Right-wing communists

They are political conservative, pro-capitalist, anti-homosexual and all patriotic about their nations. No, we don't talk about conservatives, nationalists or fascists, we talk about communists. There are a number of communist parties who's behavior is not at all revolutionary communist. These communist parties are a shame to marxism and internationalism. Their stalinist dogmatism has degenerated them into semi-capitalist parties, most serve in coalitions with liberals or conservatives. In former soviet republics, the remnants of stalinism play a dirty game. Like the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, this party is not only nostalgic about the stalinist era, but also Russian nationalist and a supporter of a capitalist market economy! 

Right-wing communist we can call them. Right-wing because they work in capitalist governments or support capitalist governments. The Communist Party of Ukraine is one example that has degenerated into a right-wing  communist party. In the current Republic of Ukraine, anti-homosexuality is on the rise. The nationalists with aid from the Orthodox Church fuel hate against gay's and all who support the LGBT community. 

Yevhen Tsarkov is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament for the Communist Party of Ukraine. In 2012 he called for the reintroduction of the old stalinist ban on homosexuality. As a stalinist he and his party believe that homosexuality is a sickness. But the CPU is not the only anti-gay party in Ukraine. Most right-wing parties oppose the LGBT community, including powerful conservatives from the Party of Regions ( main conservative, pro-Russian party ). 

The CPU has been in a coalition government with the Party of Regions since 2010, so they share the responsibility of the capitalist attacks on workers living standards. Because the government of Ukraine is far from democratic. After 23 years of ''democracy'' the nation of Ukraine remains very corrupt. There is a hug gap between the new bourgeoisie and the working class. Rich oligarchs own the means of production and have very good contacts with the ruling Party of Regions, the Communist Party of Ukraine and the All Ukrainian Union ''Fatherland'' led by Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk. In a way the politics of Ukraine are controlled by those oligarchs. Because every major party has good connections to the bourgeoisie. From the conservatives of the president, to the neoliberal opposition!

Another political conservative ''communist'' party is the Progressive Party of Working People. This ''communist'' party in Cyprus was able to get one of his members elected as president of Cyrpus. Demetris Christofias was elected president in 2008. He is a member of the PPWP and educated in Moscow. Yet his party did not enforce communist principals. Even Christofias said that he is a proud communist, but no danger to the rule of capitalism. The PPWP entered a coalition government with the liberal conservative; Democratic Rally. But this coalition collapsed in 2011 and the ''communists'' were left with a minority government. Genuine communists should never govern a capitalist state with no majority in the Parliament  But since we talk about right-wing communists, it makes a difference. The PPWP lost the presidential elections of February 2013, to the Democratic Rally!   

Cyprus was hit hard by the economic crisis. The ''communist'' government was told by the European Union to start massive privatizations in order to get billions of euro's. The president of Cyprus was too weak in the eye's of the European capitalist elite. So with massive right-wing propaganda against the PPWP, they were able to scare the population into voting for the pro-EU right-wing of Cyprus. With a loyal president, the  European Union can now enforce its capitalist rule again over Cyprus. Not that the PPWP was any real danger to the rule of greed!  

There are many communist parties who support right-wing governments. Like the Communist Party in Belarus, this party is supporting the autoritiana rule of Alexander Lukashenko. The current Republic of Belarus was founded after the collapse of the Soviet-Union. Right-wing democrats ruled from 1991 till 1994. In only three years they sold the economy to major oligarchs. Poverty rose and uneplomenet was high. Many had soon enough of these anticommunist democrats. So they voted for Alexander Lukashenko during the first presidential election in Belarus. Lukashenko got himself elected and ended the privatizations. This was in direct conflict with the European Union, who demanded rule of money and greed.

The Communist Party of Belarus was founded in 1996 and has always supported Lukashenko. But this is very hypocrite since Lukashenko is a state-capitalist dictator. After he got power Lukashenko started to use the state against his opponents. People who become a danger to his rule are jailed by the KGB, who got many of its old stalinist functions back. Now the KGB of Belarus is working for Alexander Lukashenko. But why is the CPB supporting this man? 

For this answer we must look at how Lukashenko is behaving. For the old stalinists he is a saint, because he opposes western imperialism. Lukashenko also reintroduced the old Soviet flag of Belarus ( minus the communist symbols ) and the old Soviet emblem ( win out the hamer and sickle ). While many Europeans call him a ''communist'' dictator, this is not true. The economy of Belarus is state-capitalist much like Russia. In Belarus the state has a lot to say, but still 47% of all businesses are private owned. Lukashenko is even turning more capitalist and has privatized more businesses in the last 17 years!  

Yet the Communist Party of Belarus remains a strong supporter of the president. Most of them are elderly people who hold on to the ''Soviet Dream''. But the reality is more like a nightmare. Most Belorussian workers earn 400 dollars a month. While food and basic prices in Minsk are as high as any west European capital. The only reason why there is not yet massive poverty is thanks to the state regulation of food and other basic products. Win out these regulations the prices would rise so high, only the bourgeoisie would be able to buy food. This is also why Lukashenko gets support from the communist party. Most elderly people live on products which are heavily regulated by the state. They have seen the horrors of capitalism in Russia and Ukraine. That is why the Communist Party of Belarus is supporting Lukashenko. But for genuine communists this is no justifications. Because the government of Belarus is dictatorial and not socialist at all. It is a state-capitalist dictatorship, that must be destroyed.   

In the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, the communist movement has a lot of support. Unfortunate there are over six communist parties in Nepal. But the biggest are:

- The Unified Communist Party of Nepal ( Maoist ) 

- The Communist Party of Nepal ( Unified Marxist Leninist )

The UCP(M) won 229 seats out of 600 in the Nepalese Constitutional Assembly. That makes the maoists the largest party in the nation. Nepal could have become a socialist republic, but the maoists did not pushed for socialism. Instead they adopted the wrong tactic of capitalism before socialism. They say that capitalism first needed for socialism. So the Federal Republic of Nepal remains capitalist, while the maoist communists share power with reformist communists and social democrats. Three pseudo-leftists in power and still no socialism or even social justice. The right-wing in Nepal is genuine weak, but can grow as soon as there is a strong capitalist class.

Other communists in Nepal are the CPN(UML). This communist party is only marxist leninist in its name. In reality they have govern with the social democratic Nepali Congress party for many years. Even under the Kingdom of Nepal did the CPN(UML) govern. There is very little revolutionary activism in the CPN(UML) that is why most poor peasants have joined up with the maoist UCP(M). But even the maoists betray the poor and the youth. They had the chance of creating socialism in Nepal. But they did not even try to give political power to workers, peasants and young people. Sooner or later the maoists will lose support among the masses. Just like the CPN(UML) did. The social democrats of the Nepali Congress are only loved by the elite of Nepal, so who will benefit when the masses lose their faith in the maoists? 

What Nepal needs is a real workers party. One that will bring genuine socialism. Unfortunate the maoists are very dogmatic and radical. Their Young Communist League is controversial and there are many stories of maoist crimes against people who oppose them. Even members of the reformist; CPN(UML) are attacked by the Young Communist League. The maoists use the anger of many young people, against those who oppose their ''people revolution''. 

In 2013, the communist movement is weak. Weak after the collapse of the USSR and the capitalist reforms in China. This has led to the fact that many communist parties abandoned revolutionary politics for pragmatism and even compromises with the ruling class. The weakness of the communist parties also lies in their inability to see the USSR for what is really was. For many communists the Soviet-Union was a socialist workers state. This was told by their leaders for many years. Accepting that their ideal was false, means capitulation to the bourgeoisie media for them. Many communists did indeed surrendered and accepted the rule of markets and greed. Those who remained loyal to communism ( in the stalinist tradition ) have a lot of difficulties when facing the media and workers, who always ask the same question: ''But what about Russia?'' 

In Ukraine, the communist party works with 
the conservatives of the Party of Region's

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism