Revolutionary socialist; Kshama Sawant ELECTED!

Richard Conlin, a Democrat and candidate for the Seattle City Council has capitulated before his socialist opponent Kshama Sawant. Collin was able to raise more money and was backed by the corporate elite of Seattle. But in the end Kshama Sawant was able to defeat this ´´progressive´´ liberal in the city of Seattle. Sawant campaigned as a genuine revolutionary socialist, in opposition to the capitalist Democrats and their corporate supporters. With this huge victory, the Seattle Democratic establishment has been dealt a huge blow in the face. A revolutionary socialist is elected into a American city council, for the fist time in almost 100 years! 

Another revolutionary socialist called Ty Moore was campaign for city council in Minneapolis. He was not elected but gained the support of many people. Showing the right-wing establishment, that Americans are willing to vote for genuine socialists. Alondra Cano a Latino American and progressive member of the Democratic Party, was able to defeat Ty Moore. But only with 229 votes. Moore has criticized Cano, specifically, for a mailer distributed on her behalf by the National Association of Realtors. The lobbying group is based in Chicago and believed by some to be largely responsible for the collapse of the housing industry! 

The American; Democratic Party is seen by many ( none-socialist ) leftists as a progressive party. But in reality this party is right-wing, pro-capitalist and not progressive. We only have to look to president Obama, a conservative liberal who has not damaged or limited the power of corporate capitalism. Obama promised changes, but these changes never came. Worse he tried to make compromises with the party of greed, exploitation and Christian fundamentalism. The Democratic Party might have some progressive members and a few social democrats. But the top leadership is conservative capitalist and only progressive when it is time for elections!

Kshama Sawant and Richard Conlin fought a big battle. Conlin is a veteran member of the Seattle City Council, serving for almost 16 years. Although called a ´´progressive´´ he has been very generous to the capitalist establishment in the city. Also he opposed a minimum-wage for workers. This was a key issue, because Sawant campaigned for a minimum-wage of 15 US dollars. Conlin opposed this, claiming it would hurt the economy. Yet for a ´´progressive´´ to take side with the capitalists was not good propaganda. The capitalist establishment all joined forces to prevent the elected of Kshama Sawant, who was called ´´dangerous´´. She had to fight the establishment with 50% of Richard Conlin's budget. While he was able to raise 210.000 dollars, Sawant was forced to campaign with 110.000 dollars!

The race for the Seattle City Council seat became very hot as Sawant closed in on Conlin. In the last polls he was still leading with 51% to 49% for Sawant. But the revolutionary socialist was winning more votes. Finally on 15 November, Richard Conlin veteran of the city council, concedes to a 41 year old Indian-American economics professor, who is also a member of Socialist Alternative ( CWI ). Research showed no socialist candidate had won a citywide office in the past 100 years. The last socialist candidate to make it into the general election was in 1991 and was defeated, said Scott Cline, the city's archivist!

Ty Moore and Kshama Sawant have both shown that socialists can get elected into the heart of anti-socialism on planet Earth. US imperialism might still be poisoning the minds of millions with anti-socialist propaganda, but many Americans are waking up. The Democratic Party is losing its monopoly on the leftist voters. Alondra Cano has defeated Ty Moore, but the victory of Kshama Sawant proofs that victory is possible. Revolutionary socialists can celebrate as socialism is about to be rediscovered by the American working class. The capitalists still rule the USA and the minds of almost all Americans. But their anti-socialist propaganda is no longer absolute. Americans are questioning the claims that capitalism is good and socialism is evil!

Still a genuine workers party must be build. A party in opposition to the Democratic Party and the ultra-conservative; Republican Party. This is the task for all revolutionary socialists in the USA. Sectarianism must be avoided, because this will only aid the capitalist establishment. A workers party on a socialist program can win the votes of many workers. Socialist Alternative members in Seattle and Minneapolis have shown this!

15 dollar an hour was refused by Richard Conlin,
he lost the battle as workers voted for Kshama Sawant

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism