China needs a new communist party

China is not communist, not socialist and will never be a workers paradise. The Chinese Communist Party has betrayed not only Marxism, but also its own Maoist ideology. The current CCP is far away from the communist party it was between 1921-1927. The first party was a proletarian party, a party that wanted to start a workers revolution in China. The second CCP was the maoist party, this party emerged after the White Terror killed 2/3 of the original CCP. The last party was founded after Mao Zedong's death in 1976. Deng Xiaoping turned the CCP away from Maoism and into state-capitalism! 

The People's Republic of China is a global world power. Thanks to state-capitalism, China has grow into a economical power. But only 120 million Chinese enjoy the wealth of capitalist China. 800 million remain poor and their living standard is not higher then that of average Asian workers. The ruling capitalist class needs the Chinese ''Communist'' Party, because the party is the ruling force. Unlike America and Europe, the Chinese state is not a fully capitalist state. The People's Republic of China keeps a tight grip on the economy and does not allow capitalists all the freedom they have in the west!

But that does not mean that the nation has a social market economy like Europe had in the past. The Chinese economy is state capitalist not social capitalist. Workers are slaves to the state or to capitalists. The state works on the same line as the capitalists do. They exploit the working class and take all the wealth for themselves. The social programs that were build in maoist China were removed after 1978. Deng Xiaoping is the man who introduced the harsh state-capitalist ideology. He made China powerful and wealthy, but at a  huge cost. The environment suffers from poison spread by factories, in Beijing there are smoke clouds who reach the streets easily! 

Chinese healthcare was one of the worst in 1949. The average life time was 35 years. This was the result of the corrupt right-wing rule of Chiang-Kai-Shek, who's Chinese Nationalist Party led the Republic of China. It was Chiang-Kai-Shek who started the White Terror against communists in 1927. He killed 70.000 Chinese workers, 50.000 of them were members of the Chinese Communist Party. Healthcare was nationalized after the fall of Chiang-Kai-Shek and by 1976 the average life time was 68 years. But today the Chinese healthcare is no longer nationalized. It is one of the most commercialized health care systems in the world. Chinese workers must pay a fortune if they want medical care. Doctors are forced to ask huge amount of money, because the state does not intervene in health care anymore. This means that the rich Chinese get better health care then poor Chinese. Those who can pay, get a better life ( classic capitalism ). 

The top leaders of the CCP enjoy a good life. Party leaders like Xi Linping, Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin made sure that they got the best of the best. It started with Zemin who ruled from 1989 till 2003. He was instrumental in building state-capitalism and gave rise to a oligarchy of rich leaders. Although the People's Republic of China is a capitalist nation, the CCP leaders made sure that they were ones in power and not the capitalists. Unlike in America and Europe were politicians dance to the feet of the capitalists. In China it is the exact opposite, there the capitalists must dance to the feet of the Chinese ''Communist'' Party! 

What China needs is a new communist party. A genuine party for workers, youth and poor people. Unfortunate the word; ''communist'' has been poisoned by stalinists, maoists and other scum who betrayed Marxism. That is why we need to explain what genuine communism is. Communism has nothing to to with totalitarianism or dogmatic rule. A communist society can only be a free society, one win out a state and win out classes. This may seems utopia, but 200 year ago they called democracy utopia. That is why we first need socialism. Socialism is the stage between capitalism and communism. Under socialism we can start with the transformation from a economy based on greed, to a economy based on need. 

Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry understood this. He was a humanist and the founder of the Star Trek series. In his future world, humanity has embraced socialism. But only after world war 3 that killed 600 million people. But calling the economy of Star Trek socialist in 1966 would not have sold. No major capitalist television studio would buy a ''socialist'' science-fiction show. So in Star Trek they never talked about socialism, but their economy shows all the signs of socialism ( like a economy based on needs and not on greed ). 

The People's Republic of China became capitalist again, because it was unavoidable. Stalinism leads to capitalist restoration. Leon Trotsky knew this in 1936. He said that the Soviet Union would either collapse into capitalism or the workers would take power again. Unfortunate because of the absence of a genuine communist party, the capitalist forces of Boris Yeltsin were able to conquer the minds of the Soviet people. Capitalist rule has led to poverty and oligarchic rule in Russia and other ex-Soviet republics!

Even in Cuba and North Korea, capitalism is growing. Sooner or later the bureaucrats of the Cuban Communist Party and the Korean Workers Party will re-allow capitalism. Cuba will be the first nation and North Korea will follow sooner or later. That is why genuine communist parties are needed. Ones that are not corrupted by stalinist dogmatism and totalitarianism. The planned economies can only be saved by genuine workers parties led by people who live on a workers wage and who are elected by workers! 

We will see how things go in 2013! 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism