Bolivian presidential plane banned from flying over France and Portugal

The European puppets of American imperialism have done their work, for BIG BROTHER Barack Obama. They forced the plane of the Bolivian president; Evo Morales to land. Evo Morales is the president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia since 2005. He is a left-wing nationalist much like the former president of Venezuela who died early 2013. 

The presidential plane of Bolivia was flying from Russia back to Bolivia. But when it flew over Europe, the governments of France and Portugal banned the plane from flying over their nations. Why? Why would France and Portugal do something like that. The answer is very simple!

Bolivia is no friend of US imperialism since Morales came to power. He became hostile to capitalism and imperialism. Although not a revolutionary socialist, he still opposes US domination over this world. Evo Morales became a close friend of Hugo Chavez en both build choose to resist US imperialism in Latin America. This was no welcomed by the American ruling class, who soon hated Evo Morales and his left-wing populism. 

The right-wing of Bolivia tried to start a racial conflict between the native Bolivians and the white wealthy Spanish Bolivians. White Bolivians belong to the richer group of the nation, while the native Bolivians are mostly poor. Evo Morales choose to give more power and wealth to the native population, at the expense of the whites. Right-wing forces with American money tried to split the Bolivian population. They also played on the huge bureaucracy of the government, which is still based on social democratic capitalism!

But Evo Morales won the elections again in 2009, defeating the right-wing candidate. US imperialism was not happy with Morales and his opposition to the USA, made him a rebel just like Hugo Chavez and former Cuban president Fidel Castro. 

On June 30 of 2013, Evo Morales flew to Russia to talk with president Vladimir Putin about gas. His visit to Russia ended on the second of July and he was ready to fly home. But at the same airport he departed was also the most wanted man of the USA. Edward Snowden is still trapped at the Moscow Airport and cannot leave. He asked for political asylum in 20 nations, including Bolivia. While in Moscow, Evo Morales said he would think about Snowden's request!

This caused alarm-bells to sound in the USA. Because they knew that Evo Morales is no friend of American imperialism. If Edward Snowden flew with Evo Morales to Bolivia, the USA would never get him. So we can assume that the USA asked the governments of France and Portugal to ban the presidential aircraft of Evo Morales. 

We revolutionary socialists are not surprised by this. European government have always been puppets of America since 1945. After the collapse of stalinism, eastern European nations joined the puppet club of Europeans who love and praise the USA. We say it is criminal to ban a presidential aircraft. How would the USA feel if all of Europe would ban Air Force One? 

France and Portugal should be ashamed of themselves. In France the ruling Socialist Party shows that they are just as pro-US imperialist as all other EU nations. Bowing their heads to BIG BROTHER USA and forcing a presidential plane to land in Austria. It is criminal and the behavior of cowards. Evo Morales has the right to be angry. It is insulting that the president of a democratic nation is forced to land in a foreign nation, because France and Portugal bow their heads to Barack Obama and his criminal NSA/CIA! 

The plane of Morales was forced to land in Austria!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism