CIA doctors and psychologists, tortured prisoners!

The criminals of the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA are just as cruel and evil as the former Committee for State Security of the USSR was. Now we know that doctors and psychologists were told to use torture methods on prisoners at GITMO concentration camp. Since the US Army build this camp in Cuba, many prisoners have felt the cruel hands of American soldiers torturing them. Doctors and psychologists who worked at GITMO, violated their code by torturing prisoners for information. This violation of human rights is just one of many committed by the criminal CIA! 

Ethical principals were violated in order to gain information from the prisoners. This concludes a independent investigation into the activities of medical people at GITMO concentration-camp. The report, Ethics Abandoned: Medical Professionalism and Detainee Abuse in the War on Terror, is based on two years of review of records in the public domain by a 19-member task force. The report details how Department of Defense ( DoD ) & CIA policies institutionalized a variety of interventions by military and intelligence agency doctors and psychologists that breach ethical standards to promote well-being and avoid harm!

The Department of Defense and the criminal CIA are found guilty of:

• Excused violations of ethical standards by inappropriately characterizing health professionals engaged in interrogation as “safety officers,” masking one of their key functions; 

• Implemented rules that permitted medical and psychological information obtained by health professionals to be used in interrogations; 

• Required physicians and nurses to forgo their independent medical judgment and counseling roles, as well as to force-feed competent detainees engaged in hunger strikes even though this is forbidden by the World Medical Association and the American Medical Association; 

• Improperly designated licensed health professionals to use their professional skills to interrogate detainees as military combatants, a status incompatible with licensing; and 
failed to uphold recommendations by the Army Surgeon General to adopt international standards for medical reporting of abuse against detainees

Revolutionary socialists are not surprised that human rights were violated. But that doctors and psychologists did nothing to end the criminal activists of both the DoD and the CIA, proofs that US imperialism is cruel, inhuman and above all criminal. Just like the former Stalinist regime in the USSR, the USA is guilty of abusing human rights. Not just at GITMO but around the world. From Afghanistan to Iraq, the criminals of the CIA murdered and killed. From supporting the Saudi-Arabian government and the dictatorial regime of other Arab monarchies. Also CIA criminals destroyed democratic elected governments in Chile and Iran!

These reports show that the USA does not care about freedom and democracy. For American capitalist politicians these words are only good for propaganda. We see this in both capitalist parties that run this plutocracy. Both the Democratic Party of Barack Obama as the Republican Party, only use ''freedom'' and ''democracy'' to brainwash the American people. The Republicans are masters at this, but the Democrats are also very good at lying! 

This is why we must oppose capitalism and imperialism, because the United States of America is not a force for good in this world. It is very sad that many still think that America is the nation of the free, but this is a lie. The American people are brainwashed with the idea, that they are free. But reality shows that they are not free. NSA/CIA criminals spy on them while demonstrators feel the iron fist of the state police forces. Hero's like Edward Snowden must flee for their lives while Chelsea Manning spends 35 years in jail for exposing the crimes of the US Army! 

Now that we known that also doctors and psychologists participated in these tortured, we know for certain that the government of the USA is cruel and evil. It is also hypocrite that American politicians from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party love to tell you about ''American freedoms'' while their CIA torture prisoners at GITMO concentration-camp. The doctors and psychologists of the Nazi German SS acted this way too. We know what these criminals did in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen!

Criminal US soldiers torture Iraqi prisoners!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism