash of the current ‘controlled’ election model is being served up, causing widespread anger. Last week, China’s state council (cabinet) unveiled a white paper on Hong Kong that spells out that the territory’s “high autonomy is not full autonomy”. This document, unprecedented since the 1997 handover (from Britain), is widely seen as the Chinese regime putting its foot down over demands for greater democracy. Its publication follows a string of warnings by pro-government politicians that martial law could be imposed in Hong Kong and PLA troops deployed to quell protests.

At the same time, the bourgeois democratic opposition parties (pan democrats) have enormously complicated the democracy struggle through their desire to avoid and limit mass struggle and pin all their hopes on a compromise with the CCP. The accusations of violence from the establishment camp and newspapers like Ta Kung Pao are a deliberate attempt to slander the most radical sections of the democracy struggle, such as ‘Long Hair’, and to increase pressure on the dominant ‘moderate’ wing of the pan democrats to dissociate themselves from ‘extreme’ methods.

The latter shamefully condemned ‘Long Hair’ – tabling a motion against him in the legislature – when he was arrested and subsequently charged for ‘criminal damage’ and ‘disorderly conduct’ during a 2011 protest. This was against a sham government-run consultation process over tightening by-election rules, used as a cover for further attacks on democratic rights. ‘Long Hair’ received a two-month prison sentence (which would have resulted in the loss of his elected seat in the legislature), subsequently reduced to four weeks on appeal. It is this sentence for a fictitious ‘crime’ that he is currently serving.

Socialists fight back!

Ta Kung Pao’s attack is, for all its venom, a twisted recognition of the impact Socialist Action/CWI is having and the Chinese dictatorship’s fear of socialist ideas. The article mentions the 2011 District Council election campaign when Socialist Action ran Sally Tang Mei-Ching as a candidate, and even mentions that she went to Taiwan on Socialist Action/CWI’s behalf during the mass ‘sunflower’ protest movement earlier this year.
It refers to Socialist Action’s call for the Occupy Central movement (a plan to occupy streets in the main business district, led by ‘moderate’ pan democrats) to embrace a more fighting programme and approach including the need for strike action as a key weapon in the anti-CCP struggle, beginning with a call for student strikes. Ta Kung Pao, of course, distorts this, wishing to equate strikes with ‘violence’ and ‘extremism’ – which is how the dictatorship and the capitalists actually view workers’ use of the strike weapon today.

Reporting Socialist Action’s support for the Refugee Union’s campaigns in Hong Kong, it claims this is to “use refugees as hatchet men” in order to prepare and radicalise the Occupy Central movement. The refugees, whose 120-day occupation and protest camp against discrimination and corruption has been a model of discipline and restraint, are portrayed as criminals that fit in with Socialist Action’s alleged plan because they “do not fear prison”. As with its accusations about the rioting overseas, Ta Kung Pao does not produce a single fact to back up its accusations. An additional aim is to link ‘Long Hair’ with “foreign forces” in the shape of the CWI and the Refugee Union. This plays to a pet theme of CCP propaganda today, promoting chauvinistic Chinese nationalism and an alleged overseas conspiracy to ‘split’ China. The article stresses that Socialist Action has “foreign” members and links to “foreign organisations” – something that would be outlawed if pro-CCP security legislation known as ‘Article 23’ is passed in Hong Kong. This legislation has been held up for 10 years by mass pressure, but has not been abandoned by the pro-government camp.

While Ta Kung Pao is highly discredited in Hong Kong as a newspaper kept afloat by CCP money, there’s no escaping the implicit threat in its attack on the comrades of the CWI. Hong Kong and China are moving into stormy times and the dictatorship is identifying and vilifying its political enemies. Rather than being intimidated, however, socialists will be even more determined to fight for genuine democracy, including a democratic and publicly owned media, and to build mass organisations of the working class and the youth, to finish off capitalism and dictatorship!

Socialist Action, fighting with Leung Kwok-hung against
the state-capitalist CCP!

2 trillion dollars and 4.000 death soldiers later

More then 2 trillion dollars were spend on the Iraq War and more then 4.000 American soldiers have been killed. The Republic of Iraq is collapsing, the second largest city of the nation is captured by radical extremists of the ISIL ( Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ). On 4 June, Islamic forces attacked the city of Mosul. After six days of fighting with police and security forces, the extremists were able to capture the city. More then 500.000 Iraqis fled to the Kurdish Autonomous Region, the only part of Iraq that has been stable since the 2003 invasion. After spending 2 billion dollars and losing 4.000+ soldiers, the American project to bring democracy and stability to Iraq can be called: ONE BIG FAILURE!!

Only 139 American soldiers died during the invasion, but more then 4.000 would die between March 2003 and December 2011, in what became known as the Iraq War. American imperialists believed they could install a puppet government, that would mask itself as democratic. In reality the government of Iraq has been very unstable and even moderate Islamic. This is said in the almighty ''democratic'' constitution which proclaimed Iraq to a nation governed by the laws of Islam. Since 2006, the leader of the nation is Nouri al-Maliki. He is leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Shia-Islamic and pro-capitalist!

Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was a presidential republic. However the new state after 2003, became a parliamentary republic. Nouri al-Maliki was the first stable prime minister to take office. During the period between the collapse of Saddam's government and the birth of the new pro-USA puppet government, Iraq had more then 12 prime ministers. All were replaced sooner or later. When Al-Maliki became prime minister he made sure he would become the strong man of the government. But he failed in this, Al-Maliki was unable to stop the sectarian violence between Sunni-Muslims and Shia-Muslims. As a Shia-Muslim he stood in opposition to Saddam Hussein who was a Sunni-Muslim. He worked with the USA to overthrow the Iraqi Ba'ath regime in 2003!

The party of al-Maliki is Shia-Islamic and is supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is why Sunni-Islamic extremists like the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL ), oppose the Al-Maliki government. They use sectarian methods to split the Islamic population of Iraq, between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Although the Republic of Iraq is not a pure Islamic state like Iran, they do get financial support from Tehran. The State of Law Coalition is the ruling coalition around Shia-Islamic parties, Al-Maliki's Islamic Dawa Party is the biggest party in the parliament!

Still Iraq is no democracy, the nation is called NOT FREE by Freedom House, an American group that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights. They say that Al-Maliki is ruling like a dictator and is using the state and the police forces against those who oppose him, mainly Sunni-Muslims. Now in June 2014, Sunni-Islamic extremists from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ( Syria ), have started their offensive in north Iraq. The ISIL group has been founded in 2006, by radical Sunni-Muslims who want to create a Islamic Caliphate in Iraq. At the height of the Iraq War, it claimed a significant presence in the Iraqi provinces of Al Anbar, Ninawa, Kirkuk, and most of Salah ad Din, and parts of Babil, Diyala, and Baghdad. It claimed Baqubah as its capital. In the ongoing Syrian Civil War, the group has a large presence in the Syrian regions of Ar-Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo!

In Syria, the ISIL extremists are also in conflict with Sunni-Islamic forces. As sectarianism is not limited to Sunni and Shia Islam, the ISIL and other Syrian Islamic rebels have clashed over many issues. ISIL extremists are theocratic and want to build a Islamic Caliphate in both Syria and Iraq. The rise of the ISIL has strengthen the secular Syrian Ba'ath regime of dictator Bashar Al-Assad. With the Syrian Opposition now dominated by Islamic forces, he plays the role of the lesser evil. Syrians fear the cruelty and theocracy of the ISIL, this is why many have rejoined the Ba'ath camp. This also shows what happens if there is no mass organisation of the working class to lead a revolution. Many opponents of Bashar Al-Assad have joined the Islamic side, because they have weapons and money. This money is paid by Saudi-Arabia and other Arab monarchs. Sunni-Islamic forces are almost all on the payroll of the Saudi monarchy!

George W Bush believed in March 2003, that he could bring democracy to Iraq. The results of his invasion were catastrophic. Iraq is plagued with corruption, sectarian conflicts and capitalist exploitation. In all senses the Republic of Iraq is a failed state much like the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, another American created pseudo-democracy. Western people think they can export democracy, secularism and tolerance. But imperialist nations never want genuine democracy. The USA invaded Iraq because of oil and because Saddam Hussein had outlived his usefulness. Iraq was also needed as a buffer state between Iran and Israel, the biggest ally of American imperialism in the Middle East!

The city of Mosul was the battleground between Iraqi security forces and ISIL extremists. In June 2014, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant started a major offensive in the northern provinces. Mosul was home to many officers and generals from Saddam Hussein's era and is also very close to the Kurdish Autonomous Region, called Iraqi Kurdistan. After the invasion by western forces, many sectarian conflicts started in Mosul. By 2009 more then 2.500 Kurdish Iraqis were murdered. More then 40 families were displaced in those six years after the American take over!

On 4 June 2014, ISIL extremists captured the city. Iraqi police and security forces fled, leaving behind many materials such as money, weapons and ammunitions. The city looks like Saigon in April 1975, when North Vietnamese forces took over. Now Mosul is under control of the radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Already 500.000 Iraqis have left the city and fled to the Kurdish Autonomous Region. Still 1.300.000 people have remained in Mosul and are now facing the brutality of the ISIL extremists. We revolutionary socialists have no illusions, we know the Sunni-Islamic extremists will enforce a strict theocratic regime. Woman will be second class citizens and under full male chauvinist control. There will be no freedom of speech and no freedom of religion. Shia-Muslims will be hunted and murdered as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ( Syria ) is Sunni-Islamic and deeply sectarian!

American forces left Iraq in December 2011 under Barack Obama, after losing 4.000+ soldiers. Iraq lost 18.000 army, police and security officers between 2003 and 2011. Civilian loss is at 110.000 Iraqi's, who died in the conflicts. Now the government has lost the city of Mosul to ISIL extremists. Thanks to American stupidity, Operation Iraqi Freedom resulted in IRAQI NO FREEDOM. The Republic of Iraq is no democracy and not a free nation. Only one winner came out of the war. American capitalists are finally able to get to Iraqi oil. Saddam Hussein prevented this, but since 2003 the oil fields are under control of western oil companies: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Revolutionary socialists call for the creation of a massive workers party, that rejects sectarianism, Islamic dogmatism and capitalism. The Islamic Dawa Party and their Shia-Islamic allies do not care about workers, poor people and the youth. They serve American and Iraqi capitalism. Workers must remove them from power by a socialist revolution. They have nothing to lose, they have a world to win!

The results of George W Bush's ( and Obama's ), Iraq War 2003-2011

Brazilian politics, corrupt and capitalist

Brazil is a very unequal nation, with 10% owning more then 42,7% of the nation's income, while the poorest 34% receive less than 1.2%. This is the results of capitalism which is supported by most political parties. Even the Communist Party of Brazil accepts capitalism, because they joined up with the PT coalition around Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Before Lula took office in 2004, more then 18,57% of all Brazilians lived in massive poverty. Thanks to the social democratic programs of the government, this number was reduced to 13%.  Still massive poverty is a huge issue and the government led by the Workers Party has not been able to end it. We revolutionary socialists say this is because Lula and his successor Dilma Vana Rousseff, have not led a movement to genuine democratic socialism. Worse, president Rousseff has an ambiguous position on issues that involve privatizations. She is favorable to big business and has good working relations with the 1% of Brazil . Additionally she favored the privatization of airports in order to prepare Brazil's infra-structure for the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

Political parties in Brazil look very much like the Portuguese political parties. In Portugal you have the Socialist Party ( PS ) and the Social-Democratic Party ( PSD ), now you would think that the PS and the PSD are leftist, but this is not the case. The Social-Democratic Party in Portugal is in fact a liberal conservative party and the PS is a pro-capitalist social democratic one. Politics in Brazil mirror this in a way. Brazil has the Workers Party ( PT ) and the Brazilian Social Democratic Party ( PSDB ), yet both parties are not genuine leftists. The PT was founded as the party of the working class in 1980, but moved to the right-wing after Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva became president!

In his younger years Lula was a trade union activist and a fighter for workers. But after he became president the PT and Lula betrayed the workers as he never destroyed capitalism. Still Lula was a very popular president, despite the fact that he never introduced socialism. Like Hugo Chavez, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was a classic social democrat, who started massive social programs to help the poor. This made him very popular and gave him the support to win the 2006 elections. The Brazilian Social Democratic Party is a capitalist party. President Cardoso ( 1995-2003 ) was a PSDB politician and privatized many large public companies, such as Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD) and the national telecommunication system!

Because Lula and Rousseff betrayed their socialist ideology, many workers feel betrayed. The Workers Party also made sure that their own politicians would be expelled if they reject the capitalist road of the Lula. This is how Heloísa Helena, Luciana Genro, Babá and João Fontes were expelled after they voted against the pension reform proposed by Lula. These expelled politicians created the Socialism and Freedom Party ( PSOL). Although this party is more socialist then the PT, revolutionary socialists fear that its current leadership is deeply reformist. A fragile majority of the PSOL leadership approved a policy of reaching out to parties involved in the coalition of the govermment like the Workers Party and the Communist Party of Brazil. By working with some of these parties. the PSOL is working with the same groups who run the coalition government around president Dilma Vana Rousseff!

There is a battle inside the PSOL between a right-wing group ( reformists ) who wants to work with the parties supporting Dilma Vana Rousseff and the left-wing, ( made up of revolutionary socialists ) who reject working with the parties that support the capitalist government. A broad alliance of sections of PSOL which are against this policy of alliances with pro-capitalist parties could be victorious in the coming party congress. Revolutionary socialists of Liberty, Socialism, Revolution  ( LSR ) struggle inside the PSOL against the reformist right-wing, their goal is to create a mass workers party that wins the support of workers and poor people, much like the PT used to be before its betrayal!

Now the FIFA World Cup is held in Brazil. On 15 May 2014, many Brazilians took to the street. They demonstrated against the money spend on the FIFA World Cup. While many workers struggle, the previous government of Lula already spend 3 billion euro ( 4 billion dollars ) on building new FIFA football stadiums. While 13% of all people live in massive poverty, Lula choose to spend money on the capitalist project called FIFA. This organisation leads the world football competition. Its leader is 
Joseph Blatter, a Swiss guy who has been called corrupt. Still because of his high position and his friends ( big capitalists ) Blatter has always been able to save himself from harm. Still the FIFA is a pure capitalistic group who works very close with big money!

This is why so many workers and poor are angry. They see how the government chooses to spend money on this FIFA show, but not on those who need help. Now at the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, a majority of Brazilians saying the FIFA event will bring more harm than good to them. Revolutionary socialists agree, the FIFA organisation is corrupt and pure-capitalistic. In the end, footbal is not about a fair game, it is all about money and nationalist bullshit. Some poor Brazilians hope their own team loses the first match. So much anger has been created because of the deep inequality and the betrayal of Lula and his successor; Rousseff!

In her youth, Dilma Vana Rousseff was a Marxist revolutionary. She was born in a upper middle class home in 1947. Rousseff joined the leftist guerrilla's after Brazil became a pro-USA military dictatorship in 1964. The young Dilma was captured by the Brazilian military and tortured in jail. After the collapse of the military government, she helped founding the Democratic Labour Party in Rio Grande do Sul and remained a member for 21 years, until she joined Lula's PT in 2000. She abandoned Marxism for ''pragmatic'' capitalism, but remains proud of her past as revolutionary. How ironic that a class traitor like Dilma Vana Rousseff can still be proud of herself fighting first for Marxist socialism and then abandoning it!

The struggle against capitalism and the traitorous government of Dilma Rousseff, is what all genuine socialists must support. Reformists have tried to downplay the betrayal by saying that massive poverty was reduced under Lula and that the people love the PT. This is true, but only because many are still believing in a illusion, the illusion that the Workers Party is their party. We also see this in Europe, were many workers still vote on right-wing social democrats, only because they used to be leftist in the past. Revolutionary socialists call for a mass workers party to replaced the PT and all pseudo-leftist parties who support the government. Many political parties in Brazil try to portray themselves are leftist. They use the words; ''socialist'' and ''social'' in many party names. In reality most are pro-capitalist, supporting the markets over the people!

Revolutionary socialists of Liberty, Socialism, Revolution work inside the PSOL as a revolutionary faction, fighting for a mass workers party on a socialist program. I
f the PSOL can become a workers party, it will be able to win over the minds of millions, as the PT did 20 years ago. Brazilians need socialism, because millions live in poverty while the bourgeoisie enjoys the wealth and luxury. With the support of Dilma Vana Rousseff, they get richer and richer. Capitalism is undemocratic and unfair, it must be replaced by socialism. But this can only happen if the working class of Brazil understand that the PT is no longer their party!

Class traitor Dilma Vana Rousseff with the corrupt FIFA boss Joseph Blatter

Representatives of Dutch capitalism furious

Bernhard Wientjes is the leader of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers or VNO-NCV. He is the face of Dutch capitalism, as he is the representative the Dutch employers who own the businesses in the Netherlands. Wientjes is a right-wing guy, like all pro-capitalists he opposes social spending and wants the Netherlands to embrace the dictatorship of greed and the exploration of the weak. For him the market is God, competition is King. Together with Michaël van Straalen, he opposes a report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy, about income inequality in the Netherlands. Both leaders of the VNO-NCW say the report is wrong about everything, because it blames the employers and their capitalist greed for the rise in income inequality!

The report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy says that since 1990, there is a huge difference between the top 1% and the 99%. The top 1% are made up of 1300 super rich Dutch, who own more 111 billion euro's ( 151 billion dollars ). The Netherlands is forced to cut spending by the European bureaucracy in Brussels, while these rich 1300 Dutch own more money then is needed to balance the budget. Wientjes and Van Straalen attack the report on this fact. They say that the top 10% of the highest earners only own 30% of all money. This is true, but it hides the fact the you do not need a high income to own lot of money. The top 1300 rich Dutch do not need an income, because they already own 111 billion euro's!

Bernhard Wientjes and Michaël van Straalen do not want a discussion about income inequality and the fact that big business owners have seen their incomes rise by 400% since 1990. The 1% of our world economy have enriched themselves, while workers wages have stagnated or have fallen. Just look at Greece and Spain. Most wages in Greece have fallen as the right-wing government started with austerity plans to cut social spending and freeze pensions. In the Netherlands, VNO-NCW tries to downplay the increase in income inequality!

What is interesting is the fact that Michaël van Straalen supports Bernhard Wientjes criticism. Van Straalen is the representative of small business owners, people who would benefit from the report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy. That Van Straalen refuses to see this, shows how many entrepreneurs are brainwashed by the propaganda of the big capitalists. How Bernhard Wientjes is the big boss of all capitalist bosses both big and small!

The representatives of capitalism do not like reports that tell the true. They want people to remain supportive of the capitalist system and the private ownership of the means of production. Again, the top 1% in the Netherlands have seen a increase in both salary and wealth. Their pay-check rose with 400% since 1990 and together 1300 Dutch own 111 billion euro's in wealth. Revolutionary socialists call for the expropriation of these rich individuals. First we must return to the pre-1990 tax rates. Nobody ever complained that the super rich who own more then 30 million euro's, should pay a higher tax rate. But conservatives, liberals and social democrats reduced taxes for the rich in the 1990's. This gave these 1300 Dutch more money and more wealth, as their income tax was also reduced from 71% to 61% in 1990 and finally to 51% in 2001!

To combat poverty and income inequality, the report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy says that raising the minimum wage and putting limits on high salaries, would be a good start. This is why Bernhard Wientjes is furious, raising the minimum wage would mean that his big capitalists would have to pay more money. At this moment the minimum wage before taxes in the Netherlands is 1.400 euros a month, for a 40 hour work-week. After income taxes workers keep 1.100 euros ( 1.500 dollars ) to pay for rising food prices, higher rents and other basic needs. It comes to no surprise that most poor Dutch earn minimum-wage or less. The average wage in the Netherlands is 2.100 euros a month for a good skilled worker. But at least 1,3 million Dutch are forced to live on the minimum wage. In this group we find; elderly with a low pension, disabled people, students and unskilled workers!

VNO-NCW represents both the big business owners as well as small business owners. Wientjes is the face of the big bosses, while Michaël van Straalen represents the small and medium businesses, who provide the most jobs in the Netherlands. Yet Van Straalen seems to support the big bosses fully, although many small business owners also face hard times. Revolutionary socialists call upon workers to reject the lies of VNO-NCW. Dutch workers lack a party for themselves and have no class conciousness. This is also the result of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions ( FNV ) who would rather make ( bad ) deals with the VNO-NCW, then fighting for workers rights and genuine socialism!

Bernhard Wientjes, leader of the 
Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers 

Tiananmen Square, 25 years later

On 04-06-1989, the workers and students demonstration on Tiananmen Square in the ''People's'' Republic of China, was brutally crushed by soldiers and tanks of the ''People's Liberation'' Army. Workers and students united to oppose the capitalistic reforms, which started after Deng got political power in 1978. He started with the Free Economic Zones in which foreign capitalists were allowed to use Chinese workers at very low wages. These zones were very successfully and China started to grow. But workers were not happy with the turn to the right-wing by the Chinese ''Communist'' Party. Students were inspired by the social movements in Eastern Europe, who started to rebel against the Stalinist governments. The goals of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations were: Social equality, a communist party without corruption, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, genuine socialism and democracy. Never did the workers and students demanded a capitalist society!!

The current government of the ''People's'' Republic of China, tries to silence all people who dare to remember the bloody crack down. The official number of deaths is between 200 and 300. But the actual death number is far higher. We revolutionary socialists think that over 1.000 people were murdered by soldiers and tanks of the ''People's Liberation'' Army. The Tiananmen Square demonstrations ended in blood and death. The ruling caste of the Chinese ''Communist'' Party decided to halt some market reforms, but rolled back the political reforms. The party tightened their control over the Chinese media, forbidding them to speak about the 1989 demonstrations on Tiananmen Square. Even today the media in the PRC does not speak about the 25 year anniversary of this brave moment in Chinese history!

Deng Xiaoping is the traitor who caused the bloody crackdown. He was a reformist Maoist, a supporter of a ''socialist market economy'', a economy based on the dominance of the state-owned sector and an open-market economy. Deng worked close with Hu Yaobang who was General Secretary of the party between 1982 and 1989. While Deng never held office as the head of state, head of government or General Secretary of the CCP, he nonetheless was the "paramount leader" of the nation from 1978 to 1992. As the core of the second generation leaders, Deng Xiaoping shared his power with several powerful leaders like Hu Yaobang!

As world stalinism started to collapse, Hu Yaobang wanted to enforce political reforms. Reforms that threaten the ruling caste of the party. Like most communist parties, all power was centralized in a tiny group known as the Politburo. Many members of this ruling body were old men by 1989. The workers and students wanted these old men gone, as their nepotism and corruption was destroying China. Hu Yaobang was removed as General Secretary of the CCP by the conservative party leaders, who opposed Hu's ideals of free speech and political freedom. He died on 11 April 1989, after a hearth attack!

Many workers and students blamed Deng Xiaoping for removing Hu from the position of General Secretary. On 22 April, more then 50.000 Chinese marched to Tiananmen Square to participate in Hu's memorial service and to protest against the conservatives who removed Hu from his position. Soon the protesters grew each day. What started as a demonstration of 50.000, turned into massive protests in over 400 Chinese cities. When Soviet leader Gorbachev visited China on 16 May, the workers and students remained in Tiananmen Square. The government of the PRC told Gorbachev that the Chinese ''Communist'' Party was still in control of the nation!

More Chinese started to join the protests against the communist party. Workers sang; The Internationale and demanded genuine socialism. Students build a statue of the Greek Goddess of Democracy, which became a symbol of the 1989; Tiananmen Square demonstration. On 20 May, the government declared martial law and ordered 250.000 troops from the ''People's Liberation'' Army into the capital. Like most Stalinist governments who are faced with a popular uprising, the ruling bureaucrats called the protesters ''counter-revolutionary''. This is a tactic used by many stalinists, who think they are the only genuine revolutionary vanguard of workers. In China however the working class turned against the ''vanguard'' party and demanded political freedom and democratic socialism. Deng Xiaoping could not tolerant this, because that would mean abandoning his hold on absolute power, which he and his party bureaucrats enjoyed for 40 years!

On the night between 3 and 4 June 1989, Deng Xiaoping and three members of the party politburo prepared to clear the square. PLA units advanced on Beijing from every cardinal direction. The 38th, 63rd and 28th Armies from the west, 15th Airborne Corps, 20th, 26th and 54th Armies from the south, the 39th Army and the 1st Armoured Division from the east and the 40th and 64th Armies from the north. The plan of Xiaoping was clear, removing the workers and students from the square with brutal force!

At 10.00 am, the PLA attacked the protesters, who became very angry and started to fight back. The government claimed the soldiers acted in self-defence when they opened fire. In reality the people only became mad when the soldiers attacked them. Around 12.00 am, armoured vehicles entered Tiananmen Square, were still 60.000 demonstrators remained. The workers and students threw chunks of cement at the vehicles. One vehicle stalled, perhaps by metal poles jammed into its wheels and the demonstrators covered it with gasoline which were set on fire. The intense heat forced out the three occupants, who were swarmed by demonstrators. Armoured vehicles had reportedly run over tents and many in the crowd wanted to beat the soldiers for this!

The people fought back, but were facing a massive army who used lethal force to clear the square. At the Monument for People's Hero's, the last thousand demonstrators were circled in. Soldiers opened fire with their Type-56 machine guns and fired over their heads. Students used megaphones and told the soldiers: "We entreat you in peace, for democracy and freedom of the motherland, for strength and prosperity of the Chinese nation, please comply with the will of the people and refrain from using force against peaceful student demonstrators''. But the soldiers did not stopped and many innocent students were killed. Soon the statue of the Goddess of Democracy was destroyed by the tanks of the People's ''Liquidation'' Army!

On 5 June, the demonstration was immortalized when a western journalist made a picture of a column of Type 59 battle tanks, moving into the square. They were rolling towards the city centre, when suddenly a man stood in front of them. The tanks tried to turn, but every time the man moved in their path. For a few moments, this unknown Chinese stood in front of four Type 59 battle tanks, hindering them from entering Tiananmen Square. Until this day we don't know who this ''Tank Man'' was. Some say he was captured by the secret police, others think he was killed during the assault on the square. Still the picture of ''Tank Man'' became the symbol of a Chinese hero who stood against the might of the PLA and was able to stop the tanks for a few moments!

The western world reacted with a arms embargo against China. But would not stop their capitalists from exploiting Chinese workers. Because in the 1990's, China would open up more to foreign business, creating huge profits for these enterprises. By 2014, most plastic products are Made in China. After the bloody crackdown, the government of India told its media to keep their criticism to a minimum. As they preferred not to anger the Chinese government. Again human rights came second to trading rights. India was also on the road toward laissez-faire capitalism by 1989, much like China!

Stalinist nations like Cuba, Czechoslovakia and East Germany supported the crushing of the demonstrators. East German leader; Erich Honecker called them a ''counter-revolutionary'' force. Fidel Castro also supported the killing of workers and students, who demanded; social equality, a communist party without corruption, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, genuine socialism and a democracy!

After the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, the Chinese government retook control over the media and limited more freedoms. The demonstrations also proofed that the government lacked anti-riot police forces, as the People's ''Liquidation'' Army was the only force capable of braking the lines. The People's Armed Police was strengthen to crush urban workers, we saw this during the latests strikes. Police officers work with the local bosses of capitalist enterprises and use brutal force in braking strikes. They invade striking businesses and use intimidation and violence against those who strike for better wages and fair treatment!

There are many books and movies censored in China which are about the 1989 demonstrators. Among the works banned are:

  • Political Struggles in China's Reform Era by Yang Jisheng, for featuring secret interviews with Zhao Ziyang and rejecting the Chinese government's position on the protests.
  • Summer Palace was banned in 2006, ostensibly because it was screened without permission, but likely also because of its mention of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
  • Forbidden City was banned in 2006.
  • Collection of June Fourth Poems, a collection of poems about the protests.
  • Writings or interviews with Zhao Ziyang or Bao Tong are banned. As such, Conversations with Zhao Ziyang in House Arrest by Zong Fengmin was not published due to government pressure. However, Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal of Premier Zhao Ziyang was published outside of China in May 2009 after audio tapes were smuggled out of China.
Revolutionary socialists have never supported the deformed workers state that was China before Deng Xiaoping. Sure we supported the concept of a planned economy, but we rejected the single party state and Chinese ''Communist'' Party, who still rules China. The reason Deng choose for capitalism is because he was never a genuine communist. He wanted China to become rich and wealthy, so he sold his people to foreign capitalists. There is no greater betrayal then selling your own workers to capitalists. Western imperialists praise Deng for ending poverty for millions. Yet many Chinese still believe that under Mao Zedong the life was better. Sure the reject the revolutionary dogma's of the Cultural Revoltuion, but they want their social security back. The free healthcare and free education, all abolished under Deng Xiaoping!

Little Deng died in 1997, age 92. Officially, Deng was eulogized as a "great Marxist, great Proletarian Revolutionary, statesman, military strategist, and diplomat; one of the main leaders of the Communist Party of China, the People's Liberation Army of China, and the People's Republic of China; The great architect of China's socialist opening-up and modernized construction; the founder of Deng Xiaoping Theory'' 

Pure bullshit. Deng Xiaoping was a reformist Maoist until 1978 and then a supporter of state-capitalism until his death in 1997. He transformed China from a backward deformed workers state, into a nationalist state-capitalist republic. Under Deng Xiaoping, money became the new god and many young Chinese embraced the cult of greed and the exploitation of the weak. This is the true legacy of Deng and this is why we revolutionary socialists call for a second Tiananmen Square. To end the single party state and the dictatorship of capitalism. Workers of China have shown that they can unite, they only need a party that stands for their interests!

Red banners at Tiananmen Square, June 1989. Workers and 
students wanted genuine socialism!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism