Czech scandal

The Czech Republic is a capitalist nation since the collapse of stalinism 23 years ago. Before 1992, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia were one nation called Czechoslovakia. The collapse of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia started in 1989 after peaceful demonstrations led to the first democratic elections since 1948. The capitalist revenge was sweet and the communist party was declared a criminal organisation in 1993. Under nationalist pressure, Czechoslovakia was split in two nations!     

Although the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia was declared a criminal organisation, its supporters regrouped and in the Czech Republic, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia was founded. This communist party remained very popular with the elderly and poor people who did not benefit from capitalism. Angered by the refusal of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia to support capitalism, the anticommunist political parties are still trying to ban the reformed communists! 

The new capitalist system brought many changes. By 1998 more the 80% of the economy was privatized and many people owned stocks. Yet the capitalist reforms were not seen as good enough and the government started to cut social security and wages. These austerity programs were called ''necessary'' a very familiar term since they say the same things today. The Czech Republic became a member of the European Union in 2004. 

Growth continued in the first years of the EU membership. The credit portion of the Financial crisis of 2007–2010 did not affect the Czech Republic much, mostly due to its stable banking sector which has learned its lessons during a smaller crisis in the late 1990's and became much more cautious. As a fraction of the GDP, the Czech public debt belongs among the smallest ones in Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, unlike many other post-communist countries, an overwhelming majority of the household debt – over 99% – is denominated in the local Czech currency. That's why the country wasn't affected by the shrunken money supply in the U.S. dollars! 

Supporters of the capitalist government have called the Czech Republic to be a beacon of liberty and freedom. Yet in the last 23 years the government has become more corrupt. As politicians became tools of big money, ordinary people felt betrayed. In 2002, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia was able to win 18% of the votes, shocking the new capitalist establishment. Since then the right-wing media has tried all dirty tricks to turn people against the party. This has worked partly and the communist party lost many voters since 2002. But this is more thanks to the result of dying elders who lived in the Stalinist era. The party has little support among the young people, most youth see nothing in the old style communist party still plagued with supporters of stalinism! 

The current scandal ended the political career of prime minister Petr Nečas. This leader of the Civic Democratic Party ( main liberal conservative party ) became the focus for a major investigation into organized crime. The police started major raids against suspected criminals. The investigation of the case started in early 2012, according to Robert Šlachta, the head of the Unit for Combating Organized Crime. Ivo Ištvan, the Chief Public Prosecutor in Olomouc, confirmed that a total of 400 policemen were deployed in the raids! 

According to the Czech media and political commentators, the case consists of several more or less related parts. A leaked police document based on wiretapping records indicates that spying on the Prime Minister's wife by his managing director was prompted by personal motives and that the relationship between Nagyová and Nečas was more than just work related."We see a story that meets the quality parameters of a good Mexican telenovela", commented the newspaper Mladá fronta DNES.

The arrests and charging of several deputies were substantiated by the fact that they were rewarded by lucrative posts in exchange for their resignation and loyalty to the Civic Democratic Party during an important parliamentary vote. While the police considers it to be a case of corruption, Petr Nečas claims it was a standard political deal. Indeed because capitalist parties never play fair! 

It is so hypocrite that Petr Nečas and his right-wing scum say that socialism and communism are corrupt and evil, while their own governments are fielled with corruption and abuse of power. The capitalist parties from social democrats to conservatives have sold the people of the Czech Republic to organized crime and this latest scandal proofs it again. Many East European nations are plagued with political corruption, capitalism only made it worse! 

Unfortunate there is no real left alternative in the Czech Republic. The communist party is the biggest radical leftist party and the only parliamentary group that fights the dictatorship of the markets. There is a small democratic socialist party next to the communist party. The Party of Democratic Socialism ( SDS ) was founded after some people left the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. These leftists stand for a democratic socialist Czech Republic. Unfortunate there are very few supporters of the SDS, mostly because of the anti-socialist climate in the Czech Republic among the media and government! 

Workers in the Czech Republic must demand new elections. The current government is not only corrupt, but criminal as well. A socialist alternative must be build in order to end the rule of organized crime and political corruption. The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia and the Party of Democratic Socialism must work together on a revolutionary socialist program. Only a unity of major radical leftist parties under the banner of socialism, can put up a fight against the parties of greed and exploitation! 

Petr Nečas left office after he was named in the scandal 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism