Lenin victim of anti-Russian hatred

Right-wing nationalists are on a rampage in Ukraine. Destroying every Lenin statue they can find. Reports are coming in that more then 90 Lenin memorials across Ukraine have been destroyed by anticommunist nationalists, linked to the ''Euromaiden'' movement. After Yanukovych fled from his office, the monuments to Lenin were no longer protected. 24 years after the collapse of the Soviet-Union, the anticommunists were finally free to destroy the symbols of what they call: ''Russian oppression''. 90 statues and monuments to Vladimir Lenin have been destroyed by these anticommunist vandals! 

Revolutionary socialists oppose the Lenin cult. We never supported the idea of worshipping death revolutionary leaders. When Lenin died in January 1924, Leon Trotsky opposed the idea of mummifying his corpse. But the Troika of the Russian Communist Party already turned Lenin into a saint. Stalin, Kamenev and Zinoview wanted to keep his body for eternity. As the Stalinist bureaucracy replaced Soviet democracy, Lenin became the centre of a massive cult of personality. His face was pictured on many Soviet posters and media outlets. By 1928, Stalin was placed next to Lenin on all propaganda posters, books and paintings by the now fully Stalinist; All Union Communist Party!

In 1990, the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic changed its name to Republic of Ukraine and adopted the banner of the anticommunist; Ukrainian National Republic. A state founded by the Ukrainian Mensheviks and the local bourgeoisie. In 1919 the soviet councils in eastern Ukraine created the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic which opposed the national republic. By then the capital city of Kiev was under White Russian control which forced the Ukrainian National Republic to retreat westward. The Red Army of Soviet Russia defeated the White Russians in March 1920 and gave political power to the Ukrainian SSR!

The symbols of the Ukrainian National Republic were adopted as state emblems of the new Republic of Ukraine. But not all Ukrainians were happy with this, many Russian speaking Ukrainians feared that the new Republic of Ukraine would not grant them minority rights. Since 1990 there have been many conflicts between ethnic Ukrainians and Russian Ukrainians. In the western provinces, all symbols of the former Soviet-Union are hated. Lenin is called a ''Russian imperialist'' because his armies gave power to the Ukrainian SSR. Eastern Ukrainians and those who live in the Crimea, are not fuelled with anticommunist hatred. They see Lenin as part of history and do not want to destroy the remnants of the Ukrainian SSR. Many elderly still have positive memories of the Stalinist period, right-wing nationalists hate this!

There have been many attacks on Soviet monuments in Ukraine. Many monuments are vandalized by members of the far-right: Social-National Party of Ukraine. This neo-nazi party is founded in 1991 and support Ukrainian nationalism. They hate Jews, Russians, feminists, communists, socialists and everybody who is not a Ukrainian nationalist. In 2004 their party changed its emblem and name. Under a new leader they try to appeal to more moderate nationalists. Today they are called the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda", but their anticommunism and racial hatred is still very strong. Many Lenin statues have been destroyed or vandalized by members of "Svoboda"!

The far-right nationalists also use the banner of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army ( UPA ). This partisan army was founded in 1941 to fight both the Germans and the Soviets. Guided by anticommunism and nationalism the UPA fought until 1949 against the Stalinist USSR. After the end of stalinism, its legacy remains a topic of huge debates. Western Ukrainians and nationalists glorify the UPA for its fight against both nazism and stalinism. But the eastern Ukrainians and the Russian speaking population of the Crimea, call the UPA ''terrorist'' because they killed Soviet citizens!

Until now the anticommunist nationalists have never been able to destroy Lenin monuments and Soviet symbols directly, because they were historic and protected by the Republic of Ukraine. Until February 2014, a pro-Russian government ruled Ukraine, this made many nationalists angry. The ''Euromaiden'' movement gave the nationalists a perfect vehicle for their anticommunist hatred. When Yanukovych was disposed, right-wing nationalists and supporters of the ''Euromaiden'' movement, attacked and destroyed many Soviet statues and monuments. More then 90 statues of Lenin have been vandalized across Ukraine!

For western anticommunists the destruction of these statues must be a a great moment. They call it; ''Ukraine is finally destroying its Communist past''. The Kremlin is off-course furious, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has called his army to be mobilized near the eastern Ukrainian border. Also the Russian Air Force is on high alert, to what they call ''protect'' the Russian speaking population of the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Revolutionary socialists oppose the destruction of these Lenin statues. Because Lenin hated Russian chauvinism and nationalism. For him the working class was the centre of the struggle. But in today's conflict, workers fight each other. All in the name of nationalism, patriotism and chauvinism. Lenin is a victim of this chauvinistic conflict between two ethnic groups, who do not understand his historic role. For the Russians, Lenin is a '''Russian leader'' for the Ukrainians he is a ''Russian dictator''. Poor Lenin was neither a leader for Russians nor a dictator. He was elected by the Congress of Soviets in November 1917 to liberate the working class from capitalism and oppression. For him only the working class counted, all workers of all nations!

Revolutionary socialists call upon Ukrainian workers to stop fighting each other. Stop listening to these nationalists and chauvinists who only want to spread hatred and anticommunism. Both the Russian camp and the Ukrainian camp are led by right-wing forces who use nationalism to poison the minds of the working class. This conflict is fought between two ethnic groups, who's leaders spread racial hatred and acts of vandalism. Workers should learn from Vladimir Lenin and establish a unified workers party for all workers. A party that opposes chauvinism, capitalism, imperialism and nationalism. This is what Lenin fought for and this is what revolutionary socialists support. Our goal is to build a multi-ethnic socialist world, free from racial hatred and capitalist exploitation. Capitalism has caused poverty and its institutions are now fighting each other!

Workers of Ukraine, you have nothing to lose but your chains, 
you have a world to win!

пролета́рі всіх краї́н, єдна́йтеся
пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь 

A broken Lenin statue, destroyed
by right-wing nationalists who hate Lenin
because he was Russian!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism