Al-Assad is losing his secular mask, Shia Islamists fighting for him!

Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad claims to fight Islamic fundamentalism. He says that Al-Qaeda is the main element in the rebel movement against him. Many supporters of Al-Assad have said that the Syrian government is secular and that the rebels are dangerous Islamic fundamentalists. The rise of Al-Nusra as part of Al-Qaeda have proven that Sunni Islamists are part of the rebel movement. But now the Shia Islamists are joining the Syrian Civil War, not as a rebel movement against the dictator, but as supporters of Bashar Al-Assad!  

There are two main Islamic ideologies in the world. Sunni Islamism and Shia Islamism. Both ideologies oppose each other and sectarianism violence has led to many deaths. Most Muslims are part of the Sunni religion. But the Iranians and the tribe of Bashar Al-Assad are Shia Muslims. In other Arab nations, the Sunni Muslims have always ruled and oppressed the Shia minority. Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Hafez Al-Assad hated each other. Their hatred was political and religious, Saddam was a Sunni and Hafez was a Shia. Also the Ba'ath Party in Syria follows the ideals of Zakī al-Arsūzī, while the Iraqi Ba'ath Party remained loyal to Michel Aflaq,, the original founder of Ba'athism! 

The fundamentalist Muslims of the Al-Nusra Front are all Sunni Muslim. They oppose Shia Islam and hate all who belong to this religion. There are enough reports about killing of innocent Shia Muslims. This is also the reason why the Sunni dominated Arab nations, all support the rebel moment against the Syrian government. Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates would love to see a Sunni led Syrian government. They are the blinded by sectarian hate towards Shia Muslims! 

One famous Shia Islamic group is the Lebanese Party of God, called Hezbollah. This radical Islamic movement and political party is led by Hasan Nasrallah, a theocratic leader who wants to impose Islamic dogma on the people of Lebanon. Hasan Nasrallah is allied with Bashar Al-Assad and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both Syria and Iran, are the main suppliers for Hezbollah! 

The Party of God ( Hezbollah ) has been fighting for an Islamic state in Lebanon since 1985. Their man enemy is the State of Israel, who they hate and oppose. Hezbollah enjoy's a popular status with poor people and young militants. Many Arabs hate the Zionist state and the occupation of Palestine by Israeli troops. 

Hezbollah has now send its militants to Syria, to fight for the secular government of Bashar Al-Aassad. This while Sunni Islamists are fighting against the Syrian dictator. Hezbollah knows how to fight the guerilla/street war, they have fought it for many years with Israeli and Lebanese armed forces. The main Syrian Armed Forces are not able to deal with the rebels, so the Hezbollah militants are put into the nation. 

The Syrian Civil War is now turning more bloody. Sectarianism between groups is very high. Even the Free Syrian Army is divided between militant groups. Revolutionary socialists say that we must support the people of Syria in their fight against Al-Assad and the Islamists. Syrians must set up independent councils, these councils will be the foundation of a new democratic Syria. We give no political support to the Syrian government nor to these rebel leaders in Turkey. Revolutionary socialists call for the rule of ordinary people through freely elected people's councils. Like the soviets in Russia and the workers councils in Germany, these people's councils will be vital for the birth of a socialist workers state!

The three Shia leaders! 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism