North Korea on the internet

The ''Democratic'' People's Republic of Korea is one of the worst nations on the planet. A totalitarian monarchy led by a 30 year old leader, who is fat and enjoys luxury and wealth. Meanwhile 8 million North Koreans do not have enough food and suffer hunger. The DPRK is the last classic Stalinist state on the planet. A nation in which time has been slow. Most means of production are outdated and many factories run on machines that were build before 1990. But what makes North Korea such a terrible place? It is its totalitarian cult of personalities. Two death leaders are worshipped like gods. This state enforced religion has turned the people of the DPRK into slaves, brainwashed and backward. 

You would think that the DPRK would not have anything related to the internet. Because the internet stands in complete opposition to the nature of the North Korea state and society. Internet means freedom of information and this is not liked by the ruling caste. So internet access is very limited, only a few elite members of the ''Workers'' Party of Korea have access to the global internet. North Korea does have an intranet called Kwangmyong for schools and universities. Because only a small number of government-authorized persons are allowed to use the global Internet, Kwangmyong is the only computer network available to common people. It is a free service for public use!

On the global internet the DPRK is surprisingly active. The government of this Stalinist monarchy has build many websites and even created accounts on You-tube and Google+. Here we show you some websites that are created by the DPRK:

These websites contain mostly propaganda videos. They try to show the world a false picture about a ''socialist paradise under kimilsungism-kimjongilism''. Like many Stalinist dictatorships you see parades and pseudo-happy people, who all seem to support their party and supreme leader. But we revolutionary socialists know better. We know about the hunger, the outdated means of production, extreme militarism mixed with Korean nationalism, chauvinism and monarchism. That is the true picture of the ''Democratic'' People's Republic of Korea. A picture they don't want you to see, that is why their social media pages on the internet are only there for one thing: to spread propaganda and lies. This is why Revolutionary Socialist Media stands in opposition to the North Korean government, party and Kim family. We know the true nature of their state and we oppose the ''Workers'' Party of Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un. We oppose the single party state and the isolationist ideologies of Juche and Songun. Their lies can be spread throughout the internet, but so can our propaganda. This is why the North Koreans are not allowed access to the internet. Because that would mean the end of the lies spread by Kim Jong Un and his criminal family!

DPRK channel on Google+
Not viewable for 99,9% of all North Koreans

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism