Right-wing extremists in the US Army

The US Army is the tool of the ruling class of America. With huge propaganda they claim to fight for ''democracy'' and ''liberty''. These two words are used throughout the United States of America. Their propaganda values are high, because many Americans thinks they are genuine free. Just another big lie on which the USA was founded. Freedom only for the white race, freedom only for the white male and today there is only freedom for the rich. Because the NSA/CIA is spying on people just like the KGB did. While Americans were made paranoia about KGB stories, the CIA was doing the same thing! 

Serving in the army is a ''patriotic duty'' many Americans say. But we revolutionary socialists know how brutal and cruel US Army training is. Young boys are drilled into fighting monsters in order to kill and murder. You can see the drilling nature of the US Army and how their drill commanders act. Inhuman and brutal, their job is to destroy humanity in the recruits, so they can do their job win-out thinking. Shoot first and ask questions later, that is the American way! 

Now many say that there are no neo-Nazi's in the US Army. Wrong again, the Army is perfect for militaristic white boys who are racists. Since Nazi's love militarism and discipline they find a good home in the Army. Some neo-Nazi's are recruited in prison, serving the US Army instead of going to jail is what many right-wing extremists choose.  

After the attacks on 9/11, the US Army needed fresh recruits for their war against the Taliban. Since not enough boys wanted to join, they government searched for others who might wanted to join. The people they recruited into the Army were not at all supporters of the US Constitution. There is a book out that is telling you the story about how the US government used right-wing extremists in their own army!

''Since the launch of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars—now the longest wars in American history—the US military has struggled to recruit troops. It has responded, as Matt Kennard’s explosive investigative report makes clear, by opening its doors to neo-Nazis, white supremacists, gang members, criminals of all stripes, the overweight, and the mentally ill. Based on several years of reporting, Irregular Army includes extensive interviews with extremist veterans and leaders of far-right hate groups—who spoke openly of their eagerness to have their followers acquire military training for a coming domestic race war. As a report commissioned by the Department of Defense itself put it, “Effectively, the military has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy pertaining to extremism.”
Irregular Army connects some of the War on Terror’s worst crimes to this opening-up of the US military. With millions of veterans now back in the US and domestic extremism on the rise, Kennard’s book is a stark warning about potential dangers facing Americans—from their own soldiers'' 

This book should be a wake up call to Americans. But then again the warnings fell on deaf ears. Partly because of the massive war propaganda spread by the imperialist media. Fox News and CNN are the main pro-war news networks who poison the minds of the American working class. During the Afghanistan war and Iraq war, they portrayed the US Army as the good guys, fighting for ''democracy'' and ''liberty!''

US imperialism used the same trick in Korea and Vietnam. When the Democratic People's Republic of Korea invaded the Republic of Korea, the USA choose to defend the totalitarian regime of Syngman Rhee. This South Korean dictator was put into power by the Americans in 1948 and he already jailed 30.000 people by 1950. As the army of the DPRK invaded South Korea, Syngman Rhee ordered the execution of 150.000 people in the Bodo League concentration-camps  All were murdered right under the nose of the new CIA, who reported the killings to the US government! 

But the Americans kept silence. Because they told their soldiers that South Korea was a democracy and that American soldiers came to defend ''liberty'' and ''freedom''. More then 36.000 US soldiers died to save the totalitarian anticommunist dictatorship of Syngman Rhee. The cruel dictator would rule for another seven years, before students forced the old men to flee South Korea. He was replaced by a military junta that would rule until the partly democratic elections in 1987.   

Right-wing extremists joined the fight against the ''communist'' North Koreans. Some Dutch who fought for the Waffen SS during World War 2, joined 819 Dutch soldiers send to Korea in 1950. Also the racist anticommunist South Africans would send 800 soldiers to fight the ''communists''. 

After the Korean War, a Demilitarized Zone was build separating the Stalinist North and the capitalist South. Both the DPRK and the ROK would remain dictatorships. A partly democracy was created after 1987 in South Korea, but revolutionary socialists are still getting jailed for opposing capitalism and US imperialism in Korea! 

Neo-Nazi's were part of the US forces stationed on the DMZ. Why do we know this? Because there are stories and pictures of US soldiers with right-wing extremist symbols. In the picture below this report, you can see US soldiers in Afghanistan with the flag of the Waffen SS. The lower picture shows a soldiers with a neo-Nazi flag. The flag is put on an armored vehicle, while the US flag is on another vehicle. This picture seems to be taken in South Korea or South Vietnam, we are not sure!

The point of this story is that right-wing extremists are in the US Army. People who hate Muslims, Jews, secularists and above all; they hate tolerance and love. This hatred towars tolerance and love is why they choose the US Army. Because there is no tolerance in the army of the USA. Militarism, discipline and brutal training, that is the nature of the US Army. They claim it is all in the name of ''democracy'' and ''liberty'', but tell that to the 150.000 South Koreans murdered by a dictator you fought and died for. Tell that to the students and left-wing activists who were arrested and tortured while you guarded the DMZ. The enemy of freedom and democracy was not only North Korea, but also South Korea!

50.000 US soldiers died to defend the military junta of South Vietnam from 1963 till 1973. The South Vietnam was no democracy but a military junta, since the Army of the Republic of Vietnam staged a coup and killed the civilian president in 1963. South Vietnam murdered 89.000 people including many farmers, left-wing nationalists and those who simply opposed the corrupt rule of the military!

Almost 4.500 US soldiers were killed in 8 years since Operation Iraqi Freedom. In Afghanistan the US Army lost about 2.300 soldiers. Since US imperialism invaded these two nations, more then 200.000 people have been killed. Most of them were civilians killed in the war between US forces and the resistance. Some supported of the war claimed that America brought ''freedom'' to Afghanistan and Iraq. But when we look at these nations today in 2013, we see that US imperialism only achieved one thing. They have privatized those economies  opening the doors for US capitalists to steal the wealth from both Afghanistan and Iraq. The new ''democratic'' governments of these nations could not oppose the demands of US capitalists! 

Corruption is high, elections are a fraud. In the Islamic Republic of Afganistan, females have been reduced to second class citizens.  Male superiority is supported by the Hamid Karzai government, called ''democratic'' by the supporters of US imperialism. The puppets of the USA in Iraq are now in complete control of the nation. But anger and hatred towards the Iraqi government is rising. In Baghdad, fresh water is not restored even after 10 years. Electricity is not rebuild, the rich and government leaders have their own generators. The working class is left with a destroyed infrastructure. All because of corruption and inefficient government!

US forces with right-wing extremist symbols! 

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism