Representatives of Dutch capitalism furious

Bernhard Wientjes is the leader of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers or VNO-NCV. He is the face of Dutch capitalism, as he is the representative the Dutch employers who own the businesses in the Netherlands. Wientjes is a right-wing guy, like all pro-capitalists he opposes social spending and wants the Netherlands to embrace the dictatorship of greed and the exploration of the weak. For him the market is God, competition is King. Together with Michaël van Straalen, he opposes a report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy, about income inequality in the Netherlands. Both leaders of the VNO-NCW say the report is wrong about everything, because it blames the employers and their capitalist greed for the rise in income inequality!

The report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy says that since 1990, there is a huge difference between the top 1% and the 99%. The top 1% are made up of 1300 super rich Dutch, who own more 111 billion euro's ( 151 billion dollars ). The Netherlands is forced to cut spending by the European bureaucracy in Brussels, while these rich 1300 Dutch own more money then is needed to balance the budget. Wientjes and Van Straalen attack the report on this fact. They say that the top 10% of the highest earners only own 30% of all money. This is true, but it hides the fact the you do not need a high income to own lot of money. The top 1300 rich Dutch do not need an income, because they already own 111 billion euro's!

Bernhard Wientjes and Michaël van Straalen do not want a discussion about income inequality and the fact that big business owners have seen their incomes rise by 400% since 1990. The 1% of our world economy have enriched themselves, while workers wages have stagnated or have fallen. Just look at Greece and Spain. Most wages in Greece have fallen as the right-wing government started with austerity plans to cut social spending and freeze pensions. In the Netherlands, VNO-NCW tries to downplay the increase in income inequality!

What is interesting is the fact that Michaël van Straalen supports Bernhard Wientjes criticism. Van Straalen is the representative of small business owners, people who would benefit from the report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy. That Van Straalen refuses to see this, shows how many entrepreneurs are brainwashed by the propaganda of the big capitalists. How Bernhard Wientjes is the big boss of all capitalist bosses both big and small!

The representatives of capitalism do not like reports that tell the true. They want people to remain supportive of the capitalist system and the private ownership of the means of production. Again, the top 1% in the Netherlands have seen a increase in both salary and wealth. Their pay-check rose with 400% since 1990 and together 1300 Dutch own 111 billion euro's in wealth. Revolutionary socialists call for the expropriation of these rich individuals. First we must return to the pre-1990 tax rates. Nobody ever complained that the super rich who own more then 30 million euro's, should pay a higher tax rate. But conservatives, liberals and social democrats reduced taxes for the rich in the 1990's. This gave these 1300 Dutch more money and more wealth, as their income tax was also reduced from 71% to 61% in 1990 and finally to 51% in 2001!

To combat poverty and income inequality, the report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy says that raising the minimum wage and putting limits on high salaries, would be a good start. This is why Bernhard Wientjes is furious, raising the minimum wage would mean that his big capitalists would have to pay more money. At this moment the minimum wage before taxes in the Netherlands is 1.400 euros a month, for a 40 hour work-week. After income taxes workers keep 1.100 euros ( 1.500 dollars ) to pay for rising food prices, higher rents and other basic needs. It comes to no surprise that most poor Dutch earn minimum-wage or less. The average wage in the Netherlands is 2.100 euros a month for a good skilled worker. But at least 1,3 million Dutch are forced to live on the minimum wage. In this group we find; elderly with a low pension, disabled people, students and unskilled workers!

VNO-NCW represents both the big business owners as well as small business owners. Wientjes is the face of the big bosses, while Michaël van Straalen represents the small and medium businesses, who provide the most jobs in the Netherlands. Yet Van Straalen seems to support the big bosses fully, although many small business owners also face hard times. Revolutionary socialists call upon workers to reject the lies of VNO-NCW. Dutch workers lack a party for themselves and have no class conciousness. This is also the result of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions ( FNV ) who would rather make ( bad ) deals with the VNO-NCW, then fighting for workers rights and genuine socialism!

Bernhard Wientjes, leader of the 
Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism