Social democratic traitors

Right-wing people maybe greedy, egoistic and pro-capitalist. But they say what they believe, when it comes to governing they do what they say they do. They serve the capitalist class and attack the living-standards of workers and poor people. Social democracy on the other hand, has turned from a socialist ideology with capitalist leaders, to a capitalist ideology with the same capitalist leaders. Social democrats claim to be leftist, but in reality they serve the needs of capitalism as much as the right-wing. Here we publish a list with social democratic parties, who betrayed their leftist principals and carried out austerity and attacks on workers and their families in the name of ''responsible governing''


The Social-democratic Party of Germany or SPD, was the main reformist workers party in Germany. It dropped its leftist ideology after the collapse of stalinism and became a fully bourgeois capitalist party. The SPD was founded in 1869 as a party for workers. When the first world war broke out, the party leadership supported the German Kaiser and his war generals. That was the first betrayal of the SPD towards socialism. In November 1918, the Kaiser was forced out of office and the social democrats took power. Instead of socialism, the party supported a parliamentary democracy with a capitalist economy. Capitalists were sceptic, but soon realized that the SPD was a very good ally against the communists!

When Hitler took power the SPD was banned until 1945. After the Nazi era, the SPD turned away from Marxist socialism and ceased to be a workers party. Marxism was dropped in 1959 and in 1966, the SPD joined the federal government with the CDU/CSU. Since then the social democrats slowly abandoned more leftist principals. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the SPD was no longer the party of the working class. It had transformed into a fully capitalist party. But because there was no genuine leftist alternative to the SPD, many workers remained loyal and kept voting on the party. This only changed when DIE LINKE was created in 2007!


The PS was founded in 1969 as a reformist socialist party. It replaced the; French Section of the Workers International, a reformist party that was divided between supporters of capitalism and socialism. After the Russian revolution, the revolutionary socialists won the debates and made the party a member of the Communist International. But some reformists opposed this and they recreated the French Section of the Workers International. This reformist section returned to the moderate Socialist International ( called the second international of workers parties ).

After 1969 the reformist section transformed itself into the PS. In 1971 its leader for ten years became Rançois Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand. The new PS remained moderate and opposed revolutionary socialism. In 1982, Mitterrand became president of France. He promised that he would build democratic socialism in less then 100 days. The French ruling class panicked and started an economic crisis to sabotage the socialist reforms. Also the European Community did not approved of Mitterrand's radical talk. So the president was forced to make a decision; socialism or capitalism! He choose capitalism and betrayed his promise to the working class. France never turned socialist and the ruling class was never challenged again!

LABOUR PARTY ( United Kingdom )

The Labour Party is among the biggest social democratic traitors. British social democrats supported the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and joined the American conservatives in attacking Iraq in March 2003. Since NEW LABOUR was created by Tony Blair, the Labour Party turned its back on workers and poor people in the United Kingdom!

Labour used to be a reformist socialist party. A party with a working class base but a capitalist leadership. Like most European workers parties, the Labour Party was reformist socialist and did not supported a workers revolution. Most Labour politicians were not revolutionary at all and many liked the British Empire and its imperialism. Labour did not fought to give independence to the colonies of British imperialism. After 1990, Labour expelled the last revolutionary socialists, turning the party fully capitalist. When Tony Blair introduced NEW LABOUR, the party also started to support American imperialism! 


Although its name is very socialist and pro-worker, it is not a party for workers and poor people. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party kept its old socialist name from 1870, but its politics are that of a modern capitalist party. The PSOE abandon Marxist socialism after the end of fascist rule in Spain. After 1979 the party became a ''people's'' party and ceased to be a workers one. The PSOE is still calling themselves the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, although they are far away from any genuine socialist workers party!

The party supports the Spanish monarchy and the capitalist system. When in government the PSOE works for those who own the Spanish means of production. The crisis of 2008 led to massive austerity in Spain, leading to a rise in unemployment and poverty. Although the PSOE was in government, it did not helped the workers and the poor. The EU demanded austerity and privatisations to make Spain ''healthy capitalist'' again. Like all social democrats in Europe, the PSOE bowed to the EU and its demands. They lost the elections to the Spanish conservatives in 2011!


A party that is nothing and never was anything. This PSI is founded in 2007, it is a foolish attempted to rebuild the historic Italian Socialist Party, that went bankrupt in 1994. This new incarnation is no alternative to the parties of capitalism in Italy. Italian social democracy was much weaker, because the Italian Communist Party was a mighty party. Until 1990, the Italian communists were more popular then the Italian reformist socialists. Also the historic PSI was facing many scandals as politicians of the party were known to be corrupt capitalist. While the Italian communists were able to regroup after the collapse of stalinism, the historic PSI disbanded and was not re-founded until 2007. The re-founded PSI offers little new. Old social democratic talk about fair capitalism and good European cooperation. Italian workers have nothing to gain from this social democratic reincarnation!

PARTIJ VAN DE ARBEID ( the Netherlands )

The PvdA is the Dutch social democratic party. A former reformist socialist party, now completely capitalist. For many Dutch the PvdA was the party for workers and poor people. But this has changed in the last 23 years. The PvdA is now a modern capitalist party, its leaders have shown this by working with the liberals and conservatives to please the Dutch ruling class. The turn to the right-wing began when Wim Kok turned the party from a reformist socialist one to a party that support capitalism and the European Union. 

In 2012 the party joined the Dutch government on the side of the right-wing conservative liberals of the VVD. Although the left-wing voters wanted the PvdA to govern on a leftist platform, the party choose to support budget cuts and austerity. Many former leftist voters now oppose the PvdA and its support is at an historic low-point.


The Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement is among the worse traitors. PASOK was founded as a reformist socialist party in the 70's. But after the start of the economic crisis turned massive pro-capitalist by supporting European austerity. PASOK was punished for that by the Greek leftist voters, who reduced the once mighty social democratic party into a small capitalist party in the Greek parliament!

PASOK remains part of the Greek government that is enforcing budget cuts and privatizations under EU orders. Poverty is rising in Greece because of PASOK and New Democracy's ( conservatives ) austarity plan. Many workers are living on a wage that is close to 800 to 900 euro a month. Unemployed people are living on 600 euro's a month, which is not enough to pay for basic human needs like house rent, food and electricity!


The Bulgarian Socialist Party is the former Stalinist; Bulgarian Communist Party until it renounced Marxist socialism and adopted social democracy. The BSP created a centre-leftist coalition around themselves, but offer no alternatives to the right-wing capitalist parties in Bulgaria!  

Bulgarian social democrats ( former stalinists ) came to power numerous times, but always lost elections because of their capitalist politics  The same happened with the right-wing capitalist parties who won elections, but lost them later after their policies were highly unpopular. The BSP is able to win leftist votes because there is no genuine socialist alternative to the pro-capitalist; Bulgarian Socialist Party!


In October 1989, the Stalinist; Hungarian Socialist Workers Party changed its name to Hungarian Socialist Party and abandoned Marxist socialism. Like other Stalinist parties in Eastern Europe who did not disbanded themselves, it became a pro-capitalist social democratic party. It won a huge victory in 1994, because the capitalist reforms were very unpopular. But the Hungarian social democrats remained capitalist and did nothing to end the dictatorship of money!

Since they refused to challenge capitalism, the MSZP lost support among workers and poor people. Today it is a shadow of its former self. Today Hungary is ruled by right-wing conservatives, who fuel Hungarian nationalism to hide their capitalist agenda. Poverty is high ( about 40% of all Hungarians live close to the poverty line ) and many elderly have nostalgic feeling about the Stalinist era!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism