Most world leaders are right-wing

You may not think of it, but most world leaders are right-wing authoritarian. We revolutionary socialists know this, but most ordinary people do not. But it is true, when we look at the way politicians rule their nations, we learn that world leaders have a right-wing, pro-capitalist and authoritarian agenda. Very few leaders are genuine leftist. Those who are, are either authoritarian collectivists like Robert Mugabe or libertarian collectivists like Nelson Mandela. But the majority of world leaders are not leftist. They are right-wing liberal or conservative. Even social democrats like Ed Millibrand are not genuine leftist!

Because most world nations are capitalist, it is no surprise that most world leaders have a right-wing political agenda. This is the case for most European nations, who are either led by liberals, conservatives or ( traitorous ) social democrats. Social democracy used to be a leftist moderate socialist ideology. But after World War 2, most social democrats abandoned socialism for capitalism. By 1990, all social democratic parties had converted to the dogma's of the market dictatorship. We showed you this in a previous socialist document, about the true position of social democracy on the political spectrum!

The political spectrum also shows the true nature of the Chinese ''Communist'' Party. Former Chinese president: Ho Jintao stands on equal terms with Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. On the political spectrum these two leaders are more authoritarian then Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu, but just as right-wing capitalist. Ironic, because both the parties of Ho Jintao and Bashar Al-Assad, claim to be progressive and socialist. The Chinese ''Communist'' Party and the Arab-Socialist Ba'ath Party in Syria, are historic leftist parties. But reality shows us a different picture. Both the CCP and the Syrian Ba'ath Party have turned massive to the right-wing on the economic axis of the political spectrum. The Chinese ''Communist'' Party has adopted state-capitalism in the 1980's. By 2014, the party has created a state-capitalist economy. In Syria, the Ba'ath Party too carried out massive capitalist reforms since 2000. Both China and Syria moved away from their collectivist ideologies and into the right-wing capitalist side of the most world nations!

Liberal conservative world leaders like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, are less authoritarian then Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu, but not less right-wing capitalist. Like Ho Jintao and Bashar Al-Assad, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel support a right-wing capitalist ideology of less regulations and more markets. This is shared by many other leaders like Mario Monti ( Italy ), Jacob Zuma ( South Africa ), Julia Gillard ( New Zealand ) and David Cameron ( UK )!

Although most world leaders are right-wing authoritarian and capitalist, few are leftist authoritarian. These leaders oppose the right-wing nature of the others and tend to oppose capitalism. A famous leader who is authoritarian left-wing is Robert Mugabe. Because of his anti-colonialism and support for collectivist ideals, Mugabe is positioned on the left-wing of the political spectrum. Yet he is also very authoritarian and shows little tolerance for those who oppose him. Therefore he stands on equal terms with Ho Jintao and Bashar Al-Assad, when it comes to authoritarianism!

Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Abbas are also positioned on the political left-wing. Like Robert Mugabe they are authoritarian too. Chavez was more to the left then Abbas, but then Abbas is less authoritarian then Chavez. When it comes to comparing, Mahmoud Abbas stands on equal terms with Mario Monti on authoritarianism. Both leaders are less authoritarian then Chavez and Obama, but more then Francois Hollande and Alexis Tsipras!

The current president of France is the only major European leader, who is not authoritarian right-wing. Francois Hollande is a true centre-leftist social democrat, a rarity among European leaders. Greek opposition leader Alexis Tsipras is more to the left. But we would not call him radical or far left. Both Hollande and Tsipras are libertarian left and stand below the authoritarian-libertarian axis on the political spectrum. Only the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela are more libertarian!

In total we have 13 leaders who are right-wing authoritarian, four leaders who are left-wing authoritarian and another four who are left-wing libertarian. We have no world leader who is right-wing libertarian, this maybe because most right-wingers love to enforce authoritarian principals. It may surprise you that so many world leaders are right-wing authoritarian, but their politics speak for themselves. The Syrian and Chinese governments are very dictatorial, so they stand on the top of the authoritarian-libertarian axis!

When a leader rejects individualism and embraces collectivism, he/she ends up on the political left-wing. But it he/she enforces strict rules and limits personal freedoms his/her position on the authoritarian-libertarian axis is higher. A leader who supports capitalism and personal freedoms can be a liberal or a libertarian. Some leaders may call themselves socialist or liberal, but the political spectrum shows that only Francois Hollande comes close to this position. He may move more to the right-wing as former president; Fran├žois Mitterrand also started as a centre-leftist, before the capitalists forced him to abandon his ''socialism in 100 days'' program!

World leaders according to the Political Compass!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism