Stalinist traitors

Stalinism is not communism. This is hard to explain to people, because the anticommunist media has portrayed socialism and communism with dictatorships and terror. Anticommunists and most communist parties claim that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Eastern Europe were ''socialist'' in nature. In reality these regimes were not socialist, but deformed states. They had a planned economy but lacked workers democracy and freedom of speech. Today Stalinist communist parties are still out there. Still claiming to uphold Marxist socialism. Some remain in power, but most have mixed their Stalinist ideology with local nationalism and partly with capitalism!


The Communist Party of the Russian Federation was created two years after the Communist Party of the Soviet-Union was banned by the Supreme Soviet in August 1991. It would not be until 1993 when out of its remnants a new communist party was founded  This party is different then the old CPSU on many issues. First it abandon atheism and has a good working relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church. Second it is Russian nationalist and chooses the side of Russia in conflicts with the western world!

Also the CPRF is more Stalinist then the CPSU was. They celebrate the birthday of Joseph Stalin and his legacy. You can see Stalin's face on many billboards set up by the CPRF. Although the party opposes capitalism, it has accepted the market economy and seems to be more classic social democratic then revolutionary socialist. Unlike other revolutionary leftist parties in modern Russia, the CPRF is accepted by the Kremlin as an opposition party! 


The Communist Party of Ukraine remains the oldest party in the nation. Founded as a revolutionary communist party in 1918, it degenerated into a Stalinist party and remains this until this day. The collapse of the USSR did not ended the party's life and it is still popular among the elderly, who do not benefit from capitalism like most Ukrainians. In 2010 the party joined the capitalist Azarov cabinet and remains in the government until this date. 

Like many Stalinist communist parties, the Communist Party of Ukraine favours Russia over the western world. As a conservative party it opposes homosexuality and LGBT rights. Although the party says it opposes capitalism, it is part of the current Ukrainian government led by the pro-Russian conservatives. For revolutionary socialists this party is just another party of Stalinist conservatives who are nostalgic about the USSR!


The Communist Party of Belarus is founded in 1996, after the Party of Belarusian Communists choose to oppose president Alexander Lukashenko. Stalinist supporters of the authoritarian president, left the Party of Belarusian Communists and created the CPB. Today the Communist Party of Belarus is the only political party in the nation with parliamentary representation. This is because the party supports Lukashenko!

Like the communist parties of Russia and Ukraine, the CPB is conservative Stalinist. It glorifies the Soviet-Union and is in favor of a political union with Russia. Most members of the party are elderly people. The party has little support among workers and youth, since it is seen as a tool of the authoritarian president! 


Traitor party nr 1 for revolutionary socialists. The Chinese Communist Party, founded as a Marxist socialist party in 1921, it is today a Chinese nationalist party with more then 75 billionaires in it. The CCP first degenerated into a Stalinist party after 1927 and then into a Maoist one after Mao Zedong took over in 1935. He purged the party from those who opposed his peasant revolution!

After the Chinese civil war ended, the CCP became the only political party allowed. Today the CCP remains in control of the People's Republic of China. But it has changed it economic ideology. State-capitalism replaced Marxist socialism as party leaders allowed foreign capitalists to exploit their workers. The party bureaucrats are now getting support from a new Chinese ruling class, who emerged after Deng Xiaoping became leader. His capitalist reforms brought huge wealth, unfortunate only 120 million Chinese benefit from that!

Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam

Like the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party of Vietnam abandon Marxist socialism in favour of state regulated capitalism. The Vietnamese stalinists created their party after the breakup of the Indochinese Communist Party. Ho Chi Minh led the Workers Party of Vietnam until his death in 1969. After the collapse of South Vietnam, the WPV changed its name back to Communist Party of Vietnam!

Today the CPV is a state-capitalist party and very Vietnamese nationalist. The party is boosting nationalism to hide the fact, that capitalism is their true ideology. Many Vietnamese workers feel no affection for the communist party. Only militarists, nationalists and state-bureaucrats support the party today. Between the CPV and the workers movement lies a river of betrayal and blood!

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The Lao People's Revolutionary Party is more a copy of the Communist Party of Vietnam. It is the only party allowed in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The party is Laotian nationalist and state-capitalist. Like Vietnam it embraced capitalism and market politics after 1986. Today the LPRP is led by 77 year old; Choummaly Sayasone an old army general. He represents the true force behind the party which is the Laotian People's Army!

Most leaders of Laos are old men, former revolutionary nationalists who have embraced pragmatism in order to gain support from western nations. Workers in Laos have little rights as the trade unions are all controlled by the government!


After the collapse of the Moldavian Socialist Soviet Republic, the communist party remained popular with the Moldavian people. Although they won every election, the party never build socialism. The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova remained loyal to capitalist principals. In the end the party was just another capitalist party in the nation. After the 2009 riots the capitalist opposition came to power, banning communist symbols in their attempt to fuel anticommunism!

The PCRM is not a revolutionary party but a social democratic one, that supports the European Union and the capitalist; Republic of Moldova. As it is said in its name, it is the party of communists of the Republic of Moldova and not the Communist Party of Moldova. A party with the name Communist Party of Moldova was founded in 2012, in opposition to the PCRM!


The Workers Party of Korea is among the few ruling Stalinist parties, that renounced Marxist socialism during the Cold War. In 1972, the party replaced Marxism-Leninism ( Stalinism ) with Juche, the personal ideology of Kim Il Sung. After his death in 1994, his son Kim Jong Il added Songun to the party's ideology. The Workers Party of Korea claims today, they are a party based on Kimilsungism–Kimjongilism!

As of 2013, the WPK is still ruling the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, but the true masters of the nation are not in the party's politburo. True power lies in the hands of the Korean People's Army led by Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of Kim Jong Il. He is first secretary of the National Defence Commission, as his death father remains eternal chairman. The WPK has degenerated from stalinism into a mixture of Korean nationalism, chauvinism and Monarchistic conservatism!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism