West German athletes also used drugs

The sport world has again been shocked by a scandal. West German athletes ( like their East German counterparts ) were giving drugs to cheat during sport events. The world knew that the former East German state used drugs to boost the East German teams during sport events. Their victories were celebrated as a huge victory of the ''socialist'' motherland over the capitalist nations. In reality the sport men and woman were giving drugs in order to boost their sport abilities. After the collapse of the German Democratic Republic, athletes found out that their bodies were boosted with illegal drugs. East Germany cheated, but so did West Germany as we find out in 2013!

Although not a state program like in the GDR, drugs were used by West German teams since 1949. The government of Konrad Adenaur needed victories of Germans in sport events to boost moral. After the war, the Germans were left with nothing but shame. So the West German doctors and coaches started with a WW2 drug giving to allied bomber pilots called ''fighter pilot chocolate''. With this drug they were able to boost West German athletes! 

When West German won the 1954 football league, they were giving a drug called Pervitin. We now know that this drug was giving to the West German team before their match against the People's Republic of Hungary. West Germany's victory in the 1954 world cup, was a huge boost to German patriotism. But with this Pervitin drug we can say that West Germany cheated and did not play fair!

In 1966 the Fédération Internationale de Football Association found traces of Ephedrine in the blood of three unnamed West German football players. West Germany did not win the 1966 world cup, but they did ended second place. In total, West Germany won three times world football championships and three European football leagues. If West Germany also used drugs, then their football victories were unfair and not deserved. 

We revolutionary socialists understand why capitalist and stalinist governments used doping. They wanted to show to the world, how great they were. Sports are major events. Billions are made with football and the Olympic Games. Big capitalists demand victories in order to increase their profits. Cheating in order to win is not new, but with the revelation that ''democratic'' West Germany also used drugs, we can now say that East Germany was not alone. Capitalist nations did it too! 

The Federal Republic of Germany was paying scientists to work on new drugs. The German Federal Institute of Sport Science is now accused by a new report of having held the central role in a government-backed attempt to dope athletes for international success! Although it was never a state policy to use drugs, they government of West Germany knew it was used. While they blamed East Germany for their use of drugs like EPO, the West German teams were also using it to win! 

Sport is not a game, sport is big money. Capitalist nations know this and they will cheat. There is not fair game, no fair competition. In the end, it is all about profits. The nation that is winning gets the most profits. This proofs why capitalism ( and stalinism ) are bad. Stalinist states wanted to show the world how good they were, while the capitalist nations too wanted to boost their propaganda with sport victories. Sport is no longer a fair game. Not in football, not in the Olympics and not in Bicycle racing. Doping is used to cheat, it is used by greedy athletes and governments who only care about winning. They ruin the sport world with their lies and cheating! 

West German football players in 1966
three were giving the drug Ephedrine

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism