The world against Lenin

On 8 November ( October by Russian calender ) 1917, the soviet of Petrograd started the socialist revolution against the capitalist Provisional Government of Russia. This government was set up in February and was supported by the imperialist powers of the world. The new Soviet government was not supported by the allied powers. They opposed Lenin's desire for peace with Imperial Germany and also hated his revolutionary socialist ideology. So the western imperialists made plans to destroy the soviet revolution and to restore capitalist rule in Russia!

The KGB archives were opened after 1991. Vasili Mitrokhin a former KGB officer who fled to the UK in 1992, wrote a book about his KGB years. He took six boxes with top secret documents with him. Mitrokhin's archives show how the Soviet secret police forces, degenerated from a emergency commission to a monstrous killing machine and finally to the sword and shield of the ruling communist party bureaucracy!

Vasili Mitrokhin wrote an 800 page book over the activities of the Cheka/NKVD/KGB. In his book it is reviled that the Emergency Commission ( Cheka ) was created to defend the young socialist state from foreign and domestic terrorists and anticommunists. The Emergency Commission was led by Felix Dzerzhinsky, who became famous for his ruthlessness. Anticommunists love to portray him as an evil person, who loved to murder and kill. Although ruthless against the enemies of the Soviet state, Felix Dzerzhinsky was not cruel or pure evil. He was made ruthless because of torture and beating by czarist guards. Unlike Lenin and Trotsky, Dzerzhinsky spend four years in a czarist jail for his revolutionary activism. He was tortured and beaten almost every day by sadistic prison guards. After he became Cheka leader in December 1917, he showed no mercy for those who opposed the rule of soviets!

Western imperialism knew that Lenin was dangerous. His revolution was international and got support in Germany. If the Free Socialist Republic of Germany had triumphed in 1918, then it would ally with the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic against the British, French and American empires. A proletarian victory in Germany would also have led to a victory for the Finish reds and their Finish Socialist Workers Republic. The Finish reds lost the Finish civil war because the anticommunist Germans were able to defeat the revolutionaries in Germany. German support for the Finish whites led to the establishment of the capitalist Republic of Finland, who supported Hitler in 1941 against the USSR!

In November 1917, the Soviet of Petrograd ended the Provisional Government and gave all political power to the Congress of Soviets. But many former czarist generals were not supportive of this ''Jewish'' conspiracy as they called it. Many Russians were anti-Semitic and raised to hate Jews by the Russian Orthodox Church. Leon Trotsky as leader of the revolution with Lenin, was of Jewish parents. Also Karl Marx was born Jewish and this fuelled the anti-Semitic propaganda against the Soviet revolution!

Navy admiral; Alexander Kolchak made himself ''Supreme Leader'' of Russia. He was an anticommunist and opposed the soviets. Between November 1917 and February 1920, Kolchak led the White Armies against the isolated Soviet government. Kolchak's armies were supported by 255.000 foreign soldiers. European nations feared the socialist revolution and together they choose to send troops to support the White Armies and to secure capitalist dominance. After the capture and execution of Kolchak, the foreign soldiers were pulled out of Russia!

The 255.000 imperialist soldiers were made up of many nationalities. Two Asian nations also aided the anticommunists. 2,300 Chinese aided the 28.000 Japanese troops to occupy Vladivostok. This seaport-city would not be liberated until October 1922. Meanwhile the anticommunist crusade to restore capitalist order in Russia was made up of:

50,000 Czechoslovaks ( along the Trans-Siberian railway )
40,000 British ( in the Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok regions )
28,000 Japanese, later increased to 70,000 ( in the Vladivostok region and north )
23,351 Greeks ( part of I Army Corps under Maj. Gen. Konstantinos Nider, comprising 2nd and 13th Infantry Divisions, in the Crimea, and around Odessa and Kherson )
17,000 Poles - mostly 5th Rifle Division ( almost 12,000 men ) in Siberia and 4th Rifle Division ( ca. 4000 men ) in "Southern Russia", also a single 400-men-strong battalion in Murmansk within the Anglo-Slavic Legion
13,000 Americans ( in the Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok regions )
12,000 French and French colonial ( mostly in the Arkhangelsk and Odessa regions )
11,500 Estonians in northwestern Russia
4,192 Canadians ( in the Vladivostok region )
4,000 Serbs ( in the Arkhangelsk region )
4,000 Romanians (in the Arkhangelsk region)
2,500 Italians ( in the Arkhangelsk region and Siberia )
2,300 Chinese ( in the Vladivostok region )
1,100 Canadians ( in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions )
150 Australians ( mostly in the Arkhangelsk regions )
41 Canadians ( in the Baku Region )

Soviet Russia had no international allies. The leader of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-sen was sympathetic to Lenin because of his anti-imperialism. But the Republic of China was in a state of civil war since 1911. Sun Yat-sen could not help Lenin since he faced many war lords, who opposed his Kuomintang ( KMT ). The Chinese nationalists were not yet anticommunist, this would happen after 1927 under leadership of Chiang-Kai-Shek!

The British secret police tried to murder Lenin and Trotsky. A key player in this murder-plan was Sidney Reilly. This Russian born spy worked for Scotland Yard and the Secret Intelligence Service. Reilly was ordered to kill Lenin and got almost 1,2 million rubles ( 350.000 dollars ) to pay-off members of the Latvian Riflemen, an ethnic Latvian group in the Red Army. The corrupt Latvians would support Reilly in a daring move to capture and murder both Lenin and Trotsky. In late August 1918, the plans for the murder were set in motion. Sidney Reilly and some Latvian Riflemen would strike during a meeting of the Council of People's Commissars and the Moscow Soviet at the Bolshoi Theatre in September 1918!

But their plans were halted. On 30 August 1918, Lenin was almost killed by a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. The Emergency Commission led by Felix Dzerzhinsky, started with the Red Terror and arrested almost every person, who had voiced opposition to the revolution. The anti-Lenin members of the Latvian Riflemen were soon arrested by the Cheka. Sidney Reilly was forced to flee Russia, but returned in 1925. He was lured back by the successor of the Cheka, who created a fake anticommunist group called the Monarchist Union of Central Russia. When Reilly entered the Soviet-Union to meet with these fake-anticommunists, he was arrested. After a short trial, he was executed for the failed murder-plot. Sidney Reilly was a true James Bond, but unlike the hero of the movies, this person was not charismatic nor pleasant!

Had the plan worked in September 1918, then the Latvian Riflemen would enter the Bolshoi Theatre. There they would capture Lenin and Trotsky. The plan was to shoot them on the spot, but Sidney Reilly wanted to humiliate them first. Lenin and Trotsky would have been forced to walk through Red Square in their underpants. After this humiliation the Latvian Riflemen would have executed them. This plan was only fooled by a terrorist of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. After this failed assassination, Lenin ordered the Red Terror and the suppression of all counter-revolutionary activities!

World imperialism was able to crush the uprisings in Germany and Finland. The last imperialist soldiers to leave Russia were the Japanese, who held the seaport-city of Vladivostok until mid 1922. Finally after four years of civil war and many assassinations attempts, the Red Army of workers and peasants was able to win. But the war was costly and would lead to the rise of Stalin and his monstrous bureaucracy. Three members of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party did not live to see the end of the civil war. Two were killed in Azerbaijan by the British and Moisei Uritsky was murdered by a young soldier on 17 August 1918. His murder and the failed assassination of Lenin triggered the Red Terror!

Lenin's revolution triumphed, only to be destroyed through degeneration. Joseph Stalin would murder most of his comrades, even Leon Trotsky was assassinated by the NKVD in August 1940. The capitalist world could not have a better assassin then Stalin. He murdered the Soviet-Union, by killing Lenin's party and replacing it with a bureaucracy loyal only to him. Stalin's death in March 1953 was not the end of stalinism. The people who would rule until 1991 were all of loyal Stalinist families, that were spared only because of their personal loyalty to Stalin. Khrushchev and Brezjnev were both put into the Central Committee by Joseph Stalin. After the death of Brezjnev in 1982, the party elected two old leaders who both died after three years. Mikhail Gorbachev was the only general secretary that never knew Stalin personally!

Memorial plate for the American imperialists
who came to destroy the socialist revolution

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism