Five years of betrayal

Barack Obama is president of the USA since 2008. When he was elected for his first therm he promised changes. Most Americans had enough of conservative rule and wanted dramatic changes. Obama and his Democratic Party promised ''Change'' and unfortunate many Americans believed them. Revolutionary socialists however knew that Obama and the Democratic Party would not change the capitalist system or the nature of US imperialism. After five years we were proven right, but millions of Obama supporters have to face the fact, that their icon is just another capitalist president!    

But the right-wing of the USA was in total panic when Obama promised changes. It was the Tea Party that started the massive anti-Obama propaganda-machine. Conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, big capitalists and anticommunists joined forces to combat the Democratic Party, who they called a ''Socialist-Communist-Fascist Party''. Sometimes the Tea Party put up billboards were Obama is pictured next to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin. As if Lenin shared anything remote with Obama and Hitler. They claim that Obama is a leftist and like Hitler and Lenin a ''danger'' to America!

The radical right-wing Tea Party was original not anti-socialist, racist or ultra conservative. It was founded by people who were worried about the US government and the way it worked. They created the Tea Party movement to protest against the government. But the big capitalists and their racist allies, hijacked the movement and turned it into a right-wing propaganda machine that opposes everything that conservatives do not like. It is no secret that the Tea Party is supported by wealthy capitalists like the Koch brothers and Glenn Beck ( a former Fox News host ). 

Obama was also attacked on his birth certificate. Tea Party radicals and the Birther Movement claimed that Obama was born in Kenya and that he was an illegal president. The Brither Movement got airtime on Fox News, were they attacked Obama and claimed he was a secret Kenyan. Also because his father was a supporter of African-socialism, the Birthers said he must be a ''secret Marxist too''. 

But Obama could have changed the nation. Yet he choose the path many liberal democrats choose, the path of compromises. Obama tried to deal with the Republican Party, who acted very childish and refused to work with the president. As the USA faced a massive economic crisis in 2008, the government choose to aid the ruling class. While millions of workers lost their jobs, the government of Barack Obama gave billions to big enterprises. Because of this the ( hypocrite ) Republicans called Obama a ''socialist'' because he gave money to big businesses. In reality the Republican Party was serving capitalism even more then the Democratic Party. Since Ronald Reagan's presidency ( 1980-1989 ), the ''Grand Old Party'' has become the voice of the rich and the wealthy. Republicans are paid millions by capitalists and rich people to spread right-wing politics!   

In December 2008, more then 30.000 extra soldiers were send to aid the 70.000 US soldiers who were stationed in Afghanistan, to keep the unpopular Hamid Karzai government in power. Since 2001, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a puppet state of the USA. Like Iraq, the nation is very unstable. Taliban forces have regained strength because the government of Hamid Karzai is corrupt and pro-capitalist. Workers and poor peasants have nothing, while a tiny elite in the capital are enjoying the fruits of ''democracy''. Obama believed that more troops would keep the Karzai government save. In reality it only caused more hatred against the Americans!

Most American workers soon realized that Obama was not delivering changes. During the elections for the US congress, the Democratic Party lost its majority. Now the right-wing Republican Party was able to dominate the congress. This forced Obama into making more compromises with the GOP who would put up any fight to oppose Obama. Because the USA lacks a genuine workers party, many workers looked to the Tea Party for alternatives. Others choose to follow radical libertarians. This is a danger because all these anti-Obama groups are mostly right-wing and do not oppose the capitalist system. Libertarians love the absolute free market and their alternatives would mean a total plutocracy in the USA!

But the biggest blow to the credit of Barack Obama was the NSA spying scandal. When Edward Snowden revealed the true nature of the NSA/CIA, they US government wanted him behind bars. Snowden knew this and fled to Hong-Kong. There he revealed to the world, how the NSA was spying on the American people with support from social media groups like Microsoft, Google and Facebook. The NSA could also read e-mails and hack into your private pages on the web. But the NSA did more. They also spied on allied nations, friends of the US government. Thanks to Edwards Snowden we know that the US government of Barack Obama used KGB methods to spy on the world. With these revelations, it became clear the Obama was just another president in the service of US imperialism!

Revolutionary socialists see that there is also deepening anger at both parties and the dysfunctional nature of the US government. Polls show around 60% of Americans disapprove of the job done by Democrats in Congress, while more than 67% disapprove of the job done by Republicans. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are losing support among the people. The only reason why they are still powerful is because of the plutocratic election system. Both parties have millions of dollars they use on commercial propaganda. The media of the USA is asking big money for political propaganda on their networks. So political parties need millions to spread their message. Also because of anti-socialist brainwashing 2/3 of all Americans are still supporters of capitalism, although this is dropping as more workers realize that their politicians favour the capitalist class!

After more then five years under Barack Obama, only his most dogmatic supporters remain loyal to the idea of ''Change''. But many Americans have realized that the Obama government is just like the government of George W Bush. Obama also did not closed the only US concentration-camp in Cuba. Guantanamo Bay is still operating, although Obama promised to close it. Revolutionary socialists told the true in 2008, but few wanted to listen. Even in Europe many social democrats and progressives believed that Obama would change the USA for good. But since Obama is a Democrat and his party serves capitalism, he cannot change the nature of the US capitalist state!

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Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism