Statement for Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council Position 2

In yet another election flooded with candidates eager to serve corporate interests, I'm running to represent working people, who have no voice in city government. 

For many of us, Seattle is becoming an increasingly unaffordable place to live. As we face out-of-control rent, the city gives handouts to billionaire developers like Paul Allen. 

While we struggle with low wages, council members pay themselves 120,000 dollars a year, more than any other city except L.A. 

As a council member, I will only take the average worker’s wage, and donate the rest to social justice movements. 

My opponent Richard Conlin, a 16-year incumbent, is a poster boy for out-of-touch politicians. Behind a progressive veneer, Conlin has proved himself a loyal friend of big business. 

He was the only council member who voted against paid sick leave. He voted to criminalize panhandling, while piling obstacles in the way of providing shelter for the homeless. 

I'm campaigning for a citywide 15 dollars an hour minimum wage, rent control, and a Millionaire Tax to fund mass transit and education. 

Unlike my opponents, my campaign is entirely funded by grassroots contributions. 
I'm an economics professor and activist in my union, AFT Local 1789. 

Last year, I ran as a Socialist Alternative candidate against Democratic House Speaker Frank Chopp, and won 29% of the vote. Over twenty thousand people voted for a socialist because they're fed up with inequality and relentless cuts to social services. 

It's time we take a stand. Get involved at Vote Let's make history together.

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism