The story of Zhang Shujie

While the capitalist media is still calling China a ''communist'' state, we tell you a story that shows how wrong the media is. The People's Republic of China is not a communist state, let alone a workers state. Mainland China is a state-capitalist dictatorship founded by Deng Xiaoping in 1978. Before that date, China was a classic people's republic. The nation had a planned economy and only the state was allowed to own businesses. But the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party had enough of stalinist dogmatism. The years of Mao Zedong had destroyed the Chinese economy. 70 million people had died and the party was chaotic and inefficient. With Xiaoping's victory over Mao's supporters, China opened itself to the world and by 1983, special economic zones allowed foreign capitalists to use Chinese workers!   

Zhang Shujie was born in 1987 and lived in Chongqing. He is of the new generation of Chinese youth who were born in the state-capitalist era. While many young Chinese have embraced state-capitalism, Zhang Shujie choose to oppose it. He started to look on the internet for information about genuine socialism and soon got into contact with members from the Committee for a Workers International. The Chinese CWI is based in Hong-Kong and produces the magazine; SOCIALIST. This magazine is banned in China, because it opposes the rule of the Chinese Communist Party and the single party state!

While the western media loves to tell the stories of liberal democratic Chinese who oppose the dictatorship, they never tell you the story of Chinese revolutionary socialists. Liberal democratic Chinese are pro-capitalist and support a parliamentary democracy. This is what the western media likes, pro-capitalist and pro-democratic Chinese dissidents. But revolutionary socialists who fight the CCP would destroy their picture of a ''dictatorial communist'' China. That is why the western media will not tell you the story of Zhang Shujie!

Until the Arab Revolutions, the secret police of the PRC was targeting liberal democrats and members of the religious Falung Gong group. Liberals and Falung Gong members were seen as the biggest enemies of the Chinese state. There are many stories about famous Chinese liberal dissidents who got jailed for their criticism. But as capitalism grow, so did poverty. Millions of Chinese still live in poverty and nobody stood up for them. Not the liberals and not the official ''communists'' of the party. The only ones who started to protest against the abuse of workers and poor people were revolutionary leftists, from maoists to trotskyists.

In the era of ultra greed and capitalist exploitation, some Chinese choose to return to the works of Mao Zedong. Others searched for more democratic socialist ideals and Zhang Shujie found the CWI and its Chinese magazine; SOCIALIST. But in February 2011, Zhang was told to meet the Chinese secret police. The secret police knew about Zhang work with SOCIALIST and the CWI. They forced him to become a spy for them. Had Zhang refused, they would have jailed him for many years. This is common in China, were dissidents are forced to work for the secret police or spend years in jail!

Zhang Shujie was told to travel to Hong-Kong and to meet his friends in the CWI. The secret police believed that the pro-democracy party, League of Social Democrats was part of the CWI. But this is not true since the LSD is only social democratic in nature and not revolutionary socialist. Zhang however had no intentions of working for the secret police. While in Hong-Kong he told his story to the CWI. With help from the Irish socialists Joe Higgins, Paul Murphy and LSD member Leung Kwok-hung, Zhang was able to escape the eyes of the secret police forces in Hong-Kong! 

After he was able to escape the eyes of the secret police, Zhang boarded a plane toward Sweden in Europe. There he told his story to left-wing members of the Swedish Parliament. Zhang said that the Chinese state has started to hunt down all left-wing opponents of the CCP. Even supporters of Mao Zedong are jailed for opposing the dictatorship. But this is not reported in the media. The western media keeps silent when it comes to revolutionary left-wing dissidents in China. All this because the western world wants to portray China as a ''communist'' state!

The Kingdom of Sweden granted Zhang Shujie political asylum. He now lives in Sweden were he continues to write for SOCIALIST and the website; Even the banning of the SOCIALIST magazine will not stop Chinese revolutionary socialists, from opposing the brutal state-capitalist dictatorship. In Hong-Kong, the CWI has founded the group Socialist Action. This propaganda group is fighting against the pro-Beijing forces in the Special Administration Region of Hong-Kong. One of its main opponents is the Liberal Party. This pseudo-liberal party is not fighting for democracy or personal liberties like many liberals do. Instead this party chooses to support the Chinese government. The Liberal Party supports big business over human rights and democracy!   

In 2011, the Chinese Communist Party celebrated its 90 anniversary. But there was little to celebrated. The rich party bosses sang revolutionary songs under a red banner with hammer and sickle, yet in real live they are richer then all ministers of the British cabinet. Take the new Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He owns more more money then all British ministers and is a very wealthy man. Now this Jinping is leading a supposed ''socialist'' people's republic? 

Also among the members of the National People's Congress ( Chinese Parliament ) there are 75 billionairs ( all who are CCP members ). Those 75 billionaires together own about $90 billion dollars. By comparison, the collective wealth of all 535 members of the United States Congress was between $1.8 billion and $6.5 billion in 2010. This shows how far the CCP has degenerated. From a proletarian party in 1921, to a corrupt state-capitalist party in 2011! 

Meanwhile revolutionary socialists like Zhang Shujie are arrested and jailed, for their opposition to those corrupt and rich party bosses and leaders. Some old maoists have decided to found a illegal maoist revolutionary party in China. The Maoist Communist Party of China is a clandestine party and we don't know much about it. Yet we know that the party was founded by old members of the CCP, who oppose state-capitalism in China! 

While the rich enjoy wealth and power, 800 million Chinese remain poor. The revolutionary socialists are their voice against the state-capitalists of the CCP. Zhang Shujie and the CWI will not stop opposing the People's Republic of China until the CCP regime is destroyed. This story is just one of many revolutionary leftist, who are targeted by the Chinese secret police for supporting workers against capitalists and the state. Those revolutionary leftists deserve credit for the fight against capitalism and dictatorship. That is why Revolutionary Socialist Media tells you this story, because the mainstream media will never tell you this! 

banned in mainland China
for opposing state-capitalism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism