Because the Irish; People Before Profit Alliance choose to stand against Paul Murphy of the Socialist Party, we have LOST our socialist seat in the European Parliament. Brid Smith of the PBPA has split the anti-austerity Irish vote and has caused Paul Murphy to lose his seat. We feared this would happened and it did happen. Paul won 8,50% of the vote in Dublin and Brid Smith got 6,77%. If Paul Murphy would have stood alone as a principled anti-austerity socialist fighter, then he would have been elected with 15,27% of the Dublin vote. But the sectarian Socialist Workers Party who created the PBPA, has chosen to put Brid Smith in the fight. Thanks to them, Paul Murphy cannot use the European Parliament to fight against austerity and European imperialism!

Revolutionary socialists must condemn the Irish; SWP for its sectarian tactics. Now the European Left is without a revolutionary socialist fighter. Yes, there are other leftist fighters, from moderate socialist and communist parties. But many parties inside the European Unitarian Left/Nordic Green Left are not genuine socialist. Just look at the Scandinavian socialist parties who are deeply reformist, or the Dutch; Socialist Party more social democratic then socialist. Paul Murphy was a principal socialist MEP, who stood against the EU on a socialist platform. Brid Smith would not have stood as a revolutionary socialist, as the Irish; Socialist Workers Party rejects using the term ''socialist'' in their propaganda!

Still Irish workers are not without hope. Ruth Coppinger of the Socialist Party has been elected as Teachta Dála ( member of the Irish Parliament ). She will work with Joe Higgins against the conservatives and social democrats who rule the Republic of Ireland. The defeat of Paul Murphy in the European Parliament is a lose for workers of all European nations. Murphy did not stood as a Irish socialist, but as a international socialist for all workers. Because of Brid Smith and the People Before Profit Alliance, the anti-austerity vote was split

European Election results for Dublin!
Paul Murphy got 8,50% and Brid Smith 6,77%
If Paul would have stood as the only anti-austerity candidate he would
have been re-elected!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism