Savas Matsas, Greek revolutionary socialist on trial

The Hellenic Republic has ordered a trial against Savas Matsas , a revolutionary socialist and general secretary of the Revolutionary Workers Party ( EEK ). But the Greek state was not the one who wanted him trialed. The order for a trial came from the fascist party Golden Dawn. This Nazi party got 18 seats in the Greek parliament after the 2012 elections. Now the Golden Dawn wants to use the justice system to silence their political enemies!

The Golden Dawn is ultra-nationalist and extreme right-wing. They claim not to be fascist, but we revolutionary socialists know better. The Golden Dawn hates none-Greeks, especially the Albanians in Greece are targeted by the party as ''criminals''. The true criminals however are not the Albanians, but the violent members of the Golden Dawn. Attacks on immigrants and leftists has increased since the party got parliamentary seats!

Meanwhile the capitalist rulers of Greece are creating more poverty, on orders of the European Union. The conservatives of New Democracy and the pseudo ''social'' democrats of the Pan-Hellenic ''Socialist'' Movement, are responsible for the rise of the Golden Dawn. Like in Germany before 1933, the ruling social democrats and their conservative allies created the ideal atmosphere for the Nazi's to work under. Social democratic betrayal and Stalinist degeneration, meant that Adolf Hitler and his storm-troopers took power in 1933!

Savas Matsas and the Revolutionary Workers Party stand up against the violence spread by the Golden Dawn and the Greek Police. Because in the Hellenic Republic many police officers have sympathies for the fascist ideology. This is a remnant from the military junta era. The Golden Dawn was created by pro-military junta supporters back then. Some police officers remain committed to right-wing believes. 

When you have problems with immigrants, you don't call the police they say in Athens. You call the Golden Dawn, who will ''solve'' your problems with the immigrants. Police officers sometimes give you Golden Dawn phone-numbers. We revolutionary socialists known how brutal and violent the fascists in Greece attack immigrants. That the Greek state and the police allow the Golden Dawn to patrol the streets, show how weak the government of the Hellenic Republic truly is!

Savas Matsas is born to Jewish parents and this is why the Golden Dawn wants him jailed. The Greek fascists hate Jews, just as much as they hate immigrants, socialists, communists,  antifascists and all who oppose their racism!

Matsas released a statement about his upcoming trial:

''As you know, the Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece has started a legal action against the EEK and myself, its general secretary.

I am accused of “defamation”, “instigation of violence” and “disruption of the civil peace”.
At the same time, the Nazis have intensified their non-stop, vicious, anti-Semitic and anti-communist campaign accusing me of being “the instrument of a world Jewish conspiracy to foment civil war, so as to impose a Judeo-Bolshevik regime in Greece”.

The Greek state has endorsed this action by Golden Dawn by bringing charges against myself, together with the former dean of the National Technical University of Athens, Mr Constantine Moutzouris (accused of permitting the operation of the alternative website, Athens Indymedia, from within the university).

The trial will begin on September 3 2013. Already about 2,000 signatures of solidarity have been collected internationally and nationally, and more are coming in every day. Many political and trade union organisations in Greece and internationally have expressed their solidarity. On August 29, a press conference will be held in the headquarters of the Union of Journalists in Athens. We want to set out our case, as well as reporting on the solidarity we have received''.

All revolutionary socialists and anti-fascists must support Savas Matsas against the Greek state. The Golden Dawn is the enemy of democracy, human rights and all who opposed racial hated and nationalism. Greek leftists must unite in a coalition on a socialist program. We must stop the sectarian divisions and unite for genuine democratic socialism and for workers rule in the Hellenic Republic!

Savas Matsas, about to be trialed 
on orders of the Golden Dawn

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism