Rich Catholics against the Pope

The Roman Catholic Church has been a conservative institution for almost 2000 years. Since they took command over the Roman Empire, they enforced their dogmatic theocracy on the people of Europe and the Middle East. By 1500, they ordered their missionaries to conquer the American lands. Only three hundred years later, all of Spanish speaking America was Roman Catholic. All other religions were destroyed, ancient culture violently suppressed by the imperialists of the Spanish Catholic Empire. Although the Catholic Church lost much power in Northern Europe to Protestantism, it remains the dominate Christian Church in Southern and Central Europe. Most Popes remained conservative, few were genuine progressive. Yet now the Church is led by a man who is challenging the market economy. Rich Catholics do not like the Pope talking about the evil of capitalism. They are warning him not to continue his criticism!

New York has many Catholics. They are the biggest religious group in the state with 40% of all New Yorkers belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. Among them are many rich millionaires who grew rich thanks to the capitalist system. Now Pope Francis has said that capitalism causes inequality and is an unfair system. No Pope has ever said something like this for a long time. Francis is praised by many progressive Catholics and the Christian left-wing, who see in him a true representative of Jesus Christ. But the rich Catholics don't like the way Pope Francis talks about capitalism!

Ken Langone is a capitalist Catholic and co-founder of a major enterprise called the Home Depot. His worth is about 2,1 billion dollars. Like many rich Catholics he is a major fundraiser for the Republican Party. But now the Pope has turned against the system that made him rich. Langone said he was ''worried'' about the remarks of the Pope regarding rich people. Because Ken Langone and his rich Catholics are raising money to renovate St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. The remarks of Pope Francis were not well received by the millionaires of New York and Langone said some might not support the fundraising for the renovation of St. Patrick's Cathedral. As he spoke with the cardinal, Langone said; "I've told the cardinal, 'Your Eminence, this is one more hurdle I hope we don't have to deal with. You want to be careful about generalities. Rich people in one country don't act the same as rich people in another country!''

So mr. billionaire says that American capitalists are not like other capitalists? Or is he saying that he and his rich friends might no longer donate money to the Roman Catholic Church, because they don't like the way Pope Francis talks about capitalism? But Ken Langone is not the only rich Catholic who has turned against the Pope. Fox News Catholics are also very critical about the anti-capitalist remarks of Francis. Famous right-wing news commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly said that that Pope should limit himself to religious matters and not intervene in politics. Easy for them to say, they make millions with their right-wing, anti-worker, pro-capitalist propaganda!

A great thing for the Pope to do would be excommunication of all rich Catholics who refuse to donate most of their money to the poor. We revolutionary socialists think that no person should own more then 687.000 dollars ( 500.000 euro ). Because it is unfair that some get rich while the majority of people never will. The capitalists say they work harder then workers or have greater ''responsibility''. Bullshit, workers are the force that keeps capitalism running. Win out workers no capitalism, but workers can work win out dictatorial bosses and greedy capitalists. Alternative economic systems can be build to meet the needs of all people, not just a tiny minority who can buy all kind of things. Luxurious houses, boats and private jets, these things should belong to us all and not to a very little group of people. 

Pope Francis would do good in reforming the Roman Catholic Church, who has lost a lot of credibility in the western world. A reformed progressive Church can support a world free from capitalist exploitation. But in order for this to work, the capitalists must be removed from power. Their control over big businesses must end. It remains to be seen if the Pope is willing to go down future to limit the power of rich capitalists like Ken Langone. We revolutionary socialists do not think that the Roman Catholic Church will ever lead a socialist revolution. Until now the Catholics have been counter-revolutionary, supportive of capitalism and western imperialism. They are not our allies!

Ken Langone, rich capitalist Catholic and critical of his own Pope!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism