50.000 East Germans used as guinea pigs

West German capitalist pharmaceutical companies have used 50.000 East Germans for experiments. These experiments were made during the times of the German Democratic Republic ( 1949-1990 ). About 50.000 people were used to test new medicines for the West German market. The East Germans who underwent these tests never knew that their medicnes were experimental and that they were guinea pigs for West German pharmaceutical capitalism. Fifty East German hospitals were paid 800.000 West German Marks for every test the East Germans carried out! 

East Germany was a Stalinist republic founded in 1949. Its leaders were former members of the Communist Party of Germany and the Social-democratic Party of Germany. The two parties were forced to fuse in 1945, out of their fusion a new party was born: the Socialist Unity Party of Germany ( SED ). The SED became the ruler of the National Front, a political coalition of East German parties. Although the National Front was made up of many parties, the SED was the only one who was allowed to rule! 

West Germany was founded as a capitalist democracy and remains to this day dominated by mighty capitalists. Most major capitalists were united in the Free Democratic Party, the main liberal party that supports free market capitalism. Konrad Adenauer became the first federal chancellor of West-Germany. He was in favor of a mixed market economy. The West-German capitalists accepted the mixed market economy, because they feared a working class victory during elections! 

The German Democratic Republic faced its major crisis in 1953. After the death of Stalin the working class rose up against Walter Ulbricht, the SED leader and de-facto dictator of the DDR. East Germany was not able to compete with West Germany, who received billions of dollars from the Marshall Plan. The Soviet-Union was not giving money, they were dismantling  German industries and machines as war reparations. This led the DDR weaker then the Federal Republic of Germany ( BRD ).  

By 1953, Walter Ulbricht wanted to force workers to work harder and longer for less money. This angered the East German working class, who had enough of four years under Stalinist rule. The rebellion began with a strike in East Berlin. Soon thousands left their work places and joined the demonstrations. They shouted ''we are the people'' and ''free elections, freedom''. The East German Stalinists panicked and asked for Soviet support. The Soviet-Union saw the danger of a working class revolt and ordered their armies in the DDR to crush the workers rebellion!

The July 1953 rebellion was crushed. Eight leaders who led the working class were put on trail and executed. After these Stalinist show trails, the SED fired 75% of their secretaries. Because many of the party's lower-ranks supported the strike and rebellion. Soon the party was purged of the last critical members. Many East Germans took their chance and fled to West Gemany. Between 1949 and 1961, more then 1 million fled to the west. This led Walter Ulbricht to build the famous Berlin Wall. The SED said that the wall was a ''Anti-Fascist'' Wall to protect the DDR from West German fascists. In reality the wall was build to keep East Germans inside the DDR. It is ironic that many fascists in today's Germany live in the east. The neonazi's of the National-democratic Party of Germany are strong in former DDR provinces! 

West German pharmaceutical companies needed to conduct 600 medical tests on living humans. Since there were not enough West German test subjects, they went to the German Democratic Republic, who always needed West Germany money. The East Geman Mark was worthless outside the DDR, while the West German Mark was a strong currency in the world market. East Germany needed the money so they sold their people to the West German pharmaceutical companies. The price was 800.000 West German Marks for every medical test! 

Fifty hospitals in East Germany were paid money to use West German experimental medicine on people. At least two people died because of these experimental medicine. We also know that thirty babies were giving the drug: EPO. East Germany was not a stranger when it came to drugs. The government used drugs to boost the abilities of its athletes. Many sportsmen and woman were giving drugs in order to win many medals for the ''socialist'' fatherland. This is why East Germany was so good at the Olympic Games, they were cheaters! 

In the hospitals that were paid money to carry out these experiments, only those in charge knew of it. Most doctors and nursers were not told that these medicine were experimental. The 50,000 victims never gave personal permission to be used as guinea pigs. This is just another crime German stalinism is guilty of. Oppressing the German working class, living in luxurious villa's, spying on workers through the Ministry of Security ( Stasi ) and finally using their own people as guinea pigs for West German money. 

Stalinism is criminal and anticommunist.    

East German athletes were giving 
drugs to boos their muscles
during international sport events!  

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism